Sharon Stone still has star power, who knew?

December 20th, 2007 // 54 Comments

Sharon Stone is making big bucks just to show up at places. Apparently, 15 years later, people are still in awe about the time she showed her vagina in Basic Instinct, according to Page Six:

Insiders say she pulls $175,000 for a mere 30 minutes of face time at noncharitable events. “Sharon is starting to attend store openings and corporate events. In return, she receives major cash,” said a source.

Much like paying $1 million for a Pete Doherty sex tape, this sounds like a huge waste of money. C’mon, it’s Sharon Stone. She’s obnoxious. The only place I’d pay $175,000 for Sharon Stone to appear is the sun’s core. But only after I threw a nuclear missile into it like in Superman IV.

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  1. kala

    her lipstick is doodoo

  2. billy simpson

    man, shes still got it…

  3. hash


  4. lindsay

    Close your italics tag, DUDE.

  5. veggi

    I think she’s still beautiful.

  6. Conscience Found

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  7. Conscience Found


  8. Conscience Found


  9. veggi

    5- go fuck yourself :) Identity crisis much?

    and as for ms. stone…… I would like to have that last name… or stoner… or stoned…. Or fuckin-a-right. That would rule..

  10. Wrinkles everywhere…

  11. ph7

    I bet she’s seen northward of 300 cocks in her lifetime.

  12. ph7

    She also buys Botox by the quart bottle.

  13. tg

    Her hair is blonde, yet her eyebrows are brown.

    This implies that her coynte is also brown.

  14. rockdust

    Could the lipstick be any redder?! Dye her black and she’s look just like Robert Smith from The Cure!

  15. Bigheadmike

    She is another waste. I have never watched anything of her that could even be labeled “good”.

  16. Gerald_Tarrant

    I thought she was on some “no surgery or injections” shit about growing old gracefully. She looks like she’s had work done, no one looks like that at 90 without work being done.

    Her tits have always been less than spectacular and her vagina……please, I can find vaginas anywhere. Mostly when I am hanging out with R.Kelly though.

    I wouldn’t pay Sharon Stone cab fare for letting me dry fuck her in the ass.

  17. Unklejoe

    Id lick her azzhole!

  18. Who Knew and Who Cares??

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Sharon Stone gets paid to go to store openings? Goddamnit I knew it was her at the Big Dogs outlet store in Gurnee! I needed a hoodie in 5x XL, bitch said we only got what on the floor. She never went into the stockroom to check. She’s even a bitch at wholesale prices.

  20. deaconjones

    Ddue, this brood aged faster than anyone in Hollywood, ever..

    Thats what happens when you chain smoke and do coke all night….my kind of girl….

  21. deaconjones

    I also like the kind of girls with strap-ons. Nothin like a night of gettin coked out and gettin fucked in the ass. I can take it all night long…….

  22. #2, what? Syphillus?

  23. Ript1&0

    Never underestimate the power of the pussy.

  24. Ript1&0

    I’d also like to say that I’m extremely disappointed that it is already almost 1pm and I’ve yet to be called a whore, and have not had the pleasure of getting off to DR fucking dead people. Bummer. That was fun.

    Ript = sad

  25. LewdMan

    I just wished that the carpet matched the drapes!

  26. LewdMan

    Oh, and obviously #15 bigheadmike never saw the 30 second Basic Instinct bit – that looked DAMN GOOD – perhaps tasty would be a better description?

  27. Ript1&0

    YES!!! Thank you, FRIST. I needed that.

  28. DVD

    She’s still beautiful chick but not that hot I miss her early movie when was she’s still hot.

  29. HEY FRIST!!! Is there a new post yet.

  30. Dr. Nappy

    Her lipstick would be better if her hair was longer.

    Hey FRIST… suck a dick.

    Dr. N

  31. Guess what?? There is a new Brttney post. Who would have imagined that we would have more than one Britney post in the same day!!

  32. Dr. Nappy

    It doesn’t matter.

  33. BunnyButt

    Auntie, you’re in Gurnee?? I’m in Chicago!! Woot, we’re practically related!!

  34. 1MILF Hunter

    That was not Sharon Stone’s vagina in Basic Instinct. That was a stunt pussy.

  35. Auntie Kryst

    I thought you’d catch that Bunny. Actually I’m in KC, but I lived in Chicago for several years. Always got a kick out of Gurnee Mills, man you’d see some large folks there. I meant to ask how are things with the car?

  36. Sapphire

    Why do old women wear bright red lipstick?! Pretty soon she’ll be graduating to orange lipstick and big bold flowery clip-on earrings.

    #37 … LMAO

  37. CJ

    Bitter…table for one…right this way. Bitter, equally obnoxious, and petty are sooooo 2007! Get it together for 2008.

  38. Cute. She looks much younger than her age. Seems someone else have posted a profile for you on HTTP://WWW.FEMMATE.COM. The photos are hot and beautiful. LOL

  39. Sharon is a slut

    My boyfriend told me that she once tried to cop a feel of his pecker while he was sitting next to her at a restaurant in West Hollywood. What a desperate old nymphomaniac.

  40. red lippy makes you look like a clumsy clown sharon.

  41. I wonder what she would charge to appear at my late Aunt Petunia’s funeral?
    She was a huge fan.

  42. I’d give her a dollar to keep her skanky self and her MENSA membership (right) away from me.
    She hasn’t done anything quality since Alan Quartemain (right).

  43. Allan Quatermain

  44. D. Richards

    I remember when shitty Basic Instinct came out. Everybody was making such a big deal about the ‘flash’ scene. My mom and dad wouldn’t let me see the movie (which is probably why I have such a dependency towards pornography: ‘Oh yeah mom and dad?! I’ll show you!’). SNL parodied it. Whoa, man! It was everywhere.

    Honestly, I didn’t really care at the time. Now that I’ve seen the scene, what-the fuck? You don’t see anything but a little bush and it’s brief-bush at that. It’s not like she spread her legs so Mike Douglas could see her piss-hole or something. Big deal.

    That movie came out on ’92. That’s not

  45. Son-of D. Richards

    #47? Even gods make mistakes. I forgive you.

  46. I got star power when I played Guitar Hero II

  47. Kat

    She looks like she just smelled her upper lip in photo #1.

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