Sharon Stone has implants

April 26th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Here’s a painfully thin Sharon Stone at “An Evening of Women” hosted by the Gay & Lesbian Center last night. She’s always denied having implants, but when you drop this much weight and your chest looks bolted on for dear life, there’s no hiding it. To prove my point, for a good twenty minutes I thought I was looking at Dolly Parton on meth. True story.

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  1. Tom


  2. Laurie

    I didn’t even recognize her. Does kind of look like Dolly. A skinny, scary Dolly.

  3. Axel

    Why would she denie it? We going to find out Girl!

  4. Jay

    Yes, she has had word done–and more than just boobs.

  5. Jay

    Yes, she has had work done–and more than just boobs.

  6. titsonsnack

    What’s with the stance.

  7. Modwild

    She looks completely different, but the work she’s had done on her face looks fantastic. Not all freaky like Lisa Rinna, for example. No giant lips, super surprised expression…she’s gorgeous.

    But her boobs need to retire. Stat. Amazing how to upside down cereal bowls under your skin can totally kill the good vibe going on.

  8. These surgeons have to be burn at the stake! shes still a M.I.L.F. going on G.I.L.F…
    but certainly no MILF shake here…

  9. g-money

    sistah needs some crest whitestrips

  10. slice

    i’m sorry, but she has no business wearing that dress. even if she is in shape, she needs to stop dressing like she’s 20 yrs old.

  11. Ananana

    @10 amen to that!! what’s the point of letting your face age, if your wardrobe remains in its teens? IF she DID have work done (a good push up bra can make any sag sack look good), he’s done some very fine work because other than the hair and the bizarre thinness, she looks gorgeous for/and her age.

  12. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Yowch, those things are pointing at the ceiling. I’m ashamed to admit I used to think of her while I was “polishing the flagpole.”

  13. Randal's_Anus

    Sharon, I think you look marvelous, fabulous and something every 24 year old wannabe needs to be jealous of. I’m proud of you and just admire you so very, very much.

    With that said, how much would you charge me to give you a brown shower and then verbally humiliate you?

    Just wondering…

    Keep on being great Sharon, we love you!! Hugs!!!!

  14. vf

    not necessarily. Any girl knows if you have smallish breasts and push them up or flat (some bras will do this easily) it will give you a bulbous, fake-looking cleavage look. That said, she probably has implants b/c look at how odd the left one looks.

  15. Jack B Nimble

    I would SO HIT THAT. I’ve had a thing for her since Total Recall that I can’t shake. If I was an intern at the Coalescent Home she’ll eventually be at, i’d give her the biggest send off to the next life – don’t care how old she gets.

  16. xibel

    she’s never denied having imlants, i saw her myself on Oprah years ago talking all about it, she said she did it for herself and makes no apologies for it..

  17. most of us

    All right, enough with the gay and lesbian stuff. They constitute 5% of the population at most (the 10% or higher figures are from decades-old studies that included PRISON populations, but gay/lesbian advocacy groups continue to quote them with their usual disingenuousness). Nobody would miss them if they all were exterminated tonight. Ok, the theater crowd would miss them, but that’s it.

  18. marme

    Nah I think she just taped them up.

  19. Lain


  20. Lain

    She’s not wearing a bra. And those are obvious ‘plants. Look at their odd shape.


  21. lori

    Her poses are bizarre.

  22. Lain

    LOL she reminds me of Jane Fonda.

  23. justifiable

    I really don’t think she has implants, I think she’s got those silicon molded cutlets in her bra shoving her B-cup boobs up and toward the center. Which would explain why they look sort of odd-shaped – you can see metal or a strap under the dress in the last picture.. Looks stupid, too, especially with that knock-kneed toe-in pose. You can’t pull off cutesy-poo when you’re over 40, you just end up looking sort of desperate.

  24. NOO, eliminate the implants.

  25. ron

    Look at those balloons! It is so obvious, just like the nose on her face, that those are implants. There is noting in the middle of them, and you can see the implants’ outlines under her skin. She needs to go to better doctors.

  26. bo

    She would look better if she wasn’t so pigeon toed.

  27. Groucho

    I agree with #14 and #23. The effect here does not seem to come from implants, but from push-up bra and the dress. Just look how relatively flat they are towards the inside bottom, from the squeezing.

    And I think she looks great here. A little too skinny maybe but her face looks fantastic, none of the horrible plastic surgery looks of some.

  28. Kitty says

    Why do beautiful women (or any women) ruin themselves with implants? There is, as of yet, no such thing as a good, natural looking boob job. Wait until surgeons come up with a better method, because the current mothod of stuffing silicone sacks full of saline solution inside the chest is just heavy handed butchery.
    No matter how shiny the surgeon’s teeth are, or how many procedures hes performed before yours, at the end of the day hes still gonna cut you open, stuff 300 CCs of inorganic foreign material under your flesh and sew you back up. lovely.

  29. jhuiyfifi

    Her and Lindsay Lohan looks like twins, same age and all. They even have similar looking implants.

  30. jimbo

    ugly bitch is ugly

  31. Yes, there’s cement in them there hills, alright. She is still incredibly pretty though, for a face like that i would ignore the thumping sensation against my chest. Now, see, if the Kutcher boy had gone for an older woman with a face like that, i would understand,but Demi Moore? She’s plain, she wasnt in his league even when she was young. It’s bewildering.

  32. db

    The photo of her back is really, really unflattering.

  33. Darth


  34. male

    Sharon looks great! I’ve been a fan forever, and I will like to thank her for all the great charity work she has done without the years.

  35. dude

    @10, that dress did look 25yrs better on kim k and megan fox.

  36. dude

    oops..and miranda kerr looked better in that dress lol

  37. Nick

    Her hair has the vibe of a cheap soap-opera star.

  38. mikeock

    She’d look better with my cock inside of her someplace. I’m not fussy. Any of her holes will do.

    Honestly, Superficial posters are the gayest bunch.

  39. mikeock

    Here’s a link to video of her movie-fucking Ellen DeGeneres:

  40. SoTe

    Those boobies look odd, like she stole those implants from somebody else, they are looking out of place. Ewww.. poor girl? woman? grandma?

  41. Amy

    I hope to God my body looks like that when I’m that age. Damn. She looks awesome.

  42. I’d stick that like a rabid porcupine.

  43. iiirene

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  44. Jim

    First of all, give her a break. She had breast cancer and getting implants in that case is common, even among non-celebrities. After a mastectomy, she has an option of no breast, or fake breast.

  45. salawhite

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  46. Nellie

    she looks like dolly parton. Her body looks great! She does not look too skinny. You can never be too skinny. I cant stand when fat people say someone that looks great is too skinny. should she be too fat???

  47. justifiable

    #44 Like fun – she had no such thing! She claimed she had “lymph cancer” some 10 years ago at a breast cancer foundation event – with lumps in every lymph gland in her body. Then she stopped drinking coffee and all those tumors miraculously all went away in 10 days! It was complete and utter bullshit. She finally admitted she’d tested negative for lymphatic cancer, so of course she never had tumors in the first place. Even if she’d had breast cysts from too many lattes this still takes the cake for me-too attention whoring.

  48. Vince Lombardi

    I don’t know why she’d deny having breast augmentation done. She’s clearly had everything else under the sun “done” too.

  49. Ian

    Fuck me she looks good.

  50. anyway

    #47 That’s not too surprising from someone who wanted to botox her klds feet to stop them from smelling. Her ex just made the kid wear socks and use foot powder. I think she’s totally insane.

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