Shauna Sand in a bikini and other news

March 22nd, 2010 // 70 Comments

- Jennifer Love Hewitt and the first time I read the words “cum dust.” [Dlisted]

- Avril Lavigne and Deryk Whibley makes some bad decisions together. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jake Gyllenhaal beats women? [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Betty White is going to fuck Jesse James up. [PopEater]

- Audrina Patridge sucking on a popsicle. [HollywoodTuna]

- John Malkovich, NOOOOOOOOOOOO! [TheFABlife]

- Ke$ha forced to apologize to Justin Bieber. [StarPulse]

- Alexander Skarsgard in the latest True Blood Season 3 preview. [Just Jared]

- Christie Brinkley’s ex is a kind of a dickhead. [Celebslam]

- Jessica Alba in short shorts. [The Blemish]

- Jennifer Aniston is box-office poison. [PopSugar]

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  1. betty

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  2. Dread not

    Q: Is Shauna Sand a vapid, former food gorging piggy wiggy, slutbag, fame whore, who would cease to exist if she didn’t see her own image in print, or some other media format?

    A: Yes. Yes she is.

    Q: Does that make her any less attractive?

    A: No, it doesn’t, because what is, is, and what once was, no longer exists. Strap on that surgically beautifully mutated hog!

  3. cc

    Rex @29 ahahahahaha

    Avril Lavigne. What a fucking no talent. Rockin’ little body but basically just a dumb hick who got lucky. Skaterboy….fuck.

  4. Jade

    Gotta give the hoe props for being able to walk in sand with those freakin stipper heals on……that is no easy task………………just sayin

  5. FUN BAG

    A bag of tricks, WORN-OUT TO THE MAX!!! Pic #11 shows, self-explanitary, with an ass like that.

  6. I thought these were pics of Heidi Montag.

  7. CARLO

    I love her in a bikini….but after seeing her sex tape. I can’t get past that ugly vagina…it’s terrible…Maybe it feels good and I will miss out but if I saw that thing in front of me lying next to a less hot chick with a prettier vag…I’d choose the pretty vag.

    Perfection is required even under the clothes ladies. Now hit the gym and get to the GYNO for your Vagino-plasty quote.

  8. I watched her sex tape on youjizz and was VERY disappointed. And I thought that stuck up doctor’s daughter I banged in high school was a lame fuck…fucking board people, I barely ejectile came, it was more of a dribble.


  10. EuropeanGirl

    She’s a corpse but he is pretty hot (and seems to be her son lol).

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  12. Loli

    So tired of that bitch

  13. Shauna is a PIG

    #35, OH PLEASE SHAUNA, stop posting! We know it’s you.
    You need help.

  14. where's the beef?

    that tranny has no ass

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  16. Does she marry?

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