Sharon Stone wants you to see her nipples

August 6th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Sharon Stone poses topless for Paris Match despite the fact she’s 51, and Basic Instinct hasn’t been part of the cultural zeitgeist in over a decade. Not that I’m equating this to some random elderly woman taking her shirt off, but why is this happening again? Was it Paris Match’s turn to make sure Photoshop still works? If so, looks alright to me. Could use less old people though. Any way to turn that down a notch?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of hot flashes.

Photos: Paris Match [4,000th Post! - MR]

  1. Nerd

    Does this bitch even act anymore?

    Ugly, can’t act, total bitch, nothing new since Basic Instinct 2….WHY is she around?

    Seriously…I’m lost here.

  2. Feckless

    She’s probably had lots of surgery – why not? She probably uses “et alors” as a curse word now too. Randal’s troll is hotter.

  3. Frenchy

    It says on the cover, “I’m 50. So what?”
    Ironic when you remember that she’s lying about her age…She’s 51.

  4. nononono

    “sharon stone wants you to see her nipples”

    but I don’t want to.

  5. Christina

    Nasty ass titties…I revoke my comment, Bitch, wishes she was 19

  6. Rhialto

    She worked literally her ass off to get this body shape.

  7. Darth

    It looks like that her regular diet lately is lettuce and cucumbers.

  8. Galtacticus

    Since when is the Lilo look popular?

  9. fearsarewishes


    Jen sweetheart, nobody and I mean NOBODY here gives a rat’s ass about your inflated opinion of what you might look like or even your opinions regarding age appropriate attraction.

    These posts are not about you no matter how hard you might try to twist them that way.

    You are a narcissistic, addled and boring cunt.

  10. kim

    She’s a weird feminist. Some feminists want to use their looks as a source of empowerment, but for what purpose. Seems her career is almost dead and she is still trying to preserve her looks for whatever attention men or women will give her. She needs to find another job. –

  11. hairbrained

    And fearsarewishes is a big doodie head!!

  12. ofthrees

    granted, there’s a lot of photoshopping here, but someone needs to show these to madonna and tell her this is how it’s done.

  13. Iff Jensen

    I would do her

  14. Dominico

    That photoshop job looks amazing!!!

  15. @7: Yeah, just “get rid” of one of the most powerful photo editing/graphic design tools in the world. Screw it, get rid of GiMP and Pixen as well. Graphic designers, professional photographers (who take pictures of nature AS WELL AS people), and web designers should just use MS Paint for everything now.

    Honestly, don’t be daft. Who cares if they touch her up? Why does it even matter to you? Sounds a lot like jealousy to me, especially considering you don’t know for a fact that she’s been heavily Photoshopped. Color adjustments and such are obvious, but you have no idea whether or not there were an excess of winkles or veins that were covered up. So why not just be a dear and keep your jealous comments to yourself? It’ll certainly make you look less like a moron… at least by a little bit.

  16. dany girl

    She is irrelevant and no matter how good she lookes her body does not handle a good sex night, not a 51.

  17. dany girl

    She is irrelevant and no matter how good she lookes her body does not handle a good sex night, not a 51.

  18. lol lol

    TOOOO BAD that everyone reading that magazine has the internet and has (most likely) already saw the horrid photos of how she really looks, that were taken a couple of months ago. Really , really horrid. Like a true elderly person. She does not look 50, she looks almost dead.

    Even on the photoshopped photos, why did they leave her ‘boobs’ looking so hideous?

  19. joe

    Eh…she’s unattractive. That’s the bottom line. OK to look at? Shrug. Sure. Want it? Shaking my head…no way.

  20. jason

    she has always been a publicity whore,old pussy ,worn out…

  21. jen

    as being a retoucher i say it’s a nice piece of art.
    many hours of ps work. but it has nothin to do with a 50 year old sharon stone.
    its just embarassing what kinda image she wants to transport these days. publicity whore.

  22. mark

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  23. @7 Amy you can’t airbrush away fat. Too many young girls today don’t worry about their weight! Every pic in magazines is airbrushed but you can only airbrush so much. If she didn’t have a nice body to begin with, they wouldn’t want her in the mag. Use your heads. She looks great! Give here the credit she is due. You shouldn’t need airbrushing at your age.

  24. Sandi Jones

    Do you think she looks like Sly Stallones girlfriend of years ago, Brigette
    (sorry cant remember her last name)could pass for think?????/

  25. Sandi Jones

    Do you think she looks like Sly Stallones girlfriend of years ago, Brigette
    (sorry cant remember her last name)could pass for think?????/

  26. LORENA


  27. The typical American garbage. It says look at me I am 50, but the body of a 20 something. But it is clear that photshopped, breasts and fake, and so on Botox, she looks something like this in life, which is the problem with these pictures.

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