Sharon Stone is the best mom ever

April 4th, 2006 // 84 Comments

While flying from New York to Los Angeles last Friday, Sharon Stone stayed in first-class while her 9-month-old son, Laird, sat in coach with the nanny. During the flight, Sharon made her way back to coach to tell the nanny to keep Laird in his seat even if he started crying. A spokeswoman explains:

“First class was sold out. She tried to get them seats in first class but couldn’t, and she didn’t want them on a separate plane.”

Sure, she could have just sucked it up and sat in coach with her baby, but the key to good parenting is hiring a nanny to take care of all that stuff for you so you can nap in peace. It’s like the first thing they teach you in parenting school. That and shaking the baby really hard when they misbehave.



  1. How does this old broad have a 9month old?

  2. They were lucky not to be put in a crate with the suitcases. Bloody cold in there, it is.

  3. doesntmatter

    oh she is so gross. teaching her kid he’s not good enough. i mean, at that age, she can put him on her lap. what an awful lady. and my god, how many innocent animals died for that coat. AWFUL WOMAN!!!

  4. Obadiah

    Sharon Stone can’t hold the kid on her lap because that makes it harder for her to show off her saggy ol’ crotch parts.

  5. I agree with number 1. Sharon Stone is too old to be a movie star nowadays, let alone having a 9-month old.

  6. I agree with number 1. Sharon Stone is too old to be a movie star nowadays, let alone having a 9-month old.

  7. andrewthezeppo

    Wow she’s as good a mother as she is an actress….I take that back, she was good in Casino.

    She’s as good at parrenting as she is at choosing scripts.

  8. CoJo

    #1 – “How does this old broad have a 9month old?”

    She bought one, like all the other celebrities do…they can’t manage to commit themseleves to a long term relationship, but they can get babies at the drop of a dime (or a check)- literally while committed parents interested in creating loving families go on waiting lists for years and years and years.

    It’s bullshit. Sharon Stones a crazy old whore anyway…anyone seen my mommy’s pussy?

  9. suzy

    yea, since when did she have a kid?

    and that’s a dispicable situation.. she thinks she is all high and mighty.. be a freaking mom and sit with your kid… not the nanny’s.. and plus i’d have more respect for her if she did sit coach! what’s the difference? a different section of the plane thats all.. you’re still going to the same destination!

  10. I figured she bought a kid. Just not sure what nationality is Hollywood’s current flavor of the month.

  11. lawgrrl

    What a cold, selfish witch

  12. Akapee

    I thought one of the keys to good parenting was exposing your beaver while wearing a really short white dress with no undies on.

  13. Akapee

    I thought one of the keys to good parenting was exposing your beaver while wearing a really short white dress with no undies on.

  14. suzy

    sit with your kid, not have the nanny do all the work****** is what i meant

  15. RunningWithScissors

    #3 Your coat-related rantings offend me and my family of creatures-that-are-eaten-by-innocent-creatures-that-make-up-Sharon-Stone’s-coat.

    At least she’s wearing clothes.

  16. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Airport Guy: “Mam you can’t check your baby, only baggage”

    Sharon: “What do you think this is, a bundle of joy? Fine put it in coach”

    She then waives an ice pick in the nanny’s face “don’t let it cry, or else it gets it” (makes the psycho jab move)

  17. The site is very messed up today as far as getting your comments posted.

  18. Do people in Hollywood live on Planet Earth???

    Then again, I guess if you’ve bought your kid you don’t care as much as a real mother would.

  19. imabeeatch

    Speaking of bad parenting, I found a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new baby…

  20. angelatbone

    hahahaaha…hillarious. What a looser. (Though her story does seem somewhat legit).

    Did you know she is also in stuidos making a music CD.

    Its the second article on THE VElVET HOT TUB.

  21. She bestows upon the kid so pretentious a name as Laird, then makes him fly coach? The heartless bitch. Isn’t it bad enough he’s going to grow up with legions of others taunting him that they’ve seen his mom’s pudendom? I must say, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. When I went on vacation as a child, my Dad stowed me in an Igloo ice cooler.

  22. Kevin

    Why adopt if you’re just going to hire a nanny?

  23. bravegirl01

    check her out in Huff on Showtime. She’s really good, and hey, you get to see her ass as Oliver Platt drags her stoned sorry self off a pool table.

  24. I remember Sharon Stone in some movie about a bullfighter. What’s that movie?

    She was pretty icy-cold in that one. Sexy, too!

  25. krisdylee

    I don’t understand what all the hullabaloo is all about. The times that I actually remember to bring my kids, I usually stow them in the trunk, so as to appear young, footloose and fancy free. Animal carriers are alos a great option.

  26. MizScarlett

    If this shizz ain’t bad enuff, Sharon has yet another kid, a son she adopted when she was married to Phil Bronstein, who used to run the San Francisco Chronicle. I think he left her after she had his balls(Phil’s, not the son’s) for dinner one night, with some asparagus tips and a bottle of Moet.

    If she wanted to silence this kid, why didn’t she just have the airline show trailers from “Basic Instinct 2″? That way, all of Coach would have been comatose, making for a nice, peaceful trip home for Lady S.

  27. bloodyvictim

    #16 holy shit that made e laugh… I love bursting out into sporadic laughter then getting the ‘dirty eye’ from my boss… thanks a lot.

    This is very douchebagian behaviour from Sharon Stone-cold Ice Witch of the North

  28. OMG Sharon Stone shakes her baby?

  29. staticbumblebee

    @10: I hear Ukranians are in this Spring.

  30. Grphdesi23

    I think that for every baby she brings on the plane with her, she should get frequent flyer miles.

  31. Erienne

    angelatbone #20, stop plugging that gay site. its retarded. its pretty much the same thing as the superficial so why would I check both when the cooler kids are obviously here?

  32. ebayfan414

    I wonder if she locks her kids in the den with the nanny and makes them all eat dog food, while she eats her chef-prepared course.

  33. playahater101

    These celebs treat their shoes better than they treat their kids. That’s just disgusting. She thinks she’s hot again and now a kid makes her look old and unattractive so she pawns off tghe kid on the nanny. Why adopt when you aren’t even going to spend any time with them?

  34. Nyzaaaah

    You know, she actually has TWO purchased babies. One is 4 and the other is 9 months. So while the baby is with a nanny in economy, I’m assuming the other kid is strapped to the wings or flying the plane or has been left in the mansion Home Alone style.
    Oh the hilarity.

  35. Craig & "em"

    Nice Beaver!

    I Mean Coat!

  36. kdub

    hey guys are all so cool

  37. kdub

    not what i meant go mariners

  38. quibbles_quaint

    I hope her upcoming album doesn’t include any lullabies.

  39. mamacita

    Wow. A celebrity who’s a bad parent?!! I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Damn. When I buy something, I usually just use it for a while till I’m tired of it, then return it to Wal-Mart and get my money back so I can buy something else. What? You can’t do that with kids??!! Says who?

  40. Spacedog

    Cruella DeVille is damn crazy. Was gonna say — did she pump out a kid?
    Hittin’ that would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  41. BarbadoSlim

    Sharon Stone? Hot again?

    I think not, BI2 is a big flop, she’ll be doing Sci-Fi Original films in no time.

  42. kazanski13

    I want to play speed bag on that untallented cunts meat flaps.

    And who the hell let the crypt keeper adopt a child anyway??

  43. super mom of the year.

  44. whackjob

    Everytime I see a post about this douche-bag (hey, is douchebag hyphenated?) I just know its gonna be one more thing for me to file away in the “10,000 things I hate about this stupid bitch who just won’t go away” file.

    Stupid, stupid c**t

  45. whackjob

    Everytime I see a post about this douche-bag (hey, is douchebag hyphenated?) I just know its gonna be one more thing for me to file away in the “10,000 things I hate about this stupid bitch who won’t go away” file.

    Stupid, stupid c**t

  46. whackjob

    so if you get the “error 404, page cannot be displayed” page when trying to post, then try again, you get a double post.

    excellent, double the retarded posts (mine included) and double the fun!

  47. sweetcheeks

    Remember Sharon’s character in Casino? Snorting coke in front of her kid, tying her to the bed so she could go out and whore around… seems like a classic case of life imitating art.

    If only she could die of an overdose.

  48. Trotter

    Look, my friend and I used to lunch every Friday at the bar at the Neiman Marcus Rotunda in San Francisco. The place is notorious for banning children (there’s a god) and that bitch would show up with her screaming kids and just walk through and ignore the hostess. OK, so scream, scream, whine, ignore, ignore. I sent her three martinis.

  49. Guys, it’s really simple:

    - attempt comment
    - get 404 page (or blank, or post but without your comment)
    - go the post page and REFRESH

    9 times out of 10, your comment is there. For that 1 out of 10 it isn’t, hopefully you can go back and find your comment sitting in the comment box. Or just write it again, considering it was probably a sentence anyway.

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