Sharon Stone should teach parenting classes

September 30th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Sharon Stone lost custody of her eight-year-old son last week with little explanation as to why – until now. Turns out Sharon Stone has the parenting know-how of a jelly donut. Here’s a snippet of the judge’s ruling via People:

Saying that Stone is “unable to provide the structure, continuity and reliability that Roan needs, and candidly, deserves,” the judge cited examples of Stone’s overreactions, including her incorrect belief her son was suffering a spinal illness and her suggestion of using Botox for foot odor.
According to the papers, “As Father appropriately noted, the simple and common sense approach of making sure Roan wore socks with his shoes and used foot deodorant corrected.”

Nice. Now, don’t get me wrong, Sharon Stone is clearly a goddamn nutbar, but explain to me how airing an eight-year-old boy’s foot odor problem in the media was a smart move. Poor Roan’s about to have an awesome day at school tomorrow: “Hey, Swamp Foot! Saw your mom’s beave on cable last night.” Yeah, that’s not gonna mess a kid up. Also, I can’t believe I forgot to DVR that shit. This is why I need TiVo.

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  4. WHAT?!?

    She wants to give an 8 year old kid Botox?

    Wow. Are they taking the other adopted boy away, too? He has no father to rescue him. Poor kid.

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    She should buy leather shoes for her kids, and not those cheap Chinese plastic ones, with the lights and pictures of superheroes, everyone knows that they make little kids feet stinky. What an unfit Mother!

  28. americanmckrout

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    I’m not the person doing it but I did find it amusing.
    Some of it a little vulgar but funny.

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    Christ there’s always one.

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  43. sameshitdifferentyear

    I almost don’t want to interfere with political figures making personal admissions on this thread, but I’ll go ahead anyway.

    What I was going to say, Sharon Stone and other stupid blondes in the media, are constantly portrayed as having a “high IQ”.
    What the fuck does that mean?
    First of all, I just recently took an IQ test, and I can state factually that it tests ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that tests “actual” “real” intelligence, which of course everyone knows means one or more of the following

    * Getting laid with people out of your league
    * Making money (eventually by doing absolutely nothing)
    * Starting your own homegrown cult (so other people do your dirty work for you)
    * Getting out of an intense conflict without it ever coming to blows

    So having a “high IQ” according to the standardized test, is about as useful as having “attractive pubic hair”
    (by the way I scored genius-level in the IQ test and I still have the utterly fucking useless shitty life that I do – proving my previous point entirely)

    Here are some blonde CUNTS who ARE NOT highly intelligent (or were not, in the case of the dead ones), no matter what their fucking IQ or whatever other measure of “intelligence” is, and no matter how good their fucking PR arms are in promoting them falsely

    - Marilyn Monroe (or whatever the fuck her real name was)
    - Paris Hilton (sure, she has a 120 IQ, if the “I” stands for “Idiot”)
    - Sharon Stone
    - Jessican Simpson (the tuna question wasn’t faked, she really is that fucking dumb)
    - Jane Mansfield

    and the list goes on and on

    Contrast that with

    - Madame Curie
    - Eleanor Roosevelt
    - Apollonia (no not the unbelievably hot-and-stupid Prince chick)
    - Madeleine Albright (i’m talking intelligent here – good vs evil is something else……………)
    - Ayn Rand

    and that list goes on and on

    Anyway, Michelle Obama can go back to talking about what she supposedly smells like, now that I’ve said what I wanted to.

  44. sharon stone

    i thought IQ was the amount of “junk” comes out your vagina when you go to the doctor. That is why i was told i had a high IQ.

  45. It’s never too late to learn, folks!!

  46. Geezus! Look at the size of Stone’s hips the picture above! She’s fat! She’s huge! She’s an ugly, wrinkled, old hag!And to top it all off, she is a horrible mother! I said this last time, but nooooo, some had to give her the benefit of the doubt, didn’t they?!

    Now poor little Roan, (aka little stinky swamp feet), is going to have to stay with his creepy mustachioed dad with the lizard bite on his toe. That cannot be good for Roan’s smelly, stinky, swampy little feet.

  47. malicious

    go the Fish! saw your mum’s beave – what a crack up!!

  48. Doubs

    Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating… thus she could be right in her foot odor solution.

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    And by the way, we own McCain too.

    Get back to your talmud-visions, you stupid white sheeple.

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