Sharon Stone is looking, uh, not young

March 6th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Sharon Stone and her son were spotted at a flea market in Los Angeles over the weekend and Sharon looked pissed as hell. I’d probably be pretty angry too if I looked like her. Jesus, what happened? I’ve seen corpses that looked more healthy and youthful than this.


  1. ph7

    Boy, she will not handle old age well. I look forward to more of these pictures – as well as imaging her ripping up pictures of cuter, younger women and smashing all the mirrors in her house.

  2. bedbugsandballyhoo

    AH..the magic of Hollywood..

  3. SugarHigh

    Did she used to be hot? I mean ever? I keep hearing these rumors, but there’s really only so much one can believe before they need real proof.

  4. Jedi Kevin

    Not bad for 75.

  5. Lizzle

    The only thing this lady’s famous for is a shitty movie with a beaver shot. She probably didn’t listen to her agent or the pleas of the general public who didn’t want her to go through with making the geriatric sequel which was deemed by many as one of the worst movies of the year. Everything was older, uglier and more wrinkled in that movie. And that includes the beaver.

  6. Lush

    Can anyone blame the paparazzi? I mean I bet they didn’t even know they were taking a picture of someone famous. The guy was probably walking down the street, saw her and thought “Shit! Living dead!” I mean it wasn’t until later that he was trying to show the pictures to the news that someone told him, “No no, don’t worry, thats only Sharon Stone… this sort of thing happens all the time.”

  7. Summer Kat

    OMG! Yikes.

  8. bond

    it’s REALLY hilarious that she’s taking a picture of the guy who is taking her picture with her stupid cell phone. hahaha! it reminds me of those idiotic people who get on this site and say “number 51, reported!!” (ooh, it’s so scary and threatening!!!)

  9. RichPort

    Wally, we all know you downloaded our pictures. Sending them by email is one thing, but you’ve stepped way over the line by posting these pics of jrz.

  10. NicotineEyePatch

    Is she yawning in that first picture, or trying to take a bite out of an imaginary enemy?

  11. Donkey

    My “Basic Instinct” here is to run.

  12. Binky

    Motorola should use that last pic in their ads.

  13. N@ughty

    Isn’t she already dead? i mean it looks like she stepped out of her coffin and walked around

  14. Donkey

    It looks like her head is trying to escape her body.

  15. 86

    Wow fake tits sure look out of place on a grandma body.

  16. jrzmommy

    Three words, you old slut: Turtle Neck Shirts.

  17. Boy, she will not handle old age well.


  18. sir cum sighs

    yes, turtle necks are natural, the way God intended us to be, they give more sensation, and don’t increase your risk of infection if you’re careful to wash under them. there’s no rational reason to ever take them off.

  19. Thomas the Wrapper

    Skeletor coming to get us. Painz rules.

  20. krisdylee


  21. jpjrocks

    She was in Casino, so kudos for that.

    But her tits are to good for her body, give them to me

  22. jesseeca

    well, i’ll give her some credit. she’s probably not wearing a bra, she’s 80 years old & her boobs are less saggy than 25 year old Britney.

  23. justlikehoney1

    She looks like the damn Crypt Keeper. Apparently her last name is now an accurate description of her face.

    And she’s dressed like a 14 year old girl. Not a good look.

  24. MrSemprini

    This is, to all trained zoologists, the aggressive posture adopted by wild monkeys as they try to warn the perceived enemy away from they territory… Or, she just bad ugly. I mean uglied up. She is so ugly, you could get any dog to play with her IN a pork chop FACTORY!

    Bad thing is, she never was pretty.

  25. karelou

    she’s 49 on the 10th. looks older..

  26. marme

    Ahh cut her some slack shes aging normally..instead of using plastic surgery…I mean hey she could look as bad as cortney love?…now thats fucking bad.

  27. -Stormy.

    Is she heading off to Iraq? Nice camo.

  28. jrzmommy

    she looks like my 70 year old aunt.

  29. walter3ca

    I would still do her.

  30. Stink

    Macaulay Culkin stars in Home Alone: 50 Years Later

  31. DingleberryJam

    How ghastly! The first picture looks as though she’s releasing a zombie moan to alert other undead to the presence of fresh meat. The rest, taken bravely by the frightened photographer, document her slow zombie shambles growing closer and closer to her gruesome feast. Spine-tingly!

  32. Hecubus

    She’s starting to look like her first husband, what was his name again ? oh yeah, Tutankhamen

  33. kickservebt

    I’d still spend an hour or so playing with her fun bags….

  34. prideofchucky

    Posted by Donkey:
    “My “Basic Instinct” here is to run.”

    I can’t top that :) Good one Donkey..

  35. Carsten5577

    Not bad for 87. Although she shouldn’t make porn like her last pathetic movie.

  36. wedgeone

    #11 & #32 – LMAO.
    WTF is Sharon Stone doing at a FLEA MARKET?!? Is her fortune completely gone? I guess that Basic Instinct 2 didn’t fill her bank account back up. Next thing you know she’ll be spotted getting groceries at Wal-Mart.

  37. ToiletDuck

    Give her a break – she looks tired because she just finished filming Basic Instinct IV – in the soon to be a hit sequel, Katherine Trammell, who is now a grandmother, is the prime suspect in a string of horrible murders where an old woman is killing off rich, older men by showing them her snatch and scaring them to death…Michael Douglas stars as the retired cop trying to nail her, and his Dad Kirk is the first victim…

  38. Bugman4045

    Rowr. Rowrr! ACK! PhThh!!

  39. Yet still dressing young. Sad and gross.

  40. gogototo

    #31 f-ing hysterical

  41. almostfamous

    It seriously is so funny that she is taking a pic of them with her phone. I’ll bet she really taught those pestering paparazzi a lesson about what it’s like. Yeah, she really showed them. They’ll never come back to take a picture of her. But probably just because she broke all of their cameras due to severe ugliness and all of the tabloid magazines told them that this would be the last picture of her they would take because they frighten away readers. Or maybe she just wanted to document that they were actually taking her picture so that she can prove to people that she was actually once sharon stone-”See! They knew who I am! They know I’m famous. They think I’m pretty.”

  42. Ted...From LA

    I am confused. I don’t see anyone in these photos. I do see a camera that appears to be suspended in air.

  43. HOLY SHIT! My grandmother is 81 years old, and has a better face than this! No joke.

    Can we say turkey neck, anyone?

  44. lookma_nohans

    Why is she taking a camera phone picture with one eye closed? Sweetie, there’s no viewfinder on a Razr — it’s got a big f’ing screen.

  45. fame is funny

    somewhere in cairo, a tomb is missing its mummy.

  46. crestlin

    is it just me, or is her right ear oozing off her head?

  47. saintmaybe

    Well, she looked much better than she had any right to for a woman who didn’t even get that notorious sex-witch role until she was pushing 40…but it appears that the chickens–I mean the crows’ feet have come home to roost. Consider yourself lucky, Sharon–not everyone can freeze in their prime for 400 years like Dick Clark.

  48. HollyJ

    OMG 46 – You’re RIGHT- Her right ear is seriously like a 2″ below her left ear. WTF?

  49. schack

    she did used to be hot. really hot.

    now she looks like an old woman with oranges glued to her chest. unfortunately, they’re worse than glued-on. they’re fucking hanging on in a skin bag inside of a loose pocked that was ripped open with a blunt tool, so that when she lays down, they slide up on her ribs.

    when women get older, their bones become brittle, nails get thicker, and skin gets thinner. so what are her skin bags gonna look like 3 years from now.

    i don’t know why anyone NOT planning to die young would ever get implants. it’s a kamakazi mission for your chest.

  50. jrzmommy

    The scary thing is that if the front of those pants sagged down further, you’d see that her vag looks just like her mouth – red, thin-lipped, gaping, with teeth inside.

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