Sharon Stone wishes her boobs weren’t on the floor

February 10th, 2006 // 42 Comments

sstone-cleavage.jpgSharon Stone says she’s disgusted with the amount of cleavage that celebrities show on the red carpet and wishes they would just walk across nude.

“You look around at women’s dresses that are so low cut, you can see acres of boobies. Frankly, I find the acres of shoved-up booby so much more horrifying than a calm bit of walking across the room nude. One is much more honest and the other looks like you have your ass on backwards.”

Once you get to be Sharon’s age, it’s only reasonable that you’re allowed to complain about women that are younger and more buoyant than you. And really, isn’t appearing fully nude in disgustingly graphic sex scenes the classiest move of all? I hear that’s what the English Royal family does and they’re really classy. They drink tea and everything.



  1. musings

    anyone see stone’s recent appearances on some of the late night talk shows. she showed more breast than a perdue hen house. she is so unattractive in every way imagineable. such a desperate hypocrite.

  2. “I look around at women’s dresses that are so long, you can’t see their crotch. Frankly, I find the acres of clothing so much more horrifying than a calm bit of showing your punanny to the whole world.”

  3. Binky

    If she thinks boobs are “horrifying” – I don’t think her new flick is going to be very scarey. Maybe she should look at some Hitchcock or read a bit of Poe to get the ‘horror’ thing a bit better.

  4. Tink

    Some people always need to complain about something– I think there are bigger things in the world to worry about that the amount of cleavage people show.

  5. asmith

    You see more boob in the BI2 trailer than her face. Which is a good thing in my opinion cause her face scares me. She’s proud of her puppies! BIG TIME!

  6. Catscratch

    Where’s my 2X4? I know it’s around here somewhere… I used it on Brit Brit a few days ago??

    Talk about a hypocrite. Anyone remember her wardrobe when she as a jury member at Cannes a few years ago?? She showed more bobbie acreage than my supermarket poultry department!

    Kathryn Hepburn was right when she said:

    “It’s a new low for actresses when you have to wonder what’s between her ears instead of her legs. ”

    about Ms. Stone.

  7. LaydeeBug

    Yeah, Sharon, you need to shut yer pie hole now. God, it’s like a stupid contest in Hollywood. Who can make the most insipid, mindless, douchebag statement.

  8. musings

    who is more insufferably stupid: sharon stone or gwyneth (sp?) paltrow?

  9. jennifer11

    boobies? did she actually say boobies?

    what, is she a third grade boy?

  10. Mary45

    Well I think we can see what happens when your brain explodes…

  11. drowningfool

    I’d bet serious money that if Gary the Retard from H.S. took an IQ test stoned he would have a higher score than her

  12. Apparntly though Saron doesn’t mind dresses that offer convienient “Snatch Viewing” as long as they cover up the rack.

  13. Redd Foxx

    Yeah, this bitch really needs to fade away. How does she get her money? Is she married to someone famous? If not, she’s going to have a hell of a time in about 10 years when she’s not even remotely attractive, as if she was now.

  14. Kelly

    Poor Sharon, she is jealous of other actresses younger cleavage. She can run her trap but we all seen the trailer, and that vigina looked like overstuffes toffu with cheer panites.

  15. Brokeneyes

    Okay…I’ll give her the benefit that she looks amazing for her age. But it seems that with her “timeless beauty,” it’s taking its toll on her brain. She stopped making sense in her statements years ago and only seems to be going downhill. And that trailer for her new movie was one of the strangest promotion reels ever. I though promos were supposed to make you want to see the movie. Her trailer makes me want to find something cute and fluffy and beat it to death.

  16. DannyJames

    why the hell is this skank famous? was it just because of that basic instinct movie where she showed the world her sinkhole? i watched the clip for that new porno shes in, and if i was a woman and had tits like that id want to hide them too.

  17. ShanDourdan

    Scratch that last comment, saw it. Her sons will no doubt be so proud. Well done Sharon, you made the leap that so many other actresses in Hollywood want to do…Become soft porn stars. Bravo I say.

  18. bone_daddio

    Some one should just stuff a king dong in her mouth. as a matter of fact, wouldn’t we all just be a little happier, healthier, have more spring in our step if celebs were required to walk around with dildos stuck between gums? Maybe we could start a new site –> Wang loving Celebs. Celebs on wangs…fancy lips and dongs. copyrighted by moi.

  19. ShanDourdan

    Wow, that trailer?. Nothing like seeing re used Cooter to get the juices flowing…And by juices I mean vomit.

  20. HughJorganthethird

    mmmmmm acres of boobies.

    Imagine that, actresses showing cleavage. What’s next, wrestlers who shave thier chests? Whats this world coming to.

  21. I think actors and singers will soon be on the endangered list. They are just becoming too stupid to survive.

  22. dimestoredetective

    I’m sure they’ll use some CG effects to hoist her boobies up in Basic Instinct 2. That’s not so bad. But will they display a menopausal crotch? Please no. Please please please no.

  23. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba….are you listening? Sharon has wise words!

  24. eastboundanddown

    I’d still hit it. Plus unlike some actresses Sharon is probably a good lay.

  25. Catscratch

    Are you kidding eastbound? She’d eat you alive! And not with her mouth!


  26. LoneWolf

    She once walked out on Letterman when she and Stern were guests because Stern said he wanked to her in Basic Instinct. Ain’t nobody wankin’ now.

    Too bad that komodo dragon that bit off her husband’s toe a few years ago didn’t take a chunk out of her.

  27. Evangelia

    She appeared at a benefit concert for the Marines a couple months ago, and she was seriously on something…she was slurring and tripping all over the stage. Not to mention her “boobies” were popping out of her saran-wrap-like dress. She was slobbering all over a Marine, and he looked more uncomfortable than turned on – probably concerned about the hepatitis-infested saliva.

    On the plus side, I’m sure she taught our troops some valuable battle strategy that night in the barracks. The skill needed to fight terrorists is nothin’ compared to the skill needed to escape that poonan.

  28. mrschickee

    I could not get the image of “acres of boobies” out of my mind. Can you imagine the fieldworkers on that farm? They wouldn’t get shit done.

  29. jka

    OK, I don’t like contradicting others who post on this site, but I just don’t see how you can post something on that includes the phrase, “there are more important things in the world than…” I mean, really [and here I'm about to contradict myself but], OF COURSE there are more important things in the world than EVERY SINGLE THING on this site. It’s The Superficial. There’s NOTHING important on this site, and that’s why I love it.

  30. jonathanwithaj

    Looking at Sharon Stone’s history of films is like reading a list of Who’s Who in Hollywood, she’s quite the Thespian. From Magnum P.I. to T.J. Hooker in the early 80′s, young Sharon was just a budding star a blossoming young diva in the world of lights, action and fame. Later she would star in Total Recall, Basic Instinct and then her break through role in Last Action Hero. Then her film career started to soar to new heights with The Quick and The Dead, The Specialist and Casino. As you can see from this list of excellent films and television shows Sharon Stone has superior judgement and fine taste in all areas of life. Sharon Stone you are god amongst mere mortals, please continue to grace us with your outstanding critiquing of the human race.

  31. Sheva

    This is just crazy because when I saw her on my very large HD screen on Leno, I couldn’t help but notice how she was overcompensating by showing her large scientifically enhanced breasts.

    At the time I saw it, I felt sad for her. I was like, I guess this is what you think you need to do as a Hollywood actress of a certain age.

    The bloom is most definitely off the rose.

  32. clitcommander

    This shit coming from the bitch who flashed her poon tang for the whole world to see in a movie?

    (Oh, by mistake, she said….uh huh.)

    Now she wants to chime in on how bad it is for other women to show their tits off?

    I’d take some hollywood titties over Sharons wart-crusted, house of terror anyday….Thank you.

  33. You see, it’s the kind of title that’s misleading, mean and very offensive.

    Loved it.

  34. biggutonenut

    Allegedly, Sharon stone went around for years telling anyone who would listen that she was a member of MENSA and had an IQ of 150+. She also may or may not have graduated from college in 2.5 years….however, the MENSA people finally stepped in and politely asked her to shut her piehole and stop trying to represent what she isnt.

    I thought she looked scorching in Basic Instinct 1….Basic Instinct 2…she doesnt look atrocious..just aged but what do you expect when that script has been shelved for like 10 years. She’s a total hypocrite though.

  35. ESQ

    Awesome comment #12!

    I guess Sharon cannot pay enough money to make her appearances on the Red Carpet like like she does in her movies. You know with real lightening, no stand-ins and trick photography.

  36. reesestet

    Can everyone say “Washed up”? All together now…

  37. lolpop

    She’s right! It’s an astonishing fact to guys who want to believe, but most of the young female set are not naturally buoyant without super underwear Prime example: Scarlett Johannson.

  38. here

    Umm…”disgustingly graphic sex scenes”? Unless the editor is Leonard Maltin or Laura Schlessinger, I hope what they meant was the ‘sex scenes’ were ‘disgustingly graphic’ because the graphics lacked sex. Any other use of ‘disgustingly graphic sex scenes’ seems to mean it’s undesireable when sex scenes show actual sex. Give me a break. Any sex scene worth looking at contains graphic, hardcore, explicit sex with lesbians, penetration, boobs flying around, toes curling, spaghetti, hair dryers, etc. Hey!

  39. TheLusciousDeluxe

    Catwoman. Nuff Said.

  40. yes yes,
    more Sharon boobs, that’s always in style.

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