Sharon Stone has implants

April 26th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Here’s a painfully thin Sharon Stone at “An Evening of Women” hosted by the Gay & Lesbian Center last night. She’s always denied having implants, but when you drop this much weight and your chest looks bolted on for dear life, there’s no hiding it. To prove my point, for a good twenty minutes I thought I was looking at Dolly Parton on meth. True story.

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  1. BeezDeep

    I know she’s an attention grubbing skank but she still looks hot in these photos. The noonies are clearly implants as I could probably back my car in between those things and wouldn’t have to worry about opening my door. She is absolutely a 1. Bring back the binary rating system!!!

  2. Implants

    Implants. 100% Sure.

  3. Paris Hilton

    Bitch stole my special bra!

  4. Queen of the cougar club, all this season man hunter have to do is keep her mouth shut,,,

  5. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    gross tits 3/10, crappy hair 1/10 and too skinny3/10, face is OK though 7/10.

  6. #10 who the fuck are you to say what she can or cannot wear?? Granted, it looks HORRIBLE on her, but it is not inappropriate for her age you dumb fucking cunt.

  7. Darth

    If Sharon Stone likes to lose more weight then i can send her Boogeyman King Dong after he’s recovered from BS.

  8. lisa

    #56 — wow… calm down and get a grip haha

  9. Charlie

    Good for her. Why the hell not. Who cares what she’s wearing. She’s always been a little tartish.

  10. Charlie

    #56. A little agro don’t you think? You might be taking this a little too seriously. Take a deep breath. Then fill out that job application on your desk. You might get lucky.

  11. Boogeyman King Dong

    Oh no! Not again!

  12. justifiable

    #60 Now, now, FRIST is usually quite reasonable and normally has very good taste in picking out Sharon’s clothing for her.

  13. justifiable

    #60 And always funny, too. It make me laugh but then I live for extremes.

  14. K, yeah, I was a little agro.

    But I’m motherfucking RIGHT and that’s all that matters!!

  15. justifiable

    #64 LOL, she’s got a great figure, but skin tone and elasticity is what it is – so it’s sort of a tossup as to whether she’s desperate or insanely secure. But since you’re motherfucking RIGHT and all, she must be secure.
    Me, I think it’s best to avoid looking like you put your dress on with a paint roller once you hit 50 – no matter what, you’re gonna suffer by comparison with the 20 year olds.

  16. I really could only tell if they are real or not if they’re bouncing in front of my face as she treats my lap like a pogo stick.

  17. justifiable

    #66 In his previous life, RichPorts’ Ghost was a midget who was tragically clubbed to death at a nudist colony dance.

  18. Courtyardpigeon

    I don’t care what he age is, I’d still hit that like Ike hit Tina.

  19. lori

    Her poses are bizarre.

  20. #67 – …and he died happy…

  21. ants

    she is just too thin. Few more pounds and these boobs would look perfect. Im also sure she has had a lot more done that just the boobs (although it maybe even push-up bra because they are not that big and odd shapes can be result off push up, still implants are more likely), but she looks really great.
    I don’t know why women want to look that thin, then again you can ask about it from JLH, a couple of extra pounds and already a lot of stupid people calling her fat, so maybe IT IS understandable….

  22. I thought that was joan rivers at first.


  23. Charlie Harper

    She looks like the mother on Two and a Half Men.

    And she’s too thin, as they all seem to be these days.

  24. jimbob

    She is the perfect woman. Smart, beautiful and sexy beyond belief… Her implants are yummy and very suited to her slender body. The dress looks wonderful on her. No one of any age could carry it off any better.

  25. Those arn’t implants. She just has her boobs pushed up too high. She needs to get her teeth whitened though…

  26. Karri

    Oh my gosh… she needs to gain weight, quick! wow she looks sick.

  27. Jim Jones

    I didn’t know there was a question about whether she had fake boobs, after seeing Basic Instinct 1 and 2

  28. Carolyn

    I went to the mirror, pushed my natural 36 Ds up, down, sideways and together. In none of those scenarios did my boobs look like this. Real boobs don’t have the huge gap between them that hers do–and even when pushed together they have a natural slope. Hers look like two halves of a grapefruit. Has it been so long since some of you assholes have seen real ones that you don’t know fakes when you see them?

  29. She looks like Dolly Parton.

  30. She’s only famous because she spread her legs in Basic Instinct. Otherwise no one would care about her.

  31. justifiable

    #78 It really depends on how wide your ribcage is and where your boobs are placed on it.. A D cup naturally takes up more surface area, so you wouldn’t have that cleavage gap. B’s (especially older ones) depend on those side-placed uplift cutlets to get what you have naturally. Hers look shoved up in place but they’re still in proportion to her (thinner) body, so I don’t think she’s added any more volume with implants.

  32. snackmix

    What a sad woman.
    A sad woman in an ugly dress.

  33. larry the cable guy

    This woman would obliterate all of you low life losers
    Obviously she has more class than any of you West Virginia sister impregnating hillbilly mother marrying cock suckers

  34. robynnn

    she’s been famous for all these years and THAT’S how she poses on the red carpet?? PIGEON-TOED???

  35. wasn’t it obvious

  36. the fact she has implants is old news. there was a photo of her years ago sunbathing topless and they look like tiny round oranges, horrible boob job! its probably because she has no body fat to cover the implant

    for the person who said all boob jobs look fake, its so not true. mine look and feel really real. you just need to have some body fat on you (noone in hollywood has any body fat at all!) and go with a modest size and a good surgeon.

    gizelle and halle berry have implants and those look amazing, and most people think they have real breasts.

    heres a good breast implant site

  37. I hate the dress, but she’s had good work done. Maybe lay off so much lip plump crap, though.

  38. mark

    I thought she died of old age.

  39. Vernon Decossas

    I must admit she looks fresh and stylish. Whatever she did, it works well.

  40. cynthia glenn

    Never mind her boobs, although I agree they look fake. What about her face? I barely recognized her as Sharon Stone! Somehow the surgery/botox/treatment (or whatever) she had done has changed her fundamental appearance. Especially pix 3, 5 & 7, the closeups. Doesn’t even look like her anymore. Also, fluffy hairdos like that are often used to hide surgery scars.

  41. el ces

    My…the raw, animal fear in her eyes. Why does she do this to herself?

  42. the realist

    i’d like to see you people look half as good when you reach her age……..

  43. gigi

    ughh… why does EVERYbody think they can wear Herve Leger?? this dress is so overdone – it’s just so pathetic…

  44. RebJam

    She had implants as far back as Basic Instinct, modest sized but still implants. . .you can tell when she’s riding Michael Douglas–that ridge is just there . ..

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  50. meee


    That’s about all I have to say. Well, that and she looks like she has a weird mop head going on.

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