Shauna Sand brings her own pumpkins

October 11th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Shauna Sand took her daughter to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Sunday afternoon, and you’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way this is happening: Shauna Sand is not wearing clear stripper heels. It’s almost as if she finally realized there’s such a thing as appropriate attire for family outings – then went the completely opposite direction after deciding on shoes. But, hey, it’s a start.



    I would love to express her anal glands….with my teeth.


  2. Jimmy Chunga

    The daughter has thin lips, no boobs and a spare tire. Good luck in life you heinous monster!!

    In pic 13, is that a Shauna Sand wannabe? What a joke, she’s fat and a copycat to boot. Loser.

  3. To bad for the daughter

    Its sad this young girl has this sort of an example as a mother. She doesn’t stand a chance at a normal life. 50 says, some rich guy will pick the daughter up at a strip club by the time she is 18. The daughter and mommy, will make a nice 3 some. Shauna has a slammin body for her age, just put a bag over her head. You gotta know shauna will give up the anal to compete with the younger hos.

  4. Martina

    I wish her daughter well, I really do.

  5. chick

    Is anyone considering calling child support services? Poor little girl

  6. bill

    it’s one thing for her to dress like that when she’s doing something related to whatever the hell it is she does but she shouldn’t dress like that when spending time with her kids. how pathetic.

  7. She is absolutely flawless!!!

    Shawna, you are fuckin hot like nothing else. Beautiful face and slammin body. Your hair and clothes are a perfect compliment to what is already absolute perfection! I saved every picture for future enjoyment.

  8. I would love to fuck all of her holes.
    Those shoes? I mean hot or not, whore or church-lady: ! No matter what! What the hell is that all about?.She Looking so hot in wheat color bikini.She is fucking so hot.

  9. NoE

    can we all take a moment to slap comment 7 in the head?
    also, the other little girl in some of the backgrounds looks exactly like shauna’s daughter, and is dressed the same.. wtf?

  10. Dave Mustaine

    Who is this ugly old lady?

  11. Holy shit. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go masturbate before I get a blow out.

  12. hahahaha. in the last picture, it looks like she’s about blow some dude who’s right outside the frame.

  13. me

    #2…the girl is like 8 years old. Give her a break you moron!

  14. Sport

    so creepy.
    All your comments saying how hot she looks frighten me, she is the model for desperation, plastic surgery, too much sun (both real and fake), and not being able to age gracefully. Pass.

  15. Claire

    This is disturbing…
    That look isn’t going to attract a man who will make a good father to her child…
    She can’t seriously think she looks good…

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  17. Racist fat bastard

    Hey Chinese Spammers … fuck off, you are ruining every half decent blog. Nobody wants your shit bye bye

    As for the erm lovely Shauna Im guessing shes a yummy mommy right .. haha Im a fucking genius

  18. Mister Bored

    Her hips are the same width of her daughter. That’s… sickening.

  19. Like a Barbie/Ken hybrid. Pretty nasty.

  20. batman

    bitch looks like the joker – with more makeup

    crazy deformed fun house face hovering above overblown plastic tits on a stick figure.. like some kind of GWAR reject

  21. Whippet

    Actually, if only she could just tone down the look, apply some discretion with the outfits, she could actually be very nice looking.

    Do you agree?

  22. leslie22

    ummm she seriously looks like a man.
    aside from her FAKE boobs she looks like a dude.

  23. Dear women,

    Getting your lips plumped up isn’t sexy.

    It looks dumb.

    Thank you,
    The Impaler of MILFs

  24. rusty

    This woman clearly wants you to recognize her for her intellectual abilities and definitely is NOT trying to meet some guy to hook up with while she is out with her daughter.

  25. Hilarious!

    Like some earlier comments, I suspect you get whatever you want with this one.

  26. Puke

    what no clear stripper heals?? :(

  27. Salsa

    Fascinating woman. Just Fascinating.

  28. isa

    omg, why people ruin their face like that?

  29. Turd the third

    She has a really horrible looking face. Another year or two and she will have a full set of Mick Jagger lips.

    I do think however it would be fun to tie those puppies up and turn them into a nice firm jack (off) o lantern and then draw some funny faces on them.

    Who knows maybe it will match to tattoo on her stomach that she is trying very hard to hide with that dumb-ass tramp top she is wearing.

  30. wildelk27

    who brings pizza to go pick out a pumpkin?

  31. vintage Rough

    Madelene Albright’s mother use to dress like that all the time, whats your point?

  32. dave

    I like the pictures where you can’t see it’s face.

  33. You guys are so full of shit. There is not one guy here unless he’s a fag that wouldn’t fuck her silly. And you pimply faced maggots would all get turned down by her if she saw you.

  34. Alex

    @33 isitin

    Surprisingly enough, some men actually have TASTE.

  35. I think those are fake.

  36. joho

    Guys have a serious glitch in their imaginations if they think this plastic thing is attractive. Have you seen the photos of Shawna in high school, thick black hair and eyebrows, and a very plain face?

    Two kinds of desperation, Shawna Sands desperately trying to make herself look human, and lame teen guys who will beat off to ANYTHING.

    Why not get a real girlfriend of your own instead of looking at this hag??

  37. Crocoduck

    Aha! Pumpkins! So THAT’S what’s stuffed into those nasty things.

  38. alex

    thats cuz shes wearing these shoes

    …still stripper shoes, but hey, not clear, atleast she switched it up a bit

  39. Splooge

    I love women that look like sluts!! I wish more women would dress sluttily.

  40. Jenna

    Her daughter is fucked.

  41. colt13

    I would hit it because of the pumpkins. Still think this is the funniest quote of the week(referring to her sex tape in which she obviously loves the camera).

    “Yes I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year. In fact I’ve made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn’t sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out. I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now.”

  42. maryochase

    who is this woman, anyway? looks like a Vegas prostitute – no I take that back. Vegas prostitutes have a better eye for makeup and clothes.

  43. cwkpam

    are you sure that’s a real woman and not a tranny?

  44. Renee

    Absolutely disgusting. Who walks around dressed like a dollar stipper with their child, in front of other children and families nevertheless. Can she wear a sign that says “desperate attention whore”

  45. hot mess

    In pic #12 shauna is saying “okay now honey, show the paparazzi your deep throating skills just like mommy taught you”. Is that little girl really deep throating an orangina? Yikes!

  46. missywissy

    This is the best she has ever looked…. however…. Being a mom myself, I don’t understand why Shauna would require so much attention? It’s just a big contradiction to take a child into public and beg for all attention to yourself. The kid is like, an afterthought or an accessory to an outfit. Too bad.

  47. zsa

    who’s looking at her feet?

  48. KB

    What an entirely inappropriate outfit for a family outing! She looks like she is dressed out for working the streets as a prostitute. Entirely wrong, and even a worse example to be setting for her kids.

  49. Hugh Gentry

    god dammit I want to see her sex tape. i hope the guy titty fucks the shit out of those things. Shauna makes me so fucking horny!!!!!!

  50. Hugh Gentry

    I would let her do anything to me…play with my ass…whatever. As long as I get to blow my load on those tits and her face.

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