Shauna Sand flashes some nip in front of her kid. Classy.

November 10th, 2009 // 144 Comments

Because apparently it’s Celeb Moms Turning Their Kids into Potential Serial Killers Day, here’s Shauna Sand exposing her freakishly sewn-on nipples to the paparazzi last night – with her daughter sitting right next to her. Granted, the poor girl is probably well-trained in plugging a leaky implant by now, I’m sure just once she’d like to have a mother/daughter night that doesn’t end in “Be a good girl and collect the dollar bills for mommy.” Just once.

Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. ew

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. another MANGLED tit. she looks like a fucking plastic alien!

  2. Trash

    so much trash in one person, unbelievable.

  3. Em

    omg her nipple is sooo botched up

  4. Em

    omg her nipple is sooo botched up

  5. jack

    Eww. You are all right. Her stitched on Frankenstein nipple looks horrible. So not worth it.
    And her lips? Ugh? And I don’t want to see any comments about how we are jealous or we would hit that if we could…

  6. kingofbeer

    Ok I changed my mind on peperoni pizza tonight. yikes!

  7. Rough hates typos

    Well at least theyre girls, they might be able to handle mommy’s keloided air bags…like I said another form of family values…Im all for it!

  8. Crusty

    Has this girl had breast cancer before? I ask because seriously, what that looks like is the last step of a breast reconstruction after having had a mastectomy. After reconstruction, a procedure takes place where a skin transplant is made to create a new nipple. What looks like an incision around her nipple appears to be just that.


  9. ___

    What a grotesque hatchet job on those things. That must be humiliating.

  10. Hanson Danson

    I watched her sex tape. She’s a kinky blowup doll for sure. Those large beef curtains had me salivating for a sandwich.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Anyone know what website has her sex tape? For free?

    I feel like getting rid of some demon seed.

  12. Do FreeBird

    The only good thing about the tits is that they distract you from her somewhat less than pleasing face. I remember when I was a kid, they used to sell big enormous wax lips that you could wear and then (blech) chew on. Her lips in the last pic look just like those lips.

    The botoxed frozen face is also nice. Her poor daughter doesn’t stand a chance. I can just imagine mother/daughter day at school.

  13. rated R for Rough

    btw That little girl might turn out to be a looker! Hey Fish set your calendar when she turns 18…

  14. soahc

    damn she gave me a woody for some reason. Why do I like skanky hoes so much?

  15. Carolyn

    Poor little girl; she’s so normal looking. Can you imagine having a mother with a face and clothes like that?

  16. If you can’t afford to maintain them, cover those funbags up!

  17. havoc

    Did they use a knitting needle on her nipple?


  18. bee

    now that was money well spent…. WTF

  19. Edie

    That looks like a blow up doll.

    Somehow I’m most interested in the tattoos on her fingers.

  20. JamesJoyce

    That is not a keloid. You’re seeing an incision that is typical for a breast lift/reconstruction, where the nipple is relocated to a higher position. Also see, keyhole or lollipop lift.

  21. yuki

    zombie tit!!!!!!

  22. superballz

    Frankenipples strikes again!

  23. anonymous

    I hate this chick and this is the perfect example why. I feel so sorry for her kids. I would be mortified if that was my mom.

  24. grobpilot

    Do celebrities just not know how to research a good plastic surgeon? With all that money, you’d think they could figure it out. Of course, money doesn’t remotely equate to brains so, I answered my own question. Never mind.

  25. look at that big ole Frankenipple!

  26. the truth

    it looks like they sewed the head of a penis on as a nipple.

  27. Sport

    what do you think friends parents say to this poor kid?
    Can you imagine letting your child leave with Shauna when she picks them up for a sleepover? Frightening.

  28. JC

    she should’ve invested into nose job instead… man she’s fugly!

  29. Delgo

    calling all butchers

  30. granny

    hmmmm? I didn’t know doilies were back in fashion?

  31. who dat

    That nipple looks infected. Almost a certainty her daughters will be strippers.

  32. Lineman7


    And I ain’t talkin about Al…

  33. Jenie

    Her lips wouldn’t be so bad if she learned to apply lipstick properly. It’s like she got a clown to do it… On the lips, not AROUND them.
    Man, didn’t she used to be hot?? Poor kid. Her daughter is actually normal looking.

  34. Jenie

    Her lips wouldn’t be so bad if she learned to apply lipstick properly. It’s like she got a clown to do it… On the lips, not AROUND them.
    Man, didn’t she used to be hot?? Poor kid. Her daughter is actually normal looking.

  35. livingjetlag

    Give the poor girl a break. The nips are numb after a boob job, and she can’t see anything below her giant lips. There’s just no way for her to know what’s going on down there at all.

  36. Turd the third

    Holy Jiminy Crickets….that is one nasty nipple.. And to think she paid to have that done. What a dumb twat..

    I suggest we set up a Nasty Nipple Hall of Fame, she and Brittany can be the first two charter members..

  37. jacks

    I like how everyone glosses over the fact that her mother dresses like a freakin hooker…who care about the nipple…what about the clothes for cryin out loud!! Lucite heels to pick pumpkins!! HELLO!!!!

  38. lisa

    agree with #15

  39. Miss Brown Eyes

    Reminds me of something from the TV show “V”… the whole package looks like a damn alien!

  40. Sardonic

    Trannny kidnaps young girl. Film at 11.

  41. hi guys, i’m shauna sand and i’m a raging, vapid, whore. i have horrific implant scars around my nipples and probably don’t have anymore feeling in them and would explain why one is exposed.

  42. Mama Pinkus

    Lord that is nasty; hopefully that adorable little girl will pick up what-not-to-do tips from her mom.

  43. The Scab Collector

    Looks like a scab….

  44. godsmack38

    this chick is gross.

  45. mom, your tity is still out.

  46. Posh

    I feel bad for the lil girl. =( What does Shauna wear in winter?

  47. mfbinc

    forget her nipple…wtf happened to her face????

  48. sahara

    oooh you nasty motherfucka

    that poor child

  49. SDPD

    Damn CSI corpse.

  50. It's Not Happening

    holy friggin hell she be UGLY

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