Sharon Stone defends cocaine addicts

sharon_stone_defend_moss.jpgSharon Stone defended Kate Moss today and criticized companies who had dropped her after she was caught doing cocaine.

“I’d like to say as for Kate Moss, I understand that she has apologized and is changing her life. And I think that that is the most important thing that’s happened… I think that we have to be aware that people are allowed to make mistakes in their life… Whether or not a house stands with her or not through it says more about the house than it does about her,” Stone said. “Because someone who doesn’t allow someone to fail and change and grow — it doesn’t say very much about them, in my opinion. If you are in here and haven’t made a mistake, I’d like to meet you because I’ve been waiting for Jesus — and today would be the day.”

And shortly after that I punched Sharon Stone in the face for being annoying. Not because I think Kate Moss should have lost her contracts for snorting coke, but because Sharon Stone is a bitter old ice queen that fills me with murderous rage. I couldn’t care less that Moss did cocaine, since firing a supermodel for snorting coke would be like firing Richard Simmons for touching your penis. But that doesn’t mean Sharon Stone has to go on one of her self-righteous rants about how I’m not Jesus. I don’t need you to tell me I’m not Jesus, Sharon. I kind of got it the first time I masturbated.