Sharon Stone “forgets” her bra

January 26th, 2007 // 95 Comments

Sharon Stone was spotted leaving The Ivy without her bra on, which is the equivalent of wearing a big sign around her neck that says “Look at me! I want attention!” I mean yeah, people will look at you, but they’ll also look at a naked clown walking into Chuck E. Cheese’s. That doesn’t mean he’s a star.


  1. knowhere

    for an ancient being unearthed by a curse, she looks good. i’d git in there, and all that

  2. BarbadoSlim

    #50 …I agree, kill yourself immediately.

  3. #50, if all ‘us gals’ had millions, we’d also look that good. It’s called plastic surgery and time to work out three hours a day, and money to buy expensive macrobiotic shit that magically burns off calories, or perhaps the ability to survive on Stacker 2 and sperm. Do you not watch Extreme Makeover? Enough work and ANYONE can look good.

    That said, her boobs aren’t bad. Fairly symmetrical. If I got a decent boob job, I’d probably let the girls loose once in a while. But that’s what nude beaches are for.

  4. StoneRose

    @44 – no, if you look closely, I’m pretty sure it means you need to dust your monitor screen.

  5. Knickers O'Muffin

    She’ll use the Geena Davis defense: “What? You can see through this top? Get out! Really? It looked fine when I put it on this morning.”


  6. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know.

    Are boobs supposed to double as kneepads?

  7. Googolygoo

    She looks great. I wouldn’t mind getting “Stoned”!
    This youth-and-disproportionately-large-tittied obsession of recent years is overrated. Give me an experienced, toned older gal any day.
    At least she doesn’t look like a 14 year old boy like Jessica Alba.

  8. pixel killya

    Always funny when a woman gets fake tits and face work done and some clown comes along and says they look great for their age. They cheat, you fall for it – every time.

  9. cayana

    I don’t care how “round” they are, those are still old lady boobs. The fact that they’re plastic just makes them scarier.


    Why should anyone care about Sharon Stone? Cause she showed her beaver once in a film 20 years ago? She’s not worth any of the comments I’ve read. Let’s save our ammo for more worthy targets, not this has-been.

  11. acatnamedfrank

    Well I’ll be damned stonerose, you were right! lol

  12. javafinch

    Well, I’m looking at those pictures and not 100% convinced she doesn’t have a bra on. They do make totally transparent bras, you know. I have one from Victoria’s Secret.

    And yes, #58, so true. She doesn’t look good FOR her age, she looks good DESPITE her age after spending a lot of money to do so. I mean, more power to her – not saying it’s wrong – but it’s still not *natural*. Women who decide to just be natural are accused of ‘letting themselves go’ – it’s F’d up.

  13. Listenupmotherfuckers

    #1 right on.

    #8 right on.

    #22 She’s at the Ivy so much because if her people call the papo and tip then to her lunch spot no one will show, but the Ivy is always crawling with papo. Got her posted on superfish, no?

    #48 “Special parts” are gross? What, are you 8 y.o. boy? and Britney? Britney? I would love to see bikini shots(nude better) of the side by side. No question who’s hotter…

    #50 You’re right, Sharon is a goddess. Now please go reconsider.

    #57 You said it best, right on. Except JA defiantly looks like a 14 y.o. GIRL..(mmmmm LUMF loves some 14yo poon)

    #62 I’m not 100% convinced you have a transparent bra, please send pictures post haste.

  14. Lowlands

    I,ve to admit this 58-year old woman is blessed with one of my favorite bodyshape.At least it’s one of them.On the first pic from the left she looks a bit euphoric in a sexy mooth.I think she also enjoyed enough booze to be in that mooth.Looklike she was flirting with the waiters and she got boozed up.She helped herself to the toiletrooms and took of her bra…After she checked those bulges in those pants she took off.

  15. Lowlands

    I wonder what tip she left.

  16. lohanhasthebestcokeinCA

    i would tax that ass

  17. What the hell is America’s problem with not having a bra?

  18. Lowlands

    (64)Probably didn’t had my espresso yet but i mean ofcourse “mood”.

  19. 66. I would wax that ass, with my tongue, … but I’d prefer to munch on a spunky slab of man meant.

  20. circe0723

    what’s wrong with you people? there is no law yet that women have to wear bras at all times…look away if you cannot stand it to face those nice perky nipples

  21. Sheva

    New fake titties, don’t know. Saw her on Leno a while back, maybe a year ago. Then you could see plenty of her fake boobs and it was how to politely put it… sad.

    It was like watching a faded, desperate actress hoping you would like her, so she did you the favor or undoing her shirt so you could see more than 50% of her new chest.

    Didn’t seem to help her much. The release of her sequel Basic dog-shit did nothing but prove that having a husband and family is a lot more important in the long run than a wannabe film star career.

    Besides, my buddy an actor/director in LA always told me, no actresses; they’re nuts. My neighbor was an actress and yes she was nuts.

    Now Sharon walks around with her new boob set and wails how all the men are marrying their assistants. Low-maintenace baby, when it come to hot and low maintenace, hot and low maintenance wins every time over hot and high maintenance.

    So Sharon, as smart as you are, how come it took you so long (until too late) to figure it out? Who’s you ex-husband with now? No one like you at all, now why is that?

    the grip who pissed in your tub

  22. ScottInFlorida

    Number 4 – Fuckin’ hilarious and I just got it, I can’t believe nobody else did.

    I had to look it up at Urban Dictionary.

    5 stars out of 5

  23. Shelley Bonnechance

    Sharon looks pretty good for being about 120 years old, but for heaven’s sake, get some dignity, already.

    Yes, Sharon, you have boobs. Many of us do. But if you want to be sexy, wear an Agent Provocateur bra under that sheer sweater. Don’t shame yourself by looking like a tramp. It’s bad enough for a twenty-something Britney, but on a woman of a certain age, as the French so delicately put it, it is just embarrassing and kind of sad.

  24. Mr.Eps

    What is she like a 100 by now?
    i dont think anybody really cares about her tits

  25. JoBOO

    What is wrong with round titties anyway?

    She may be irrelevant, but she still looks HAWT

  26. BarbadoSlim

    Her best role was in Total Recall, she played a real bitch….wait.

  27. Regarding the comments of “Big Jim”,
    Like old men’s penises, scrotums and
    balls are such a beautiful thing to behold!
    They’re ugly enough when you’re young.
    Your ego is as inflated as that blow-up
    party doll that lives in your basement.

  28. ToiletDuck

    Forgot her bra huh? Like she “forgot” her panties in Basic Instinct – I would rather see her shaved snatch again, instead of her sagging milk teats, however I wonder if the moviegoing public would pay good $$ to see her saggy old beaver again…you’re old news Sharon, give it up and start doing commercials for hormone replacement therapy like Lauren Hutton…

  29. ToiletDuck

    Boy, upon closer examination of those photos…

    This broad really looks like shit…

  30. mle

    she’s got nice boobies for being 84.

  31. ToiletDuck


    LOL, funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. ToiletDuck

    It is so pathetic to watch this coked-out has-been trying to “slink” out of her car, trying desperately to look like a hot young femme-fatale, Marylyn Monroe-esque, little Hollywood starlet…

    C’mon Sharon, get real, it was ALWAYS about your pussy, so just deal with it – if you really want to revive your career, do Basic Instinct IV, and you can play a psychotic murderess who is a grandmother, who scares men to death by showing them her snatch – maybe you could get Michael Douglas to play Gramps and you could do a Viagra-fueled sex scene…

  33. BarbadoSlim

    Basic Instinct IV: Back to Basics

    Watch as a mature Katherine Trammel, played by Sharon Stone, copes with the every day situations of an elderly person. Hilarity ensues as she files for Social Security and when she tries to have a fling with a handsome HoveAround repairman.


    she needs to take a massive dump

    in a drycleaning bag and then put it over her head, and then put a rubberband around her neck… that’s some hot shit!!!!

  35. Slices

    Isn’t that Andy Garcia and Benjamin Bratt in the fourth photo?

  36. Punkgal

    Someone looking for Attention maybe??????

    Does she forget that she is old enough to be our grandma?? eww grandma boobs

  37. REALLY perfect body and she is beautiful. REALLY really. and everyone s just jealous

  38. Depraved22

    I’d like to see some of these people at her age with a body like that. Jealous!

  39. licklick

    Hard to tell where her tits end and her belly begins.

    Booby fuck time!

  40. crazyotto

    still one of the hottest bitches on the planet

  41. nickyboy

    I am not sure that wearing a bra indicates don’t look at me, especially with all of the push up and push out features these days. I for one salute those women who go braless. Here’s to Sharon,

  42. yeah, she’s way past gone…

  43. Master Blaster

    Actually she is a star moron.

  44. Rod

    What’s the big deal? The last time I checked, breasts were not a sex organ! Your website is appropriately named, you are being Very superficial! I’m sure that wearing a bra every time you had to go out in public is a royal pain! Maybe we should all just worry about what we’re wearing and mind our own business! It’s pretty obvious that you’ve not spent much time in Europe! Bra-less or even topless women hardly raise an eyebrow there. The people in this country have too many insecurities and free time on their hands. It’s too bad this time isn’t used for the advancement of our race rather than worrying about what some celebrity has chosen to wear!

  45. Sabita

    I want to show my pussy up

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