Sharon Stone, for the love of God, put your shirt back on

May 22nd, 2008 // 58 Comments

Dear Ms. Stone,

If you have inside information that proves it’s actually 1992 and not 2008, kindly forward it to my immediate attention. In the meantime, I’m gonna have to ask you to put those things away. Yeah, you’re at Cannes – Woo-hoo! But, please, don’t make me unleash the Jean-Claude on you. The man can still kick pretty high after he takes his blood thinner and enjoys a warm breakfast of Quaker Oatmeal. (I’ll safely assume you’re enlightened on the importance of regularity.)
In closing, thanks for all the boners when I was in junior high and always had to go to the chalkboard. Finally, I had something to complement the acne.

C’est la vie!

The Superficial Writer


  1. Ailangina

    Well, I’m not a guy, but I imagine that if I was it would be Sharon Stone, even though I think her personality is not so great, but seriously, she doesn’t look bad at all. Her body is much better maintained than Britney’s. True age really doesn’t depend on chronological age, since ageing varies so much from person to person. Even when I was a teenager, I didn’t judge people so shallowly , and sadly that’s pretty rare.

  2. sickobob

    To everyone that posted a negative comment, at 60 she’s still hotter than all of your mom’s and 99% of your wives and girlfriends!!!!! FAGGOTS!!!!

  3. bic

    Fuck man!!! Topless Megan Fox should be number 1 again!!!!!

  4. CurvesRock

    You guys are idiots! How old are you??? I know a lot of real hotties who are in their 30s and most don’t look “old”. They are intelligent, educated and accomplished….not to mention experienced. She looks incredible for her age and she is definitely a lot older than 30. I can’t wait to see how some of you look when you get her age…..not that I would want to seeing how it is most of u are probably pre teen virgins with acne and an addiction to myspace and computer games.

  5. anotherjoshua

    what’s wrong with you? what’s not hot about her in these pics?

  6. Sport

    “what’s wrong with you? what’s not hot about her in these pics?”

    For starters – HER. Ewww.

  7. dam

    I dont think that is her, Sharon is a MILF, but Demi is the ulti-MILF.

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