Sharon Stone = hot

March 13th, 2006 // 95 Comments

Hey, I like mummies. I really do. But there’s a reason you don’t often see them having sex, and it’s not because they’re afraid the video camera will eat their soul. I mean, look at this picture. Sharon’s face has more lines than Kate Moss’s bathroom. Yep, can’t wait to see this naked.


  1. llanelwy

    man i thinbk anyone would have loads of lines if they were pulling a face like that.


  2. blondi

    I thought she’s had facial work done, though?

  3. T-Bag

    I think I just crapped my pants

  4. chronic

    Agree with #1. What’s the point of trashing someone’s appearance when it’s obviously just a ridiculous photo in the first place. Anyone would look bad and wrinkled pulling that face. Lame.

  5. DrDanny

    Y’all are crazy, ya know that? She’s hot for sure, and if you were over 30 you’d recognize that. Even better, she’s a woman with the cojones to not care what you think.

    Bring it on, Ms. Stone!

  6. suz0111

    Give the woman a break. She’s 48, for God’s sake. Give her some credit for not mutilating her face like Meg Ryan obviously has.

  7. Becca

    The camera caught her at a bad moment. But damn it would be priceless if her face permanently froze that way hahaha.

  8. mamacita

    I agree. You can’t expect someone to not have a lot of lines when they’re making that kind of face, can you? I guess that proves that she hasn’t gone the Botox route. Now, that’s what would be bizarre. Imagine making a face like that and NOT having any lines. Freaky.

  9. LinguisticAnthro

    I’m more concerned about her ghastly lipstick color. That and the fact that she looks exactly like Clay Aiken.

  10. DevastatorX

    I hear she’s in the running for anew reality show called “Desperate B-List Actresses>”

    I wonder how many lines her old ass has? Any guesses?

  11. MacMac

    Yeah, that lip color IS awful.

    But I thought she looked more like Owen Wilson!

  12. OK, I hate myself for even remotely supporting Sharon Stone, however, for a Blond, over 40 in the Ca. sun thats not so bad.

  13. lysistrata11

    Wow I thought someone would’ve already said “I’d hit it”.

  14. Go Sip

    More lines than Kate Moss’s bathroom, funny stuff.
    Someone turned that Hollywood smile into a Bunny Grimace

  15. Go Sip

    More lines than Kate Moss’s bathroom, funny stuff.
    Someone turned that Hollywood smile into a Bunny Grimace

  16. blondi

    #12, she’s not a natural blonde, check out those dark eyebrows. And that’s a very fake yellow color she’s got there. Not that celebrities-with-fake-looking-blonde-color is anything new or special.

  17. aimatcha

    She DOES look good for her age. I like Sharon Stone. If I didn’t, my comment would have been “The Cryptkeeper called…he wants his face back.”

  18. ESQ

    It is amazing what Hollywood special effects artists can do.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    “more lines than kate Moss’ bathroom….”

    that’s GOLD Jerry, GOLD!!


  20. Strangely, I can now see into Lindsay Lohan’s future and this is what she looks like.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know #20, all I see in La Lohan’s future is a casket.

  22. LRonHoover

    I’d HIT IT!!!!!!!

  23. Grphdesi23

    She’s plotting evil………again.

  24. andrewthezeppo

    I feel like I’m caught between a rock and a harpy place…

    On the one hand I don’t think its fair to make fun of a woman who’s almost 50, but on the other had if that woman gets herself cast in a sexy thriller and then forces producers to digitally remove wrinkles she should be endlessly made fun of.

    So I’ll sum up by saying this.

    Sigourney Weaver is 9 years older than Sharron Stone and DAMN SIGOURNEY IS STILL FINE! and a hell of a lot better an actress too, and not made of plastic.

  25. Grphdesi23

    She’s a maneater………Watch out boy she’ll chew you up

  26. She puts the “GRrrr” in ELDERLY.

  27. Wait. That joke sucked…How about this one instead.

    She puts the “GRRrrr” in Great-Grandmother.


  28. lysistrata11

    #27-that makes much more sense. lol

  29. PBlo

    Meh. Can’t we just go back to that happier time when nobody remembered Sharon Stone was supposed to be famous?

  30. Allie D.

    Um, ok! That picture is not exactly the best example of trying to prove how wrinkled someone’s face truly is when they have that kind of an expression on their face.

  31. gogoboots

    Uhm, she is 48 and probably doesn’t have face lifts very often. I’m not totally suprised. Find something else to bitch about.

  32. bootface

    I think she looks like a cross between Lindsay Lohan and Clay Aiken in that pic…FREAK!

    id still fuck her

  33. scorp69

    omg! A celebrity over 40 that actually has EXPRESSION in her face (gasp!)!! what is the world coming too? Plastic faces, I say…for everybody!

    they’re wrinkles people…we’ll all get them.

  34. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    Upon reading this I remembered what my first grade teacher Sister Michaelmas would say when she heard one of us miserable Catholic school brats say something totally untrue or uncalled-for.

    “Shut up your face!”

    So yeah, shut up your face Superfish!

    The woman is getting up there, sure, but we should all look so good, brah. I’ve seen people in their supposed prime with less beauty and tone. And this picture just sucks dingleberries anyhow.

    It’s too early in the day to quote the Maltese nuns of my elementary school days…but look what you’ve made me do!

  35. suzy

    ugh, she just hadn’t taken her botox shot… that’s all

  36. my_glorious_lawn

    Yeah, agreed, it’s a pic where anyone would look like that way if they were pulling that kind of clown face.

    However, if she was on top and got all hot with me and stuff, I wouldn’t mind if she looked that way. She is Sharon Stone, I only care about what lies in between her thighs. :)

    She is still hot if you ask me.

  37. She’s not that bad. But her movies still blow.

  38. Evangelia

    lol, #9! she does look exactly like clay aiken! possibly related? too bad there is no chance of them having a baby that looks EXACTLY LIKE THEMSELVES (!), since:
    1. clay is a fag.
    2. sharon is about 20 years past menopause, and
    3. even a heterosexual man would not go near this bitch’s vag. we’ve all seen it 547679 times already anyway.

    i have a special vendetta against sharon stone ever since i saw her high on crack at a benefit concert for the marines. it’s hard to believe, but even men who had been stuck in the iraqi desert for months, without nary a playboy to slake their desires, would get in this old ho’s pants. she’s just that crazy and gross.

  39. She still looked pretty good in those Basic Instinct 2 trailers. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  40. Evangelia

    and fine, i commend her for not getting face lifts and being “natural” or whatever, but she shouldn’t be making pornos at her age either. am i being age-ist? probably. i don’t care.

  41. blueballs

    Her face might look like she had acid thrown on it, but her pussy still looks terrific!

  42. DancingQueen

    Hey look, at least she not “Stone-faced!” I commend her for not being all botoxed-up like the rest of Hollywood over 35.

  43. HollyJ

    I’d have that facial expression, too, if someone just stuck their middle finger up my ass.

  44. boobtube

    basic instinct 2 = box office blast!

  45. TrompeyNo

    The lines are nothing. It’s that splotchy skin. I have heard that’s from taking birth control pills for too long (no joke). It looks worse in person; why would a woman let that happen?


    Sharon Rocks, and will always be sexy to me, even with her squincing her face like that, she is still hot stuff.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    that would have to read: all her movies suck AND blow #37:)

  48. prideofchucky

    With a face like that she shouldn’t be remaking BASIC INSTINCT she should be remaking DRIVING MISS DAISY

    “Hoke… You my best friend.”

  49. mrschickee

    Completely off topic, but #34 – Because of you, I could not read any more comments on this post. Your name caused the Honeycombs jingle from my youth to continually play in my head, forcing me to lose concentration and rendering me incapable of any coherent thought.


  50. happy_bunny

    When I imitate that facial expression, my face wrinkles up too. And I’m twelve years old.

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