Sharon Stone goes to Israel, does stuff

March 9th, 2006 // 33 Comments



  1. SuperSpence

    Kissing just isn’t going to cut it. She needs to fellate me three times and then go away and leave me alone forever. If that doesn’t bring peace to the Middle East…well, who gives a crap anyway?

  2. She totally Cheated. She waited til Yassar Arafat was dead before she promised to kiss ANYBODY. Now THAT I would have liked to see. She would have had to lick Tara Reid to get wasted enough to kiss that face.

  3. xavierout

    See, here’s the thing: she’s 79 years old but she’s still hot as hell. She may be “trying to be sexy” but I’d tap that ass so fast your head would spin.

    And, yeah, her political pronouncements are banal and self serving, etc., etc., etc….

  4. xavierout

    So I just watched the trailer for the first time and it looks kinda good. I think I might have VD just from watching it though. God, I hope my wife looks half as good as Sharon Stone when she’s 87 years old. Oh Momma! I miss the days when movies were shamelessly dirty; with gratuitous sex and nudity (whither Porky’s and its ilk?).

  5. Who wants to watch this old women play soccer… or basketball, or whatever the hell it is that she’s doing. Seriously she looks good for her age, but being such a publicity whore doesn’t actually help her image.

  6. Sheva

    Sharon has been known to kvetch about men marrying their assistants in Hollyweird. Well sweetheart those guys figure out how to find a peaceful and happy life.

    Poor Sharon, hardly could care about her political spew but she was a bright girl and she didn’t figure that out. She should have put that husband of hers a little higher on her list of importance.

    Tick tock, tick tock. That’s your shelf life reaching expiration.

  7. pixel

    i was expecting someone to start having sex with that dead woman in the video. then i started giggling.

  8. Craig & "em"

    This is such a “KICK ASS” story, because I have a clip from Basic Instinct 2 where Sharon Stone sits in a chair and opens her legs and you can see little kids playing soccer in her SPECIAL GARDEN!

    She does sooooo much for the kids.

    STONE FOR PRESIDENT 2008….hit me if ur down! A revolution must start somewhere!

  9. Pez_D_Spencer

    Maybe Hamas will get lucky with a Katyusha. Just hope no innocent bystanders are around if/when they do.

  10. Pez_D_Spencer

    And since no one else has said it yet:

    “Haven’t the Jews suffered enough?”

  11. gogoboots

    Man, just watching the scenes makes me feel so violated. She’s definitely too scary to watch right now.

  12. DevastatorX

    OMG she looks terrible. Her new movie is going to be a joke and it’s going to be tough to not think of my grandmother nude when I see this flick.
    Why is she playing in Israel? I bet she’s turning Kablabla just like that has been Madonna. Who is so over and dosen’t even know it.

  13. DevastatorX

    Posted by Pez_D_Spencer on March 9, 2006 10:07 PM

    And since no one else has said it yet:

    “Haven’t the Jews suffered enough?”

    Never in a million years. They brought it all on themselves.

  14. September_bebe

    i don’t know if it’s just me, but sharon stone looks hot in this clip. i mean i wish i had THAT body and i’m in my 20s and in “good shape.” She’s smokin…

  15. Sunlight

    The gal is 47 or 48 years old now and still loks friggin great! She also has a high IQ, which–I know, I know–is hard to believe that an actress can actually have even the most remote chance of intelligence, but to me, Sharon’s got it all!

    I hope she kicks some Palestinian butt!

  16. night

    I think Sharon looks hot in the vid – who cares about age?! The only thing is that the original “Basic Instinct” broke some barriers and was therefore a success. Now, with the existence of the Internet and all kinds of sex in films, people are used to that kind of stuff and will probably just be bored by the BI2… It’s all been there, seen that *lol*

  17. Pez_D_Spencer

    She’s also using a body double for this one. Yay.

  18. Why couldn’t the Jews crucify Sharon too? I mean she has never committed a sin and is the daughter of God. We can never be to safe when it comes to our own salvation, right?

  19. mika

    DevastatorX, N

  20. HughJorganthethird

    Where is a suicide bomber when you need one? C’mon Hammas your losing your edge.

  21. slinkhard

    Yeah, 6, because I’m sure she’ll find it *so* hard to find another guy. Rich famous stars always do. Especially since guys are so picky about who they fuck.

  22. bafongu

    With all the Robo-twat available in LA, and they recycle that chewed gum looking snatch? I’d rather pay $10 to someone to punch me in the balls than watch her yodel in the nude, again, at 87, with monkey boys.

  23. DevastatorX

    Did you really have to make that comment? (no you didn’t)
    Let me remind you that this site is about humour (which you probably lack) and making celebrities feel like crap even before loggin in!
    Go and spread your hatred somewhere else ;-)

    I can be humorful. Like isn’t it funny when a race of 6 million people get killed then turn around and do the same to the Palestinians and then cry, “Why do you do this to us? Why does the world hate us?”
    Now to me, that’s funny. And if it isn’t funny to you then go move to Israel and take up the cause. But you won’t.

  24. DevastatorX

    Have to disagree with you there. I am not racist. Nor will I go and take up Israel’s “cause” I just don’t agree with Israel exterminating the palestinians and dictating policy in the middle east where their presence is offending to the arabs.

    And to correct you, I also spent a little time there when I served in the US Marines in a security detail. And what I saw by your beloved Isralies will disgust you. A pregnant palestinian woman had to get to the hospital and that meant passing an Israli controlled checkpoint. Because ironically enough ALL the hospitals are controlled by the jews and they KEPT her at that checkpoint while she was in labor fo HOURS. Well, wouldn’t you know that both mother and child died and the husband was taken into custody for making a scene by being upset. I could go on about the infants who are shot and killed. The palestinian children who are taken away to Israli prisons.

    But you’re so smart and were there so what i’m saying shouldn’t come as a suprise to you becasue you witnessed it right?

    You are nothing but a puppet of the west and believe whatever is written in the papers about the palestinans that is spoon fed to you.

    Before you call someone a racist because their opinion dosen’t conincide with yours
    try getting all the facts before you make yourself look stupid.

    Apology accepted.

  25. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Oh how I really wanted to rip on mika’s post but you have done such a wonderful job DevastatorX. I love smartypants.

    (mika your an idiot)

  26. mika

    “You are nothing but a puppet of the west and believe whatever is written in the papers about the palestinans that is spoon fed to you.”

    You just made your point right here and took position….

    By the way? What tells you i’m on the israelis’ side? Who Knows…?

    Let’s face it buddy,
    You’re either racist of very stupid!

    I’m not going to talk about misinformation with you or about the events I witnessed when I was in Jerusalem during kamikaze bombings, pointless.

    But let’s remind you the first message i’ve sent you. It was a comment about an antisemistic statement YOU HAD MADE: “Haven’t the Jews suffered enough?”
    Never in a million years. They brought it all on themselves.”
    Translation : Jews deserve to be discriminated against or hated (because of ISRAEL politics). (Do you get the slight difference between jews and Israelis? I guess not)

    Sorry, no apology today for you…
    I’m not the one making racist statements. I first tried to remind you that you were on the wrong website to talk about that kind of subjects.

    Go do your thing somewhere else buddy, you’re annoying.
    You’ve already talked about “Lil Kim’s Black ass” (i’m just quoting) in other posts, now it’s about jews.
    What’s Next Adolph? Somethin’ to say about indians, Chinese, Botwanians?
    Enlight me with you hate please!

  27. bafongu

    YEAH BABY! That’s what I like to see!

    A complete moron trying to validate an opinion so shallow and bereft of any knowledge that a monkey screeching while playing with it’s own dick makes more sense. God bless the U.S. of A.

  28. DevastatorX

    Iv’e already made my point. You aren’t going to agree with me because most of America is pro-Israel anyway and i’m not going to argue about any longer. I know what iv’e seen about the Israelis with my own two eyes and that is much more than you.

  29. Considering that the population of Jordon is 70% Palestinian and yet they won’t let the Palestinians from the West Bank live in Jordon even though that area used to BELONG to Jordon please don’t try to say Israel is exterminating the Palestinians. Oh, by the way, Saudi Arabia won’t allow Palestinians to become citizens, neither will Kuwait etc….but yeah, it’s ISREAL, which allows them to become citizens thats racist. Go back to your college professors house, smoke some dope and fail to learn anything for another year. This is the Superficial. If you don’t have a comment about Paris Hiltons Vagina or Tara Reids boobs you’re in the wrong place.

  30. DevastatorX

    You are a dummy. Did I mention ONCE about Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan? NO! My WHOLE point was that the Jews murdur the palestinians and the free world allows it becasue of the unjust picture that’s been painted on the palestinians because of the controlled west media (Ours BTW). And then if someone has an opinion, god forbid, against the jews then that person is an anti-semite.
    Or have an opinion against homos or come out against that lifestyle and you’re labeled a homophobe.
    Once the Jews puppet Bush is out of office you will see some drastic changes over there. ANd for the better.

  31. Larry

    “Considering that the population of Jordon is 70% Palestinian and yet they won’t let the Palestinians from the West Bank live in Jordon even though that area used to BELONG to Jordon please don’t try to say Israel is exterminating the Palestinians.”

    Right, because the Jordanians and the Palestinians have issues, that automatically means that no one else is trying to harm the Palestinians. That makes lots of sense.

    Also, query why there are so many Palestinians in Jordan in the first place. Might it have something to do with the fact that some European Jews booted the Palestinians out of their villages forever, so they could plany hideous pre-fab housing on it?

  32. Awwwww, people don’t like it when facts are presented to them. Hey Larry, Jordon is 70% Palestinian because…wait for it…wait for it….because they’ve ALWAYS lived there. And I never said that that “Automatically menas nobody is trying to harm them” that was you trying to twist words around to create a discussion you could defend. What I pointed out, that you don’t seem to want to deal with is that nobody in the middle east will allow Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to become citizens EXCEPT for Israel. Egypt used to control Gaza, can the Palestinians there get Egyptian citizenship? Nope. The West Bank used to be controlled by Jordan, will Jordan allow any of them back in? Nope. Why not? Who knows, most seem to think it’s too keep the issue inflamed and that they just don’t want a bunch of rabble rousers back in their country…oh yeah, the PLO was formed several years before Israel was formed to fight against Jordon, Egypt etc… So read a history book, try not to scream and freak out when somebody presents a contrary fact and if you try to ignore established facts that don’t fit with your argument it just shows that maybe your opinion wasn’t well thought out in the first place. No, again, go back to your dorm room and have a nice drunken discussion about who had better breath, Che or Mao, I want 12 pages on that by thursday.

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