Shauna Sand claims husband punched her in the implants

December 2nd, 2008 // 66 Comments

Shauna Sand, who I had no idea is married, was awarded a restraining order against her husband Romain Chavent yesterday after he allegedly punched her in the breasts this weekend. Even worse, she had just gotten reconstructive surgery on them. On top of those claims, he also supposedly took naked pictures of her kids and threatened to sell them, according to TMZ:

Among the claims, Shauna says Romain once “threatened to sell nude photos of my children that he took of them when he was babysitting.”
In the documents, Shauna also claims in March 2008, Chavent punched her in the stomach and threw her into a wall. And in 2007, Romain allegedly strangled, punched and threw Sand across the room. Shauna says she was granted a restraining order for the 2007 incident, but had it dismissed “because he promised to change.”
But Romain has made accusations of his own — once filing for a restraining order against Shauna in April because he claimed she threatened to ruin his life. Romain’s claim was later dismissed.

Okay, ignoring the confusing fact that she didn’t sick the Feds on an asshole who’s allegedly packing nude photos of her kids, I don’t know what’s worse: That this Romain guy punched Shauna Sand in her newly implanted breasts (It’s common knowledge at that stage you’re supposed to delicately massage them with dollar bills) or that he attempted to file a restraining order claiming she tried to “ruin his life.” Really? If that’s a valid legal defense, then I’m suing McDonalds for forgetting my McNugget sauce last night. You ever eat one of those things dry? That’s a taste that will never leave you. Or in other words, cut me a check, Grimace.

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  1. shiznit

    shiznitttttttt im sooooooooooo first!

  2. kelley

    Her tits are real !! She was Miss May, 1996.

  3. p0nk

    i’d hit it. ….wait, was i not supposed to say that?

  4. CaptainMorgan

    So….in other words, she wasn’t hurt. The air bags saved her life. My wife needs a pair…for safety’s sake!

  5. Mike Hawk


  6. Mick

    Do random douche bags just follow her around? Does she own any other shoes? Are her winter boots clear too??

  7. Rossco

    I friggin’ hate it when they forget to give you sauce at McDonald’s… completely inedible without it.

  8. Bob

    Good thing she has the implants.. He could have broken some ribs.. or his hand…

  9. havoc

    Come on…

    That’s not a real person.



  10. yuristache

    Oompa Loompa Duppity Do

  11. Chauncey Gardner

    Don Draper from MADMEN was my hero – until I heard about Romain Chavent. Kudos to a real man.

  12. Anthony

    You don’t see a natural beauty like that every day. Yeeesh…

  13. poobs

    gross! turn down the fucking bronzer for fuck’s sake.
    she used to be kinda hot back in the day but damn, why do people want to look orange?

  14. Deacon Jones


    Just how I like my women, dyed hair, fake tits/eyes/nose, and a total lack of self esteem = you can go ass to mouth.

    I wish more of her kind were on the east coast, besides Long Island.

    P.S. She probably deserved it.

  15. Implant Puncher

    This is completely unfair. Who doesn’t want to punch those things? Threatening to sell naked photos of children though. Go throw yourself off a cliff.

  16. Ted from LA

    I hit her.

    I think we should all support her in her quest to become a living Barbie Doll.

  17. veggi

    Hopefully somebody will send those pictures to Tina Fey’s slasher.

  18. Anna

    looks like he punched her in her big fat collagen lips too, blooooop.

  19. LL

    Is she sure he didn’t punch her in the face? Because it sure looks like someone did.

    By that I mean she’s fugly. In case you can’t read between the lines.
    She looks like an old hooker.

  20. Kahlee

    She should’ve kicked him in the nuts for that. Also is it just me or does she have a really huge head in the first picture???

  21. toolboy

    Hit her in the implants? Bitch has implants everywhere, lips, nose, tits…he really didn’t have a lot of un-implanted options to choose from….

  22. Kahlee

    mmm pedophile/wife beater. Dreamy! Move over prince charming!

  23. that one

    Does she have any shoes other than clear stripper heels?

  24. Pathetic Worm

    PLASTIC UNMILFS melt in the heat of my vengeful passion….

  25. Bob Loblaw

    Do Shauna Sand and Heidi/Spencer have the same publicist that pays you to write about them? Is that like a big group rate or something, or do they pay you per article?

  26. Anna

    #23, i was wondering the same thing. You think she could at least afford a new pair of stripper heels hahaha.

  27. I would punch her in the chin daily… with my balls!

    Then I would play peek a boo with my cock in her tits!

  28. Deacon Jones

    Theyre fucking expensive. I made my ex buy a pair online, the cheap ones are $140. Once she got them I superglued them to her feet and made her address me as either “Sir” or “Daddy”

  29. Uncle Eccoli

    There’s no low too low for those without shame.

  30. Randal

    Shauna, you are as elegant as you were 20 years ago when you first graced us with your public persona, your inner beauty has sustained….oh fuck it, you’re a two dollar rest stop whore. Who are we fooling here?


  31. Roxi

    someone gives this woman 5 dlls to buy her a new pair of shoes im tired of seeing her wearing the same clear stripper type high heels, geeeeeez!

  32. Mcfeely Smackup

    We have to consider a couple of things:

    1. she might be lying.
    2. She has a very well established reputation of being a nutcase
    3. she’s a fucking whore who should never be allowed near children
    4. we’ve never heard a thing about this husband other than what she says and she has zero credibility.

    Having never met or heard of the guy before, I’m still on his side. THAT is how low an opinion I have of her.

  33. gotmilk?

    who and who?

  34. Turd Ferguson

    you give a great Randal!

    Now, this chick has got to be one of the ugliest women on the planet. She’s just a couple steps away from that Jocelyn Wildenstein chick who’s had so many plastic surgeries she looks like a damn lion.

  35. Stanky

    The guy should have finished the job. Blecch!

  36. I sure hope those jugs are real, because I thought one of the points of getting a breast augmentation was to ensure you’ll have perky breasts not saggy. She may as well give up on that, and that nose is oh so big.

  37. Mal

    LOL @ 30!!!

    Also, what gives with her nose? Nothing so lumpy could be fake.

    I love her KFC legs tho. mm-mmm good.

  38. Guy

    I think she represents America perfectly.

  39. ummm...yeah

    Doesn’t that ugly bitch own any other shoes for fucks sake!
    Every single picture with that ugly bitch in it…she has them stupid fucking ugly hooker shoes on!

  40. REAL

    Her boobs are REAL, or at least they were during her playboy days. When she laid on her back in her playboy videos those puppies fell in her armpit.

  41. Manolo Blahnik

    Her boob job must have been really expensive. She was left with no more money left to buy new shoes. The poor thing even wears them to go to the beach.

  42. Ralph

    Nice Face!!! HA, HA, Ha, Ha, ha ha…and she is only 37. Imagine what she will change into by 47.

  43. I cant believe she wears her stripper shoes on the streets DURING THE DAY no less! I’m a dancer and I’m a little aprehensive about wearing those shoes at nite when I go out but a bitch w her money?! Couldn’t she afford more sexier, and expensive less standard stripper shoe? If I had her money I sure as hell would’nt wear them. It’s so funny how stupid chicks pick these hott loser guys cuz there hot then get abused by them or go balistick on the guy. She used to be so hott. Aging has not done her well. She’s only 37!

  44. wolf5150

    To quote the wordsmith, Jim Carrey, ” I would box those things like Sugar Ray
    Leonard.” I am sure her lips would absorb the impact, much like the barriers
    on highways around the nation.

  45. stanley

    she’s pretty hot, for a dude.

  46. Lola

    The terror!!!!!

    Fucking HATE it when McDonald’s forget the sauce… The audacity that a worker who makes minumum wage, would dare forget to throw my nugget sauce in my $$$ menu bag, is surreal. As surreal as this blonde dumb plastic Barbie Bimbo

  47. titsonsnack

    LMAO I thought this was that haggard old Donatella Versace. LMAO LMAO

  48. sophie

    why is her head so big????????

  49. Vince Lombardi

    It’s a shame when a good looking woman can only afford one pair of shoes to be photographed in.

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