Sharon Stone proud to flaunt it

March 10th, 2006 // 61 Comments

*sharon_stone_proud.jpgSharon Stone had no qualms about baring all for the sequel to Basic Instinct because she is fed up with ageing actresses being restricted to unsexy roles. She says, “By the time the film is released, I will be 48 and I wanted to do the nudity in a way that’s quite brazen. I wanted her to be very masculine, like a man in a steam room and I wanted the audience to have a moment where they realize she’s naked and then realize that she’s a fortysomething woman and naked. Because we’re not used to seeing that in movies. We’re used to seeing Sean Connery and his granddaughter, you know what I mean? Or Mel Gibson and his daughter.”

Hey, I don’t care how many times I see Sean Connery and his granddaughter naked – it’s never enough. But Sharon’s right, there certainly is a place for elderly naked women in our society – this place is called the morgue. And it hardly ever turns me on.


  1. Chris'sMom

    I wander how much airbrushing that had to be done that she is not telling us about.

  2. CoJo

    She’s such an asshole.

  3. lysistrata11

    Hmmm, I wonder how many plastic surgeries were performed on her before this movie was filmed…yeah Sharon, you are the average fortysomething’s woman aren’t you.

  4. thePrurient1

    ill watch, last one was kept my eyes open the whole time

  5. SuperSpence

    What is she complaining about? Sure, you don’t see older women taking it off in the movies very often. [And thank God for that!] You don’t see older men doing that either. [And thank God for that!] The purpose of old people in our society is not to have sex. They’ve already done that. The purpose of old people is to be used in medical experiments before their remaining useful organs are harvested for use by younger, more attractive people.

    So, shut up, Sharon, and let me have a look at that left kidney of yours.

  6. lysistrata11

    #5-lol…left kidney…

  7. Populist

    Don’t worry about seeing her naked in this film. The powers that be will see that there are enough computer grahpics enhancements to her images to qualify her as a cartoon character. It will be like a Playboy photo where every scar, stretchmark, and blemish magically disappear.

  8. Jigga Wha?

    I’m sorry… didn’t this conversation already happen years ago for Blue Velvet?

  9. Jacq

    So, she’s going to really put herself out there for all forty-something women? Thanks, but no thanks Sharon. Even at 25, I don’t know too many women who will champion her for getting screwed 6 ways to Sunday.

  10. Jayne

    her boobies were SO fake in the trailer.

    “We’re used to seeing Sean Connery and his granddaughter, you know what I mean? Or Mel Gibson and his daughter.”

    wait whaaaaaaaat?
    I’m slow, it seems.

  11. hermanita

    And that’s the same girl who said celebs these days are showing too much clevage.

  12. HollyJ

    This is one of those special times when I desperately need strikethrough :

    GERIATRIC SEX <—-strikethrough

    Old genitals are bad. Bad, bad. bad. bad. Being in xray, I’ve seen plenty of hospitalized geriatric privates, and the only thing worse than seeing that wrinkly dog-ear is trying to imagine it getting a groove on. :::shiver of repulsion:::

    A prolapsed uterus is ESPECIALLY sexy: (NSFW)
    (Thanks to Sharon Stone for being kind enough to forward that photo.)

  13. frangly

    Come on. 48 is not that old. She looks better than most 18 year old women. And yes, no doubt due to plenty of plastic surgery. But if we’re being “superficial” here (of course), that’s all that matters, right? The end result, not how she got there.

  14. Maeve97

    Um, Sharon, maybe you should subscribe to HBO because there was once this little show called Sex and the City and Kim Cattrall, who was well into her mid-forties, walked around naked all the time.

  15. clitcommander

    * Newsflash *

    “Sharon Stone has had yet another brain aneurysm and has bit the dust. We will all be spared the emotional pain of seeing her crusty ass naked.”

    And God is good…

  16. mamacita

    #12 HollyJ

    Good. Lord. That picture is unspeakably horrendous. There goes my hunger for lunch.

  17. BabyBayBayLeigh010

    Kim Cattrall is way hotter than Sharon Stone

  18. Pearly

    #12 oh man, did you have to post it? Yikes!!!
    # 3 EXACTLY!!
    Who is she kidding? Fake boobies, face lifet(s), lipo and god knows what else. It’s the film version of a magazine that makes you feel shitty by showing fake women who are supposedly your age. My brother works in LA with computers and knows dozens of people who ONLY do touch up work on movies. Apparently Kate Winslet took months to reduce digitally after she gained weight during the making of Titanic… Now they have to deal with this?

  19. CoJo

    Word, #3 – that’s exactly what I wanted to say but halfway through writing the comment I decided that “she’s an asshole” pretty much summed it up.

  20. senin

    Pathetic – she believes her own bullshit.

  21. pixelbasic

    Now we’re really testing the limits of CGI.

  22. boredatwurk

    I used to do advertising for a bunch of fitness companies, and spent hours shaving the butts off already anoerexic fitness models. Oh, and I was often told to enhance their boobs too. One of the males once talked me into enhancing his nether-region without approval from the sponser.

    As if we girls don’t have to deal with enough self-esteem problems with gorgeous people like this to be compared to, then they get the added benefits of surgery and airbrushing.


  23. Mr. Fritz

    Why oh why, couldn’t that Kimodo Dragon have bitten her instead of her exhusband? I agree with number 17′s comment.

  24. The Devil

    LOL @ #5!

  25. The Devil

    And still I’m squeezing #12 HollyJ’s boobies.

  26. staticbumblebee

    LOL @ 21. Ditto.

  27. M@ce

    Forty-something women get your HUMP on!

    They may not be as firm as a youngster but they are more interesting, know what the hell they are doing and they are not afraid to do it.

    Keep bad mouthing them…just more for me.

  28. hafaball

    I understood everything she meant until she said something about Sean Connery and Mel Gibson naked with their daughters…does she want more incest in movies? But I do have to disagree, I think there’s been more old people nudity in the past ten years then in any other time. “Something’s Gotta Give” anyone?

  29. Putting the shoe on the other foot, I’m still contemplating suing Miramax for the emotional pain and trauma inflicted by seeing Harvey Keitel’s full frontal in The Piano.

  30. The VZA

    I don’t know who her body double is in this movie, but I’d hit it…she looks like she could fuck like a beast.

  31. DevastatorX

    I hear Demi Moore is flaunting it all next.

    And I hope Sharon Stone, Like that other asshole madonna, find a new careear in Kablahblah because your twelve and a half seconds are almost up.

    Which is where my peepee won’t be when I watch this movie.
    Old people having sex = Yuk.

  32. FranktheTank

    What about Kathy Bates in About Schmidt?? YUM!

  33. mrschickee

    #12 HollyJ – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Holy God in Heaven that was the scariest shit I have ever seen. It looked like the birth of an alien.

  34. Leno

    Hey…you guys have to do some surgery to implant a brain in your looks like you have many problems to solve with “old” women : maybe a psychanalyst could help you…
    Forty women are not “old”, it’s not Geriatry !

  35. Tha-Flash

    Go Sharon Stone!

  36. PandoraKnight

    I don’t care how much I’m ragged on for this, but Sharon Stone is HOT. She’s intelligent, sexy, contributes to many charities and she has more balls than any guy I know. I would totally do a Mrs. Robinson with her….

  37. Hey HEr Vagina probably looks less worn out than PAris Hiltons

  38. MystressJade

    I saw the trailer for this film at the theater last night…all I can say is *bbllleeechh. She looks really terrible. My husband said, “I’d hit it”. I gave him an upper cut to the left jaw.

  39. MystressJade

    #12 Holly:

    Jesus H. Christ…that pic ruined my getting laid plans for tonight.

  40. mamacita


    So…………….you’re new here, right? Everything on here is pretty much excessively inappropriate. Besides which, #12 (HollyJ) specifically said it was a prolapsed uterus and posted a NSFW warning. What were you expecting, a picture of Bambi or some shit? If you don’t appreciate inappropriate, you’re definitely on the wrong site.

  41. #34 I feel bad for you. You were so upset that the last half of your comment wasn’t even coherent. This is for you:

  42. CheekyChops

    Does this mean half of hollywood’s over 40′s are gonna start flashing their vages all over the place? Good Lord.

  43. frozen_jesus

    You also missed your chance to use ‘hysteroptosis’ in a sentence.

  44. mamacita

    #41 Bwahhhahhaaaaaahhhaaaa

    Right on, you funny bastard!!!!!

  45. maggixial

    #5 is a Simpson’s fan.

  46. LaydeeBug

    HAs sharon ever been in an a movie where she actually had to ACT? Why doesn’t she just do porn? She could get loads of money and lot’s of people would buy the movies.

    What a test tube! Just one more movie to be played on channel 88 (that’s the low budget, soft core channel here) in about two months.

  47. LaydeeBug

    HollyJ, you’re a sick little monkey. (What’s a prolapsed uterus? Looks horribly painful)

    Praz, “awwwwwwwwwwww.”

    Mamacita, what-up, gurl?

  48. Pez_D_Spencer

    42: Rene Russo has already done it (Thomas Crown Affair)

    Also, isn’t it a little disingenuous of Sharon to brag about her “nudity” when she already admitted that she’s using a body double in this movie?

    Where’s a nice Komodo dragon when you need one?

  49. Dee

    what the hell is she talking about…she is so annoying

  50. mamacita


    What’s shakin? You’ve been scarce lately! How goes the new job? Another day, another dollar, eh? But, not literally, I hope. That would mean you work in a sweatshop.

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