Sharon Stone proud to flaunt it

March 10th, 2006 // 61 Comments

*sharon_stone_proud.jpgSharon Stone had no qualms about baring all for the sequel to Basic Instinct because she is fed up with ageing actresses being restricted to unsexy roles. She says, “By the time the film is released, I will be 48 and I wanted to do the nudity in a way that’s quite brazen. I wanted her to be very masculine, like a man in a steam room and I wanted the audience to have a moment where they realize she’s naked and then realize that she’s a fortysomething woman and naked. Because we’re not used to seeing that in movies. We’re used to seeing Sean Connery and his granddaughter, you know what I mean? Or Mel Gibson and his daughter.”

Hey, I don’t care how many times I see Sean Connery and his granddaughter naked – it’s never enough. But Sharon’s right, there certainly is a place for elderly naked women in our society – this place is called the morgue. And it hardly ever turns me on.


  1. mamacita


    I love the fact that you worked the word ‘disingenuous’ into a comment. You rule!

  2. pickletickle

    At least she has had plastic surgery so people won’t have to choke on their own vomit when they see her naked like I did when I saw the movie About Schmidt. Cathy Bates and Jack Nicholson could learn something here.

  3. DevastatorX

    #37 So true, but at least she dosen’t have herpes. At least that Iknow of..

  4. HollyJ

    Ladybug 47

    A prolapsed uterus is usually the result of someone who has lots of kids. Eventually, the tissue that holds the uterus in the abdomen kinda breaks loose. The babybox actually falls down and slides out the bottom of the vagina like a ball falling through a tunnel.

    It’s true that you can literally use your uterus so much that it almost falls out.

    The first time I saw one, I thought the woman had a funny-looking testicle hanging out of her ‘gina. Someone had to tell me WTF it was.

    I almost screamed and pointed at her crotch right in front of her. Thank god my shocked silence prevailed.

    “That’s hot”

  5. Sharon could do or say anything, she would be the most desirable woman in the world with Halle Berry…
    Trust the lesbian that i’am !!! :o))

  6. theczechwreck

    Prolapsed rectums are hotter. Or maybe I’m a fag.

  7. gogoboots

    She already scared me half to death with her nude scenes from a previous BI 2. I was traumatized for days thank you Sharon. I don’t care if you like your body, watch your son!

  8. Merebear

    I’m so glad that #12 posted that prolapsed uterus. At my last GYN exam my doctor told me I had a really *high* cervix and a long vagin-er-a. Well, I thought, Whoop-de-doo, I’ve had my two babies, what do I care. He replied, “Well, when you are old it won’t fall out. You’re lucky.” Now I know just how lucky I am.


  9. lill

    48 my ass!

  10. sexydarin

    That’s the motto of sluts everywhere “if you got it, flaunt it”. If there aren’t enough young sluts around. Now we have to put up with old ugly sluts. You might as well show a photograph of George Burns in his skivvies. Or better yet Bea Arthur.

  11. Cristina

    Chad Lowe is incredible. He plays an awesome role in Fielders’ Choice. Not to mention the man has appeal.

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