Shauna Sand is the face of seduction

January 24th, 2009 // 98 Comments

Here’s Shauna Sand on Miami Beach giving the most seductive look I’ve ever seen on any woman. How do you resist that? Sure, humping a lawn chair would probably feel exactly the same and require way less effort, but never underestimate the beauty of a permanent Spock eyebrow which you’ll now notice in every single shot. You’re welcome.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Pumper

    First First First

  2. fl

    God, she is foul.

  3. Kelley

    Well, she looks good for having had three kids but she USED to have real tits … not so anymore !!

  4. Ill

    Which has more filler for their respective size? Her lips or breasts?

  5. First H8er

    Hey Pumper,

    Stop saying first, its not cool, you douchebag.

  6. CaptainMorgan

    The eyes and lips are bad. Put a bag on it and turn off the lights…the rest is good and very pokable.

    BTW, does she only own ONE pair of shoes?

  7. Miley Cyrus

    When did Shauna Sand and my Daddy start dating? Did I miss that syory?

  8. Miley Cyrus


    PS – my Mom is going to pissed when she finds out!!!

  9. Margo

    She looks like that Donatella Versace lady in the making……give her 2 more years and she will be her beef jerky twin

  10. matilda jeffries

    omg love her see-through stripper heelz.


  11. Ein

    Depressed zombie I say.

  12. Jodi

    I take it you haven’t seen Sand’s “peculiar” nipples:


  13. Adam

    Does this chick only have that one pair of lucite, hooker heels? Every picture of her, in every season…she is wearing them! 6 inch platform heels on the sand?? Lame!

  14. OnlyGayEskimo

    I can totally see her penis in picture #5.
    I know tranny’s who are so much more natural than Ms Sand here. She needs to take lessons on how to look and act like a woman when everyone know’s you’re a man.

  15. carlos

    She has charming eyes and nice boobs!!! Wannt meet and kiss charming girls like her!! +++ Agelessmate.c o m +++ is just the place where what you meet can exceed your wild imagination!! u have nothing to lose to check it!!LOL

  16. WTB

    So…that’s a guy, right?

  17. Randal the 2nd

    I say work the stripper heels girl! You can never do wrong in my mind. Everything you touch turns into gold. Keep up the wonderful work Shauna and always remember to keep your head high.

    Randal the 2nd

  18. Kick Rocks

    I can’t figure out if she’s 74 or 24 years old….

  19. timmy the dying boy

    Her ass is kinda nice, but those honkers look like they’re filled with concrete.

  20. Dominick

    MASSIVE camel toe.

  21. Pathetic Worm

    This lady does indeed appear to have a permanent Spock eyebrow.


  22. Who the hell is Shauna Sand?

  23. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    How much did this dude spend to look like a plastic cunt? Probably less than Obama is going to spend creating 1 job.

  24. Pathetic Worm

    Paris Hilton from the future is so bright, everyone ought to wear shades.

  25. Errol Flynn

    The fact that someone holds her hand and appreciates her is distressing. Nobody should support plastic surgery at that level. Clearly, in her case, allowing her to spend that amount of $ on plastic surgery is like giving a monkey a machine gun…….

  26. fraulein

    Why would someone get a tattoo on their leg? That weird dark band shortens the appearance of her leg. Tattoos are soooo gross. They always fade and end up looking tacky.

  27. EuroNeckPain

    Her surgeon made a mistake and stuck her ass on her chest.

    Man, people of the future will think we were totally crazy, when the bleached hair / bloated lips / 50-year-old-mother-of-10 breasts coupled with no-ass-no-hips will be TOTALLY out of fashion. It might happen sooner than we think.

    Strangely, these days, I find women with thin lips very attractive. Thin lips were valued when I was a child. I don’t know what happened, why everyone suddently decided that fat lips were sexier.



  29. John Graham

    These shots aren’t clear. Where’s the socket you use to inflate her?

  30. Billy Ray Cyrus

    Oh Dear God ! Dear Mr. Fishguy, please place a warning label on the header of your page when you’re going to show photos like that. Miley just about swallowed her Skoal when she saw them. Thank you..

  31. joanna

    who the hell is she?

  32. oh boy...

    haha. hilarious but sad at the same time. i don’t think she realizes how desperate she looks. she must think shes the hottest thing. lol

  33. evil cat

    I’m sure she’s a very nice person

  34. Lorenzo


  35. God, creator of Satan

    They are transgender porn star sinners, destined for an eternity of suffering in my elaborate torture chamber.

    In infinite benevolence,


  36. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Wont be long til her tits are at her waist and her bottom lip is where her tits used to be……………

  37. french fry

    with all that cocaine you too can be this thin

  38. i m just sayin'


  39. brad pitt

    OMG! She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever seen! TOo bad she is so fat…..

  40. frankinfish

    damn shame…
    15 years ago she was one of the hottest playmates playboy had ever had, now she’s tried too hard with the facelifts/botox and made herself look much worse than she would’ve had she just aged naturally and just kept fit.

  41. dontlooknow

    Who the hell is this broad?

  42. noona

    Her momma told her “you may never learn to read but you need to know how to fake your own signature. You’ll need that if you’d ever want to redo yourself as an ugly dude”

  43. Expert on Everything

    I hate this hag! what a skank! what could she possibly raise in her 3 kids? ick. she is the ultimate street brush loser attention whore! i see skanks like this in vegas desperate for attention cuz daddy didn’t stick around so now all us women have to bring up the rear once again and begin the process of garnering respect. I taught my nephew

  44. Nor Cal

    so text book remedially catering to mens weakness to looks at bimbosity -someone, anyone who knows this skank, please forward this post over to her and have her relish in the hatred we all have for her. wow girl, your frikin lorenzo lamas’ ex-skank. quite the accomplishment. you MUST be the biggest loser on this entire site. she makes me long for heidy montag. gee, i wonder if the guy she’s with is the one who has naked pix of her children. gee, i wonder if he really cherishes her or respects her?

  45. Boinker

    Horrible, horrible person. I’d rather fuck an elf than her. (And not the sexy kind of elf but the gnome kind of elf.)

  46. Amy

    YOU KNOW THOSE NASTY SHOES STINK…ITS ALL SHE WEARS…OMG- I AM SICK OF THESE STUPID PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD. she just needs to accidentally fall off the face of the earth.. oops did i just say that ???

  47. Amy

    YOU KNOW THOSE NASTY SHOES STINK…ITS ALL SHE WEARS…OMG- I AM SICK OF THESE STUPID PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD. she just needs to accidentally fall off the face of the earth.. oops did i just say that ???

  48. Ripper

    Seriously lady, what the fuck?

  49. debisis

    so true #27. people of the future will look at us like we look at the 18th century today…then again those folks weren’t at as bad. the sign of the times can be pretty embarassing!

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