Shauna Sand has to be doing this on purpose

September 19th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Shauna Sand flashed her panties for the second time this week while getting out of her car at Katsuya. Someone needs to explain to Shauna this is only hot for celebrities who aren’t on the cusp of menopause. So, unless she has a machine that can reverse the effects of time or turn me into Lorenzo Lamas, seriously, cut that shit out. In the meantime, I like how she’s getting hit on by Marilyn Manson’s kid brother “Howie.”

SHAUNA: Go away.
HOWIE: My mom gave me twenty bucks.
SHAUNA: I immediately find you attractive.


  1. Ovid

    what a skank

  2. Slut

    I don’t know what’s worse in this post….either her shiny duck bill lips or that freakish thing of a guy next to her

  3. Cali

    hey, at least she’s wearing undies…. seriously…. we should be thankful.

  4. candice

    honestly, i just feel bad for her… she used to be hot… :/

  5. Deacon Jones

    She’s fucking hot, I’m sorry. Maybe Ive been watching too much tranny porn, who the fuck knows.

    If there’s one fault in her, it’s the orange spray tan. Lighten up on that shit girl!

  6. BadCopNoDonut

    DUDE I’m trying to eat here.

  7. mike jones

    shes “you want to have wild beast sex with” hot, not like i want to be with this girl for longer than an hour hot

  8. dude

    Hey Shauna…I hope you read this site.

    You’re gross woman.

  9. Phil McKracken

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Brooke Hogan’s dick.

  10. minerva

    Ahhh someone should tell her to also spray tan her hands, she looks like she’s wearing gloves or something…

  11. frankinSloth

    wow…. man she USED to be really hot in her playboy days….
    but, wow… she has fallen from grace hard… and hit every branch on the way down.

  12. Lee

    I love that “my mom gave me $20 bucks”. The guy totally looks like he’s 18! Fucking Howie.

  13. GG1000

    Even wearing panties puts her in the “classy” category compared to some others we could name! Thank you Shauna; I really didn’t want to see any more cooze

  14. Kim

    If your underwear shows through your dress, then it’s really not a big deal that she’s flashing them getting out of the car, we can see them when she’s standing up too!

    My freaking eyes are bleeding now!

  15. lol, say what you will she knows how to be a skank/slutty/girl though!

  16. FckTard Regards

    trick-ass scallywag, get some new kicks!

  17. Liberals Swallow

    that is one ugly bitch. Sure i’d bang her and drop some baby batter on her face but she looks ridden hard and put away wet.

  18. CJ

    Sour grapes or just feeling impotent in general? So what? Or is it just a really really slow news day? Get a life and/or grow up. It’s friggin underwear…which she at least has the courtesy to wear!!!!

  19. boo

    Flashing your panties/cooter is SO 2005. Being a pretend lesbian is what’s in now.

  20. havoc

    Geez, she’s got a halfway decent body and her legs are open.

    Where’s the problem here? I’d hit it repeatedly….


  21. Her face is beyond gone. She looks like a Thai tranny…trust me. I’d have my way with Dr. Frasier Crane before her for God’s sake! I’d still hit it though.

  22. Yeah, I don’t know what you people are talking about. 99% of straight men would bang the crap out of her, the other 1% are stupid. I for one, would bang that until I passed out from exhaustion, and then I would tell her to get the hell out, as I don’t want a relationship with a hooker.

  23. norton

    Her leather jacket says it all.


  24. VEnom

    This is seriously disgusting.
    What is her problem.
    Street whores have more class than her.
    This woman should be taken from her children

  25. Liz

    She does love those shoes and apparently they’re great for the beach AND a night on the town! Who knew?

  26. Hitwoman

    Ok, to be a skank is one thing, but she has young children. She obviously DOES NOT have custody of them because she is out whoring around all the time. Oh, sorry, she did take one daughter to the beach for the day, but she looked like she was going there to do a porn movie. This is not right, her kids must be humiliated by her actions…..and no they are not too young to realize what she is. No one walks around all day in stripper shoes with her panties and tits totally exposed, unless your a stripper. She has NO respect for her children or herself. I hope Lorenzo takes this bitch to court and makes her sign away ALL parental rights. She is not a fit parent!

    Please go around and flaunt your shit all you want but please don’t have kids, she obviously does not give a shit about her kids.
    Some women and I mean Jenna Jameson, Pamela Anderson, Jesse James’ ex-wife, and Shauna Sand, just to name a few, should not be parents and should be sterilized! The sad thing is, these kids will end up looking and acting just like there mothers (or Tommy Lee).

    Some one really needs to tell these “ladies”, to KEEP THEIR LEGS SHUT!!!!!!!!

  27. Jumpin_J

    5 &12, my thoughts exactly. I remember from her Playboy days. She was awesome, and those were real & spectacular. Any more botox and her face will freeze.

  28. Andrio

    Maybe she just keeps forgetting…like John McCain. For example, he repeatedly confuses which group in Iraq is aligned with Iran (Shiite) and which is aligned with Al-Qaeda (Sunni), not to mention whether Iraq borders Pakistan (it doesn’t, in between there’s this kinda important place called Iran). Americans have clearly lost their minds, since they’re seriously considering electing an elderly man with obvious signs of early dementia to a 4-year term, along with a vice president who’s hopelessly out of her league.

  29. Lola

    He is waaaay prettier than her. He looks too young even for me and I’m 25.

  30. jazzy

    her tattoo is absolutely FUGLY

  31. WTF did she do to her lips? And yay, nice white panties. Oh, and why did she change her clothes? Is that really Marilyn Manson’s kid brother??

    God I need to go home..

  32. JPRichardson

    She seriously needs some new shoes.

  33. crazy

    Can anyone say white trash?

  34. crazy

    Can anyone say white trash?

  35. speaking of panties, hey tricky frist, are you going to change those panties you had on since monday?

  36. suzeeee

    Most women, if they wanted, could look all hooker/tranny HOT but ummmm who wants to??? She looks one step away from being a skin picking meth head. She’s not sexy she’s just a bright orange trainwreck. No I am not jealous at all, believe me.

  37. gnipgnip

    mmm – i would like to root around in that

  38. marilyn

    that’s not Howie…. that’s JoJo Angel, Cris’s nephew… they look a lot alike… sometimes i mistake them for each other too…

    but they’re both tools…

  39. B. Hussein Obama

    # 29. Andrio,

    Please leave the political commentary on the political message boards, we all come here to do the same thing, look at skanky women showing off their hoo-has.

    P.S. I get confused all the time too, I keep forgetting what promices I made to which group, and even though I’m not keeping any of them, It’s still embarassing!

    Obama ’08 – For a new socialist society!

    Obama ’08 – Change we can believe in!
    (Thats all you’ll have left in your pocket if I’m elected, change…. Suckers)

  40. Ok Mister, “leave the political commentary on the political message boards”…
    maybe you should take your own advice…..
    UGH….We Americans have become so vapid and stupid and because of this our society is quickly going down the drain…
    yeah, let’s help sh*t by voting for the One-Foot-in-the-Grave White Rich Guy who doesn’t remember how many f*cking houses he has and claims that our economy is FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC!!
    We deserve this country to go in the sh*tter when all we care more about white-trash hollywood whores with their fake tits more than what happens to our society.

  41. max


  42. HankTheDwarf

    Nobody wants to see this old bitch’s beaver.

    Close those legs you ancient whore.

  43. Crazy who?

    Ok, what the hell is she wearing? She’s such a ho. I like how she mixes her clear stripper heels with her stupid ass see through get up and then a louis bag? What? Go home Shauna…go home and watch your porn or make it or whatever it is you do.

  44. buns

    Seriously, sometimes the Superficial Writer just CRACKS ME UP!!haha

  45. B. Hussein Obama

    Dear Mr. #41 Givemeabreak,

    Angry much?

  46. Ghose Writer


    You obviously didn’t catch the sarcasm in my post #29. I will break it down for you;

    I was making it look like B. Hussein Obama was writing the post, and that he comes to this site to look at skanky hoo-has. I was not saying ALL americans come to this site to look at skanky hoo-has. It was not meant to start some rant on how america sucks. Lighten up Hitler!

  47. Ghost Writer

    I guess I should quit writing seeing how I can’t even spell “Ghost”

  48. TLsss

    Wow she must really want some dick

    What chick doesn’t want this much attention unless she wants some meat.

    Poor Girl already starting to look like a blowfish with all that botox.

  49. bitingontinfoil

    She brings FUG to a “whole…nother…level”

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