Sharon Stone is looking, uh, not young

March 6th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Sharon Stone and her son were spotted at a flea market in Los Angeles over the weekend and Sharon looked pissed as hell. I’d probably be pretty angry too if I looked like her. Jesus, what happened? I’ve seen corpses that looked more healthy and youthful than this.


  1. Topaz Vamp

    Since when is 33 (the age she was when she made Basic Instinct) “pushing 40″?

  2. MizScarlett

    The pants are MUCH scarier than the face.
    A cross between Desert Storm and Harum-Scarum.

    As TO the face, it’s not so much that she looks old, it’s that she looks like shit in broad daylight sans makeup (except for the red lips). I defy ANY gal over 18 to look fantabulous in the cold light of day without makeup. Ain’t happenin’.

    At the very least, Sharon should have worn a pair of shades from the Eva Longoria Let’s Go, Girls! Power Workout Collection.


    Isn’t she married to a rich-guy, runs a SF newspaper or something? Somebody better tell him his wife is out on the streets again. I’m sure he’d want her covered up, or something. She’s spooky.

  4. nidge

    The phrase “Live by the media, die by the media” keeps running through my head.

    Ms. Stone has, by her own admission, made a career out of trying to generate her own hype as often as possible; funny how nobody ever seems to think the media beast might turn on them, until it does.

  5. CarnieWilson

    I didn’t know the Crypt Keeper wore make up.

  6. kroertjcj

    Can you say “rode hard and put up wet?”

  7. HuntingBears

    not to mention what is she even wearing? is that a fanny pack? is that fanny pack tied backwards? are those camo gauchos with matching camo shoes? too much. just too much.

  8. Ted...From LA

    #57, I can say it, but I prefer put “away” wet. I still can’t see anyone in these pictures.

  9. shanonorato


  10. rockdust

    Why even bother with the fucking bright red lipstick?! Some eye makeup would’ve been more helpful!

  11. cayana

    “You young whippersnappers! Don’t you take grandma’s pic! You kids today have no respect, none, ya hear me?!”

    #58 – I think it’s a sweater with the sleeves threaded through her belt loops.

  12. Wow!! Kirsten Dunst looks better in this picture than she has in a while!!!

  13. Lowlands

    I’m at the moment enjoying some boiled potatoes with gravy,spinac and bratwurst.While eating i must say that Porsche Cayenne looks quite hot.

  14. Lobo

    She looks an awful lot like Conan O’Brien with chesticles.

  15. sid

    “I’ve seen corpses that looked more healthy and youthful than this.”

    Maybe you could have those corpses write the jokes, too, then.

  16. Here we go……

  17. woodhorse

    #53 – No, the pants aren’t scarier than those eyebrows that are dual ended like a birds’ tail. It look like she shaved off the real end of her eyebrow and then tried to pencil it up much higher. She looks like a Freak. She might want to get some “work” done by someone qualified – if for no other reason so that I don’t have to be horrified when I look at her.

  18. NipsyHustle

    i imagine the view is the same when you look under her skirt.

  19. Lowlands

    I’m not sure if my healthinsurance covers that.That’s why i prefer to see her with clothes on.

  20. buzz_clik

    Bubba Ho-Tep.

  21. teetee

    Weird. The face of the Crypt Keeper and the boobs of a 18 year old…

  22. Truthseeker013

    Of *course* she’s angry. She was just handed the reviews of all of her movies at once. Nothing like reality slapping you in the teeth to cheese you off. As for the body/face thing- you’d all hit it. Don’t play.

  23. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    15—That, my friend, is true irony :D

  24. my opinion

    Her next film will be the remake of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” and she will play the Bette Davis role. Of course if she wore a black silk sexy dress to a swap meet we would give her more crap. I think she is like 65 so she looks ok.

  25. sid

    Covered in grave mud, the mummy rose from its tomb, shrieking, “Give back my treasure!” But the Hardy Boys were already in their Jeep, and starting the engine.

    “Hurry, she’s getting closer!” said Bob as his brother kicked the old Jeep into a roar before putting it into gear.

    As they pulled away, Bob looked back and watched in horror as a huge snake erupted from her mouth, which remained agape as she disappeared in the rear view mirror, still stalking towards them.

    “That was disgusting,” said Bob. “Can we pull over so I can puke?”

    “Not until we’re in the next county. Roll down the window

  26. aurora

    she looks like one of the grasshoppers from a bugs life…my god

  27. licklick

    One can almost smell the rotting ovaries….

    Love the outfit, Sharon.

  28. i hope i look that good when i’m 130

  29. lilygirl

    Daylight just does not agree with her.

  30. Spetsnaz

    The reason her tits don’t sag is that they’re fake! Since she has 0% body fat and paper-thin skin due to her old age, I assume you can actually see the implants through her skin.

  31. k naz

    i hope madonna sees these pictures so she can see what she’ll look like if she starts doing the white.

  32. Cardinal Ximenez

    #8… REPORTED!

  33. asscrack

    Essential Hollywood cruising materials: Extra large bottle of Tequila, Lots of large paper bags; I think my penis has completely retracted!!

  34. happy_bunny

    She’s 49 years old. And if you actually look at her skin in the photos, she really doesn’t have much for wrinkles. Neck ligaments, yeah – she’s got those in droves – but not a lot of wrinkles.

    That’s about what everyone here will look like when they’re approaching 50, but only if they’re damn lucky and can afford a buttload of aesthetic treatments.

    You all won’t be twelve years old forever.

  35. littledoll

    Sharon looks like Bette Davies– from the movie “whatever happened to baby-jane”. I know we all gotta age BUT not every one over 50 looks this sinful!!!– Shes pissed because we all know what she looks like without her make-up artist. I wish she would dry-up and go away– Well, she has already done the first part, – Now get lost leather-head!!!

  36. lelia

    good lordy. I just came back from IMDB and saw her posin’ with Jon Bon Jovi looking drop dead gorgeous, but I ended up stumbling into this mess? That’s sad. It shows how many celebrities are in desperate need of make up to look sexy. This is sad. I feel sorry for Sharon. Age really has gotten the best of her.

  37. Good lord, I just came back from IMDB and saw a picture of her posin’ with Jon Bon Jovi looking drop dead gorgeous, only to stumble into this mess? This is sad. This proves that many aging female celebs are in desperate need of makeup in order to look sexy. I feel sorry for her.

  38. lelia

    :sigh: sorry for the double posts. my comments didn’t show up for a second until I had to approve my email address for the second time.

  39. imran karim

    she does look like a grasshopper.

  40. yeah, she’s been very old and disgusting for a while – just careful lighting and makeup has made her seem doable

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