Shauna Sand kind of sort of might be desperate for attention

June 20th, 2008 // 86 Comments

You’d think being a former Playboy model and ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas would’ve rocketed Shauna Sand to a level of fame not yet seen heretofore. Sadly, that’s not the case. Shauna’s forced to wear see-through clothing for attention which caused this writer to look up her Wikipedia bio and figure out who the hell she was. Fun fact: Shauna got a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris. Nothing about this woman says college education, but yet here it is. And the Interweb don’t lie. That said, has anyone seen my Bat-copter? It’s the one with supermodels hanging from the propellers. Don’t worry, they’ve got helmets.


  1. Thanks Fish Dude. I knew you were not a sadistic bastard..

  2. bleh

    lol gross

  3. mensa

    i refuse to believe that this woman is only 37.

  4. Birthday Girl

    It’s not a true college education when you spend 60% of the time bent over a desk… o.O

  5. Melissa

    Jesus, she’s nasty! Is this Fuckin’ Ugly Friday or something?

  6. nipolian

    I am guessing that the guy she is with speaks with a really slow Jersey accent……….and doesn’t know very many big words.

  7. RelliK

    “Natural bust: Yes”

    lmao – definitely, no lie there……..

  8. p0nk

    i enjoy a pair of dick-sucking lips as much as the next guy, honest i do, but when you start swimming around in a pond begging for bread crumbs, it’s time to ease up on the collagen.

  9. Randal

    The tight white, classic Kenneth Cole shirt hugs the chest of this man so much, he’s forced to leave a few buttons open, revealing a fine, dark curled chest of hair.

    Accenting the black stripe are Hugo Boss 88 Midnight jeans which gently curl at the ankle to reveal sharp Buddy Brown shoes with laces tied in a knot.

    Accessories include an Esquire watch and a belt from American Eagle.


  10. She’s a freak! Why do people do that to their faces? If I fucked my face like that, i’d never leave the house.

  11. @10 You are inside right now. How do we know you go outside??

  12. Trover

    She was way hot 10 years ago. Then she mutilated her face with a bad nose job and horrible lips. If she just got rid of the lip injections, her looks would improve instantly. Instead, she has the mouth of a flounder. C’mon Shauna, go back to your old sexy look and lose the monster lip look.

  13. Porno Guitar Hero

    *Peww-Peww* … chika-chika … *w0w-w0w* … chika-chika … *wah-w0w*

  14. mamadough

    why the hell was the first thing that flashed in my head when i saw her picture that video of cher on a horse singing “half breed”? happy fucking friday.

  15. Kim Lardassian

    The lips good lord, is she in some way realted to Jenna Jameson?
    the ankle tramp stamp too – so trashy.

  16. Do_FreeBird

    How did she replace her lips with a big hunk of raw liver?

  17. Cherry

    She is outrageously orange. She make Tila tequila look positively natural.

  18. Kingofbeer


  19. Frankie Steele

    It looks like someone punched her in the mouth. Maybe the hairy greaseball standing next to her.

  20. maudina

    OK, I just want to point out that the same bio that says she has a bachelor of arts also says her breasts are natural. (wikipedia)

  21. Well done Randal, or Fake Randal.

    Nobody has mentioned it yet, but that guy has a HUGE melon.

  22. MonkeyMan777

    Damn! What IS it with those lips????

    I’d sue the plastic surgeon that did something like that to my wife. That or I’d divorce her for being so utterly stupid.

  23. BunnyButt

    Bronzing spray has rocketed Shauna Sand to a level of orangeness not yet seen heretofore.

  24. ugly bitch

    is this a tranny? cause she has the bases for being one
    and how the hell being antonio LAMEs’ ex is gonna make famous??????? he’s the biggest has-been ever

    best wishes for her/him

  25. ugly bitch

    i mean lorenzo

  26. auzzie

    just plain gag.

  27. SuperFish is Mean

    I hate you Super Fish Dude, now I’m going to have nightmares about ugly white women with fish lips and no asses.

  28. buenos aires

    the lips look like they will explode….. and those plastic surgeons who explain the “perfect” nose…. two holes in the skull is not human….. these are air holes and her mouth is swollen shut….and boobs hanging….. and who is Guido with her… ugg, ok, he is just as bad

  29. Victoria

    The guy that writes all this shit in this site must be a fat lonely gay sick loser bastard……… You can tell by hes choice of words and his vocabulary. Poor thing.. Besides, who would make a site talking bad about famous peoples lives?? Only sick whitetrash losers like YOU (the guy that writes it all here!). You must be so sick of your own life.. It must be horribly painful to be you..

  30. Venom

    She is still bangable, espescially for having 3 kids.
    Six ways from Sunday.
    She is like a fine wine, I mean stripper, I mean porn star. lol

  31. snarkymalarky

    gross, talk about trying too hard. What an example she is setting for her daughters. And why don’t you go put on another pound of makeup; yipes. You’d need a fricken blow torch to get that crap off.

  32. Dorito Man

    Good Lord what’s wrong with her mouth? It looks like the back end of a ewe in heat..

  33. tense, frustrated, pissed off

    I remember this thing when she was in Playboy. That was before she started looking like Jenna Jameson’s mom. In fact, she looked something close to human back then. Never was a fan of the huge saggy tits, though.

  34. Drago The Perv

    I’d do her anytime, just make sure she has make-up on and a sexy dress.
    But definetly do-able.

    I would unload my man-juice in that tight little poop-hole of hers.

    Yummy !

  35. Sandra

    Oh Randal! Your comments on mens’ clothing are not only intensive, but welcome!

    You are indeed the Anderson Cooper of the fashion world!

    Keep up the good work Randal. Remember, we all are counting on your insight.


  36. JT

    Thats a man!

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  38. wow

    this is an orange tranny, not a woman.

  39. wow

    this is an orange tranny, not a woman.

  40. wow

    …and the greaseball next to her is probably a step up from Lamas on the evolutionary scale, sad as that is. Does anyone remember that asshole (with a laser pointer) circling flaws on people’s bodies on that show “Are you hot?” – Vile.

  41. boo

    Let’s see:

    Fake tan
    Fake lips
    Fake hair
    Transparent clothing in public
    Once married to a D list performer
    Attention whore

    Yep, she fulfills all the criteria for being famous.

  42. AndrewMacCloud

    Lorenzo Lamas escapes from his marriage and goes on the Run !!!!! An outlaw , a booty hunter ,- a RUNEGADE

  43. joho777

    Grotesque plastic surgery.

    Her moutn looks like it’s one of those “brainsuckers” that appeared in underground comics about 10 or so years ago.

    Majorly ugly!

  44. Bob

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  45. Bob

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  46. Timo

    I have see some pictures on another blog

  47. Rut Roh

    What the hell happened to these people’s faces?

    No more late night whiskey for me, it screws up my eye-sight. I can swear these are CHUD people that almost look normal (from a distance).

    Randal, you know way too much about American Eagle.

  48. britney's weave

    i don’t think that’s the real randal.

    and why is she even wearing underwear? what’s the point.

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