Shauna Sand is classy as ever

April 14th, 2009 // 67 Comments

Shauna Sand was spotted leaving Cecconi’s in West Hollywood wearing, well, this. Look, I don’t want to say Shauna Sand is the classiest person in history, but I think we can all agree that she is. The only way she could be any more classy is if she was made out of tuxedos and diamonds. And wearing a top hat.


  1. schoppa


  2. Jazz

    that guy has the longest scarf evar

  3. good eye

    Nice nips in the last picture

  4. polly

    Does this skank own any other shoes??!!! I am sick to death of seeing these things on her feet!!!!!!!!!

  5. phineas q.

    This is what Randal Sandell’s bride will be wearing on her wedding day.

  6. Elaine

    So if I literally have peroxide hair, giant fake tits, I can have the ugliest face in the world?

  7. Deva

    She reminds me of Goldie Hawn in “Death Becomes Her”. She looks like she’s about to crack apart.

  8. manda

    Dude, going out in lingerie in public is not cool. And these pics are totally NSFW

  9. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Those shoes again?!?!?!? This is revolting, she’s a puked up jizzed on disgusting whore! I hope she just goes away, honestly, this is just sad.

  10. Van

    That guy beside her…who is that luscious creature?

    Too bad he’s not only infested with all STDs known to man from accessing her cavernous twat, but a complete disgusting idiot to even be standing in a 10 mile radius of that bio hazardous skank.

    He’s nice to look at, though.

  11. Andrea

    Uh, you can totally see her nipples in every picture. WHERE ARE THE STARS?!

  12. angry face

    Doesnt she have kids? How old are they? OMG what if they sees these pics? Even if they are young now, what if they see them when the get older? how embarasing. :( She makes me so sad.

  13. Her hair extensions are the best-looking fake thing about her!

    more hair extensions:

  14. you want us to call “BILL THE FIREMARSHALL”, folks?

  15. WOW

    If I was this bitch, I would shun myself from society to protect humanity. That face is actually offensive. Those lips. HOW IS THAT ALLOWED.
    You really have to question society when someone actually desires to look like this and surgically alters their face–which was once natural at a time (whaa?)–to look like a disfigured mannequin.

    Who is this!? I don’t even want to waste my time wikipedia-ing.
    Why are people even photographing her?? Is it because she is the epitome of an LA vision, plastic surgery obsession gone wrong?

    Don’t even answer me. Because I could care less, “this” has got to stop, America.

  16. Darth


  17. Rhialto

    Wow! Nice nipples!

  18. Hey, new shoes! They set off all her timeless features.

  19. ur stupid

    What the hell? SAME damed joke. I swear I’ve read this before. Write something new or are you running out of ideas??

  20. Frito

    Seriously, who finds this B attractive? Blonde hair, big lips, and gigantic tits, very original. Just your run of the mill pornstar.

  21. Frito

    Seriously, who finds this B attractive? Blonde hair, big lips, and gigantic tits, very original. Just your run of the mill pornstar.

  22. Frito

    Seriously, who finds this B attractive? Blonde hair, big lips, and gigantic tits, very original. Just your run of the mill pornstar.

  23. But who is she?

  24. blah

    She’s like a really busted up version of Gisele Bündchen.

  25. You know this “The Cougar” ad they’re showing right now? That gals pretty cute in every pic I’ve seen of her…EXCEPT the one they used over to the left, the one they’re promoting the show with. Looks like a wig and a girdle or something. DESPERATE.

  26. liz4sale

    ooohh myyyyyyyy. what a beautiful man she’s with. if crusty skanks like her are getting guys like that than wtf am i doing wrong??? i hope he’s not hittin that…

  27. Tammy

    Her big claim to fame is that she is the ex wife of Lorenzo Lamas, who was in Falcon Crest and the SnakeEater movies. She’s gross, and yes she does have kids who are still in elementary school. Gah, don’t these places that she goes have dress codes or anything, how bout a No Shoes, No Shirt, No Skanks, No Service policy!!!

  28. RichPort's Ghost

    These 2 just exude class.

  29. Dude looks like he’s sucked copious amounts of cock.

  30. Kitty

    I think her left nipple is attempting to run away.

  31. mikeock

    It’s getting so that these fake-face people are starting to look normal. Looks like The Elephant Man was born in the wrong century. He’d be a god now. Or Mickey Rourke.

  32. Sean

    She looks like a post-op tranny. A perfect example of too much plastic surgery. I think if I jumped on her, her huge water bag tits would explode. They look hard!!

  33. M

    Dear lord. Paparazzi need to stop encouraging her for the sake of her poor children!

  34. yuck

    Nice to see she dragged out the ole’ lucite stripper heels to complete that gorgeous ensemble.
    The guy is gorgeous- what’s he doing with an old hag butter face like her??? Ohhh yeah- she has money.

  35. Dice

    @Jazz That’s not a scarf. That is what remains of John Mayer’s mankini.

  36. ifuseekamy

    She’s a nasty skank but her arm candy is FINE!!!

  37. Jeezy

    She has a great plastic surgeon…


  38. Joana

    Seriously?… You find that guy hot? What did he wash his hair with, baby oil?

  39. plowe

    She’s doing fine if her level of class snags her a super hot guy like that!

  40. @4 – She has feet?

  41. jop

    Two utter douchebags.

  42. Say what you want about Silicon Valley here, but she looks way more fuckable than “the Cougar” chick.

  43. Pilatunes

    Shauna Sand was actually sort of decent looking a decade or so ago. Hard to believe, I know. Now she is revolting. Even more revolting when she’s dressed like this…and hanging out with this greasy looking motherfucker.

  44. Vally

    I checked out a labor and delivery VHS tape from the library when I was pregnant 6 years ago. Anyhoo, there they were, Lorenzo Llama & this penis rag pathetically offering THEY’RE input on child birth. She looked hella more normal than this, but trying to pontificate about children in any way and ending up this way is criminal. The abuse their children must endure at school over the skankosity of this worse than a vegas hooker standing on a street corner in black town. I wish I attended their school so I myself can berade the DNA of such a master of vomit inducing desperation to be looked at cuz daddy didn’t pay any attention to anything classy she had to offer, just “her tits and ass please” he said to her before making an unhonest woman out of her at age 5. Just watched Grease with Lorenzo in it playing the exact douch bag he is in real life with his football helmet stuck to his foot. SHOOT BOTH OF THESE BAGS OF DOG SHIT AND LOR.LAM FOR MULTIPLYING THE SPAWN OF BIMBO SKANK HOOKER-NESS!

  45. She gave the garder belt the night off,,,now if i deposit a few single to her cleaves would i be wrong?

  46. MJ

    @26 He is hitting that.. litteraly. Isn’t that her on of man who beats her all the time?

  47. Chris

    Come on! Please STOP posting this Butt Ugly woman.

  48. Frank N Stein

    When you get Lamased, you never recover.

  49. Max Planck

    All this…and cigarettes too!

  50. Sport

    Someone please buy her a second pair of shoes.
    These two are the epitome of class (and Hollywood.)

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