Sharon Stone opens mouth, unleashes dumb

May 28th, 2008 // 124 Comments

As some of you may have heard, Sharon Stone once again opened her mouth again and said some retarded shit. This time around, she chalked up the recent earthquake in China (which killed Tibetans and Chinese) as “bad karma.” The AP reports:

“I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else,” Stone said Thursday during a Cannes Film Festival red-carpet interview with Hong Kong’s Cable Entertainment News. “And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

Wow. Now that’s the kind of crazy only a post-menopausal woman could unleash. At any rate, Sharon’s movies are now barred from the largest theater chain in China effective immediately:

Ng See-Yuen, founder of the UME Cineplex chain and the chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, called Stone’s comments “inappropriate,” adding that actors should not bring personal politics to comments about a natural disaster that has left five million Chinese homeless, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That would be an awesome punishment except for the fact that Sharon Stone was banned from movies forever after making Basic Instinct 2: Hey, Remember my Vagina? True story.

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  1. D

    I heard to atone for her insensitive remarks, she is going to generously offer to let all 5 million Chinese displaces by the disaster to live in her cavernous vagina.

  2. ugh, i hate when celebrities talk

  3. Forrest Fordutreese

    She won’t be able to order Chinese take-out again.

  4. havoc

    One of the biggest nutjobs in Hollyweird……

    Why the fuck is she at Cannes anyway? Attention whore.


  5. LJK

    I’m on her side to a point.. Huge tornado in my ex sister in law’s town Sunday night. She treates everyone like crap, Says nasty things about God.. and wouldn’t ya know.. her house was leveled. Karma is so real.

  6. nipolian

    As far as I am concerned she hasn’t done anything worth a shit since she played Diane & Deirdre Dupres on Magnum PI. Tom thought he was fucking them both…….turned out they were one of the same.

  7. HuckyDucky

    This from the whore who marched down to the police station with a shotgun and said “I give up my right to bear arms”. As if one could do such a thing.

  8. pistache268

    Ehhh LJK, I know she didn’t mean it this way, but she did kind of suggest that the people who died or suffered deserved it.


  9. havoc

    Kind of like all the people in New Orleans deserved Katrina.

    This bitch is beyond stupid….


  10. Sarah

    So now everyone’s angry about something she said about karma? The chinese INVENTED karma. How often do you hear about them preaching about thier astrology, beliefs, etc.? They are communists. Karma has come back to bite them in the ass. The funniest thing is how they always ban people’s movies. As if anyone cares. Who the hell is targeting markets in china? I feel sorry for the people that have died, they are innocent. Blame thier government for being unfair and completely biased about everything.

  11. jeff

    Basic Instinct 2: Hey, Remember my Vagina?

    Classic fish! And classic Stone too – she’s on a roll…

  12. Rat

    Who cares all the chinese movies are bootlegs anyway.
    China is one of the worst place on earth to live, its a little better than north korea, not much,
    all the chinese do is steal our technology, fuck-em I hope the three gorges dam breaks and half a billion are killed.
    Oh yeah Boycott olympics 2008!

  13. Seriously, what’s so great about Tibet? There’s no water skiing, no 5 star spas, and the brothels are amongst the worst in the developing world. Next she’ll be waging an oral war on Paris Hilton’s mutant herpes.

  14. Harry Ballzack

    (She looks like a man) yeah, so … a natural disaster that has left five million Chinese people homeless is “karma” to her? What have the people of China done to deserve bad karma? What their government told them to do?
    “BAD PEOPLE !” Karma will get you for that !
    So I suppose, by listening to her brilliance, she is proof god had a sense of humor when he put THAT one together
    She has single-handedly did what the Chinese government could not – united the entire Chinese people in anger against a single cause.

    I suppose it’s true – “You just can’t fix stupid”

  15. BunnyButt

    If karma worked, Sharon would’ve been ripped to bits by tiny rodents years ago…

  16. Conscience_Found

    Chinese Minister of Gossip:

    “Isrt his fiteen minute up? Why this beech famouz, anyher?”

  17. I thought karma some sort of chameleon.

  18. veggi

    Nice verbal vomit Sharron. The only way she’ll be able to even out the universe now is to be on Rock Of Love..

  19. C Commander

    Whatever – Chinese people eat cats and dogs & skin animals alive for their fur. They also keep animals in such unsanitary conditions that they breed horrible viruses like SARS and Avian Flu.

    I have the utmost compassion for every living being and don’t wish harm upon anybody – but you can’t escape from Karma…

  20. imwithyou

    Whatever – Chinese people eat cats and dogs & skin animals alive for their fur. They also keep animals in such unsanitary conditions that they breed horrible viruses like SARS and Avian Flu.

    I have the utmost compassion for every living being and don’t wish harm upon anybody – but you can’t escape from Karma…

  21. NorCal

    Isn’t she in mensa for being a genius? I can’t even spell right and she may be off a bit. Karma is relative -this china shit is the environment hacking up an over populated eco mucus disaster loogy. The itsy bitsy, teeny weeny sliver of a country glutonly over riddled w/too many people are choking the natural recources to death. Mother Nature (my beautiful religion), is reacting to the lack of environmental regard the chinese have. How do men w/such tiny peckers populate so too much? The white boys w/small junk I’ve never had sex w/were Dirk Diggler compared to the nubs concealed by pubes these chins are packin. Like, you know you have a nation of COMPLETELY unsatisfied women running about in most (all), asian countries (my fave tree don’t forget). White men w/seemingly small action figures: china may be your ticket, no? I LOVE WHITE BOYS!! Sharon aint bad either -these crazy broads are smokin hot in the sak and you know it! In person, sharon is sick hot! I live close enough to see her at the farmers market w/out make up and she blows most 20 year olds away, if only for her massive pussy smell. MMMMmmmm.

  22. Stick it stone.

    Y’know what you guys, i’m just greatful that we haven’t had any posts in awhile about a certain uneducated, drunk driving, herpes infested heiress.

    Now we just have her smelly, hairy, armenian counterpart, Kim Lardassian.

    But at least she-who-must-not-be-named is gone.

  23. dbixle

    Everyone likes to throw around the word karma even when they have no understanding of what it means. It’s not even really complicated really.

    The Chinese people who died and were injured by the earthquake had nothing to do with the way the government treated the Tibetans… so no you stupid bitch, it has nothing to do with karma that they got hit with an earthquake – it just really sucks.

  24. #24 – Hey I mentioned her in post #15. Are you gonna come and kill all the Tibetans I had smuggled in? Can they at least finish the laundry first?

  25. sarahis a moron

    #12 Sarah – you are amazing stupid.

    1. Nobody invented karma, just like nobody invented gravity. Moron.

    2. If a very small but deadly earthquake were to hit some government buildings housing those bad politicians responsible for the bad treatment and policies against Tibetans then yes, you could probably call it karma.

    But to say that all these innocent Chinese people died because of what the Communist government did to Tibetans, and that is karma and they deserve it is well… only something Sarah would say.

  26. JRZ

    Shalon Stone most dishonuhbur…..bling shame to Horrywood. Confucius say evelything has beauty…except Shalon Stone vagina.

  27. nipolian

    #27 – Sarah or Sharon Stone

  28. jrz

    nipolian–I think both at this point

  29. BunnyButt

    @ #20: Shut your dumb fucking hole veggi. Sharon is spelled with one r, not two.

    Sharron, God damn it veggi, you dumb ass!

  30. ihaveacrushonsarah

    Here’s another example which might help you out dumb one:

    Sarah leads a very dumb blond life and dies. In her next life she is reincarnated as a fat Chinese kid. One day an earthquake hits China and a building falls on her.

    You might say that was karma for all the stupid things Sarah has said in her last life… (still has nothing to do with Tibetans tho)..

  31. yahuh

    Karma hell ya!!
    That’s why natural disasters never occure in the united states!! Cause we’re the Gooood guys. Wanna play

  32. Kate

    I guess it was karma that buried all those school children alive, Karma must really have it out for 8 year old children and poor, improvished families. You know cause it was the 8 year old children that have been treating the Tibetans so badly….karma doesn’t exist, god doesn’t exist, science is real, earth quakes happen and there is always a reason for them. Not some “supernatural” force lurking out there, waiting for someone to do ‘something bad” so it can drop a 4 story building on their kids.

  33. Rut Roh

    Humans should be able to recognize the difference between a government and citizens. Had a earthquake killed only politicians…then, maybe karma. BUT, it killed over 60,000 men, women and children that were simply living their lives the best they could in the poorer area of China. How the fuck is that karma? That’s a goddamned tradegy.
    Karma would be for a C rate actress to open her slutty ass mouth and say something extremely disgusting, only to later have a fucking Mack Truck end sever the few strings of life this old hag has left in her.
    Yeah, 3 month old babies burried under rubble is karma….I hope this stupid cunt gets anally raped to death.
    I can’t fucking believe people…..It’s called ‘humanity,’ just because America’s president is fucking useless and mentally handicapped DOES NOT mean the citizens are, nor does it mean that hurricane Katrina was fucking karma because our president is a douche-bag.

  34. Dar

    Is there any doubt this ignorant wench would be earning minimum wage somewhere if she didn’t flash her beave in a movie?

  35. Dumdidum

    Stuff like that always reminds me of Team America. Actors are indeed quite often quite stupid. Off stage or off film they open their mouth a hot cow crap escapes. Probably believe in their own image. Stupid.

  36. Uncle Eccoli

    What does the party even care? They don’t believe in religious superstition, right?

    P.S. Fuck the PRC. Reinstate the true Chinese government in exile.

  37. Stuey

    yeah she is a member of Mensa….oddly enough, after reading this.

  38. Chupacabra

    I totally agree with Rut-Roh … my thoughts exactly.

  39. veggi

    31- sheesh bunny butt. Pretty harsh, eh? Sorry. Don’t really care how to spell sharrrrrrrrons fucking name..

  40. Stuey

    so is Geena Davis, Jodi Foster, Ellen Muth and James Woods.

  41. Uncle Eccoli


    Really?! I may just have to let my membership lapse, then. On the other hand, I’d always assumed that I must have one of the less intelligent members, but I KNOW I’m smarter than fucking Sharon Stone. She must have bought her way in.

  42. Uncle Eccoli

    Er, be.

    My member is a fucking prodigy.

  43. norton

    She’s not a member of Mensa.

    Additionally, she’s like every other “actor” in Hollyweird… dumb as a stump.

    Why do these people speak in public? Stick with the acting gig and otherwise shut the fuck up.

  44. dre

    to #14 and #21:

    karma definitely took its toll on your moms cuz the both of them unfortunately gave birth to two dumb ignorant shits like yourselves.

    get your facts straight before you start spewing nonsensical, fantastical and hypocritical shit.

  45. humbug

    That’s just one of those things that you can think but you probably shouldn’t say… those you died did not deserve it obviously, but as a tragedy as a whole, not looking at the individuals, it could be considered karma.

  46. Cher to the Z

    Yeah, all those cute little schoolkids, buried under feet of rubble,

    They had it coming. It’s Karma bitch.

  47. sherry

    …Or you know how real Tibetans hate Dalai deep in your heart? In fact I doubt this old have a heart.

    If you don’t know these things and never go to Tibet, please close your nasty mouth.

    2.Do your know karma is waiting for evils like you not far away?

    If you don’t know, you will see it soon. Good luck, and I think God would never bless you, ever.

  48. yto

    Has she been crying?

  49. Jessica

    @ 46
    nice :) I was gonna say something, but I couldn’t have worded it better

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