Sharon Stone denies Botox allegations

October 2nd, 2008 // 31 Comments

Sharon Stone is denying reports she wanted her eight-year-old son to get Botox for his foot odor problem, according to her attorney. Entertainment Tonight reports:

“This week it was reported in connection with Sharon Stone’s custody dispute that she wanted to have her young 8 year-old son undergo Botox treatment at this time for his feet. Sharon Stone never made this statement. It is a complete fabrication,” her attorney Martin Singer tells ET. “Sharon loves her son Roan and only wants the best for him.”

And it’s true: Sharon Stone didn’t suggest Botox for her son’s foot odor. She clearly said LASIK.


  1. Rick

    Notice she didn’t deny that she makes him lick her dry, stretched out, steel wool pube’d stankhole during every visit.

  2. Bad mothers are liars. So are ugly old hags. It’s the truth!

  3. Whoops – looks like this story hit a little too close to home for #2. What’s wrong, did mom make you do the “special washing” again last night in the bathtub?

  4. joanna

    i dont think she’s that kind of crazy. its false. lilo’s mother would do it, posh would do it, but not sharon, i think.

  5. ph7

    You now what? If I was drunk, and we were partying, I think I’d hit it.

  6. Joe C

    She shouldn’t be wasting valuable botox that could be used instead for her nasty dried up prune face.

  7. No #3, but in any case it looks like my post hit a little too close to home with you, eh? And “special washing”? Don’t know what that is, but try not to share your mother issues with everyone here, okay? It’s a little too much information for us! :)

    And nice job, Sharon! Look at what poor little stinky swamp feet has to go through from now on!

  8. I believe the story i don’t care what Marty spins!!!

  9. Randal

    Sharon is styling here in her white outfit with cascading trim lines and inner stitch work that speaks volumes. She sports a youthful energy in which many older celebrities tend to loose over the course of their career while Sharon simply shows everyone how easy it is to say hip and versatile.


  10. havoc

    Replace his toenails with crystals. That’ll do it.

    Crazy bitch….


  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    McCain has stopped spending money in Michigan, conceding that battleground state to Obama.

    Slip slidin’ away
    Slip slidin’ away
    You know the nearer your destination
    The more you’re slip slidin’ away…

  12. Botox is used to prevent sweaty palms and feet. Is that really such a bad thing?

  13. adeliza

    How smelly are this kid’s feet? My GOD!!!!!!

    Poor little guy…

    Now we all know. Can you imagine the classroom taunting that is going to ensue?

  14. ummm...yeah

    STFU Randal!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!
    You guys are funny, and since the REAL Fish is gone….that’s a good thing.
    Keep it up!
    DROP DEAD Randal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. weirdo

    Why does’nt she use botox to stop the smell coming from her nasty cunt! Oh that’s right it’s probably not strong enough!

  16. be honest: WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO?

  17. Michelle Obama

    My pussy smells like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  18. Randal

    Michelle Obama’s pussy smells like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  19. Sharon Stone

    I’m going to shoot botox into Michelle Obama’s pussy so it won’t smell like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  20. Barack Obama

    It’s hopeless Sharon, Michelle’s pussy will always smell like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  21. Michelle Obama

    My pussy smells like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  22. I’m completely turned on by “HorribleJudgment”. There! I said it.

  23. bobby deniro

    I thought she died of a drug overdose in the hallway of some cheap motel? I think she was staying there with a bunch of bikers

  24. benny bob

    It’s called hyperhydrosis guys…
    Excessive sweating is very uncomfortable. It leads to stinky feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if her kid gets atheletes foot when he becomes older.

  25. Michelle Obama

    I have a monkey face. Evolution is correct! The US owes negroes billions in reparations. Time to raise the taxes on all white crackers and give the poor blacks on welfare huge raises! They can’t afford Cadilacs on welfare, they can’t afford crack cocaine on welfare, they can’ afford new laptops and boomboxes on welfare!

    Increase welfare benefits now!!!

  26. Sarah Palin

    Let us pray that our brave troops stay safe while doing Gods work. Amen!




    After I’m elected I will, in addition to my VP duties, head the new National Faith Based Electorate Institute to ensure that future candidates are truly Christian men and women seeking to advance Christianity in the form of new initiatives such as Crusades and Inquisitions. After all, only REAL Christians should be armed across the planet. We willl ensure that the entire planet believes in Christianity, ushering in the end times!

    (long applause)

    Vote McCain (Palin)




    c’mon, guys! i can’t be the only white guy that wants to eat michelle’s unwashed pussy! let’s hear from you wimpy nigger-lovers!

  28. Botox is more than just a solution to beat wrinkles. It can even be used as a pain medication to fight Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), according to a new study.

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