Sharon Stone should teach parenting classes

Sharon Stone lost custody of her eight-year-old son last week with little explanation as to why – until now. Turns out Sharon Stone has the parenting know-how of a jelly donut. Here’s a snippet of the judge’s ruling via People:

Saying that Stone is “unable to provide the structure, continuity and reliability that Roan needs, and candidly, deserves,” the judge cited examples of Stone’s overreactions, including her incorrect belief her son was suffering a spinal illness and her suggestion of using Botox for foot odor.
According to the papers, “As Father appropriately noted, the simple and common sense approach of making sure Roan wore socks with his shoes and used foot deodorant corrected.”

Nice. Now, don’t get me wrong, Sharon Stone is clearly a goddamn nutbar, but explain to me how airing an eight-year-old boy’s foot odor problem in the media was a smart move. Poor Roan’s about to have an awesome day at school tomorrow: “Hey, Swamp Foot! Saw your mom’s beave on cable last night.” Yeah, that’s not gonna mess a kid up. Also, I can’t believe I forgot to DVR that shit. This is why I need TiVo.

Photo: WENN