Sharon Stone is the best mom ever

April 4th, 2006 // 84 Comments

While flying from New York to Los Angeles last Friday, Sharon Stone stayed in first-class while her 9-month-old son, Laird, sat in coach with the nanny. During the flight, Sharon made her way back to coach to tell the nanny to keep Laird in his seat even if he started crying. A spokeswoman explains:

“First class was sold out. She tried to get them seats in first class but couldn’t, and she didn’t want them on a separate plane.”

Sure, she could have just sucked it up and sat in coach with her baby, but the key to good parenting is hiring a nanny to take care of all that stuff for you so you can nap in peace. It’s like the first thing they teach you in parenting school. That and shaking the baby really hard when they misbehave.



  1. sweetcheeks

    #50 — when I get an error page, I get something about “moo.” What the hell is that? Are you getting the same thing? I can’t even click the previous button and return to the TS home page. I have to open favorites and try again.

  2. sweetcheeks

    Hi Trotter — glad to see you! Wow me with something funny.

  3. LeslieH

    Are her ovaries still working?

  4. dimestoredetective

    I’ve heard that the credits for basic instink 2 are played over a CU of stone’s twat. Horizontally filling the wide screen. Yow!

  5. oh, please, the kid was fine in coach…he didn’t even get out of his crate once…and it was much nicer than his usual means of travel…on a cargo plane with the chickens…

    the real tradgety…when she went back to check on him and the nanny…she left her COACH in coach.

  6. oh, and #53…have no fear, sharon stone’s ovaries are still working fine…nestled and hanging safely in her soft and silky scrotum…

  7. Italian Stallion

    She was just going with her Basic Instinct of being a spoiled BITCH !!!!!

  8. krisdylee

    didn’t she almost die a few years ago? some crazy-ass brain tumour??

    oh, god, sorry everyone.. that sort of sounded like sympathy. my apologies.

  9. TaiTai

    I don’t get it. What’s all the fuss? I am flying on Friday, a 14-hour flight in fact, and I will be in business class and both my kids will be in coach. And I don’t even have a nanny! It’s the only way to fly. Oh and all you people back there bothered by their whining and crying for mommy, don’t forget — you can totally get busted by the air marshals if you come up into the business class section for ANY REASON so just forget about coming to find me! Bwaaahaaahaaa, enjoy the flight.

  10. This old bag thinks her shit don’t sink, well Ms. Stone you name your kid Laird isn’t that shit? I think Micheal treats his kids better than this old twot….

  11. I think she tried to breast feed the child but the kid didn’t like the taste of silicone…

  12. #25, Almost fucking died, good stuff!!!

  13. Conductor71

    #10 Great post Gerald, but nationality doesnt matter. The main thing is to get the kid nice & fat for Xmas so theres plenty of meat to go round

  14. Conductor71

    #54 Dimestoredetective, did you also know that many of the interior shots were actually filmed inside her cavernous vagina?

  15. CheekyChops

    I heard its huge so she could have stuck them both up her vagina.

  16. c1ndy

    I’ve never seen a picture of her pregnant. Must be a GRANDCHILD or something.

  17. Mr. Fritz

    As I posted before, where’s a Kimodo Dragon when you need one? She adopted the kid because she didn’t want to get fat & she wouldn’t have been able to give us that dramatic gem “Basic Instinct 2″.

  18. Brassmask

    It is posts like this that keep me reading you site every damn day.

    U’re f’ing brilliant!

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    No More Wire Hangers!!!
    I think she should try harder to be sexy, because she’s really not trying hard enough. More effort, please, Ms. Stone.

  20. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    ^ Woohoo! #69! Ahh, now I have something to think about at work for the next 10 minutes…

  21. Moonmoth

    I’d fucking give my first class seat to my kid and I’d sit in economy. What a biatch.

  22. She had one of the smartest agents in the Business. When Basic Instinct came out and she was hot hot hot for like 5 min. Her Agent apparently made deals for like 12 movies right away. Some would say that is stupid because if your asking price goes up you are stuck with those pre-signed deals. But her agent ovbiously knew that she would never have another hit again. So for the next 6 years we got to see her in such memorable movies as “sliver” “Outlaw girls” and….I can’t remember any others but you get the idea. In a fair world the bomb she did after Basic Instinct should have been her last movie. I hate her f-ing agent.

  23. if-its-pink-i'll-take-it

    what is up with celebrities like this? why cant they understand that CHILDREN ARE NOT ACCESSORIES??? stories like this make me so mad. there are genuine, loving couples out there, struggling to adopt a baby because they cant have one of their own, yet vain bitches like this, get to adopt as many babies as they like, just so they dont get fat, then they leave them with a FRICKIN NANNY!!

  24. monkeymari


  25. This just in…

    Sharon Stone responds:

    I love my baby!

    For instance, whenever I go shopping with the family, I drive MYSELF so I will be protected by the driver’s side air bags while Baby and Nanny ride comfortably in the back seat.

    Of course there are no seat belts back there so they can make a quick exit should the SVU flip over.

    I really do love my baby. I made sure to eat only healthy, organic foods while the baby was Nursing with the Nanny.

    And did you know that in my home I have a bomb shelter where I can stay in case of a Nuclear War?

    That way, I will be safe should my baby and Nanny survive while they are huddled under the kitchen table.

  26. gogoboots

    Whatta bitch?! At least she could have had both her own SON and the nanny sit with her in 1st class but NO, she has to be a tight wad about it. She is total scum in my book, her kids are going to be so traumatized… and hate her for the rest of their lives.

  27. OhHowCynical

    Well, keeping her legs open for too long naturally allows for cold air to enter the body, thus the cold heart. What a bitch.

  28. CancelMoose

    On behalf of first class passengers everywhere, THANK YOU SHARON!!!


  29. CancelMoose

    On behalf of first class passengers everywhere, THANK YOU SHARON!!!


  30. LRonHubbaHubba

    The only thing worse than the neglect she heaps upon this boy is bestowing him the dipshit name “Laird”. Don’t be surprised when he takes an icepick to her head in a few years.

  31. Dee

    well there’s another hollywood kid gone to shit, thanks to mama.

  32. A Nobody

    Hell, who cares? If you have a motha like Sharon, you probably wouldn’t even care if she stabbed you with her frozen nipples and drowned you with her period. Seriously, man, she has an IQ of a carrot.

  33. Jacq

    At least the poor bastard didn’t have to ride underneath with all of the luggage again.

    It’s a comfort that he didn’t come from her vagina, so it won’t be weird when he grows up and jacks-off to it on the Basic Instinct series of films. Assuming she wants to show us her vajayjay again at 58, or something. Right?

  34. Jacq

    #3 – Wah wah. If you can’t fuck it or eat it, kill it.

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