Sharon Stone buys an expensive house

April 17th, 2006 // 45 Comments

The guy who’s buying Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s renovated mansion for $22.5 million has just sold his old Beverly Hills home to Sharon Stone for $10 million. She can totally afford it too, because her last movie was a smashing success. $3 million at the box office? That’s like, huge.



  1. Vampyreska

    That has to be the least interesting thing I have heard all year.

  2. QueenBee

    A 22 million dollar house for only $10 million?! Crap where was I?!!

  3. ellaminnowpea

    “That’s like, huge.” What? Her vagina?
    SSLTC…just throwing that out there…..

  4. Poochie

    #2.. the same guy who sold Brad’s and Aniston’s house for 22.5 millions sold her ANOTHER house for 10 millions. =) just clearing up!

  5. ESQ

    A $7 million loss, oh well…perhaps keeping her clothes on would have profited her better. She does look good for an old broad though.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Sharon Stone has 10 million dollars??!?!

    She’s gonna have to suck a lot of cock to come up with them payments.

    just like Tom Cruise, but in his case he just loves it.

  7. Italian Stallion

    What she needs to buy is a new career….
    She will now be known to me as Sharon Stoneage….

  8. PocketRocket

    I banged this tired old hag recently.

    It was like sliding a kielbasa down a Slip-n-Slide.

    Oh, and that smell . . .

  9. Dave Barnes

    Sharon got her money up front. Let’s say $10M less agent’s fees and taxes. That still leaves her with about $4M net pay for BI2. So, she probable can afford a new $10M house.

  10. chinadoll724

    For a site where celebrities get made fun of . . .it should’ve picked a worse photo. She looks pretty in that one and I KNOW I’ve seen quite a few where she’s a wrinkly old thing.

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I hope to God she bought some big expensive sunglasses to go with it, because… oh, look! Whew! I was worried there for a minnute.

  12. Binky

    Now they’ve moved to Beverly Hills maybe Sly, Shar, and the entire Family will become less ‘hermit-like’, cut a few more disks, and won’t wait 13 years between sequels.

  13. mamacita

    I hate the fact that her sunglasses probably cost more than my car.

  14. Aimtrue

    10 mill in Beverly Hills what does her house say Maytag on the side? I am amazed that she was able to turn a quick snatch shot in a “career” that has lasted this long. I mean flashed my genitals and it only got me a 3-5 years gig.

  15. TaiTai

    Ha ha, $3 million! Hope she gets the message. Now let’s all get together and close our eyes, hold hands and send all our positive Xenu energy to try to make sure MI3 bombs in the same way.

  16. Grphdesi23

    It’s good to see that Sharon is using her God-given IQ of 154 for good.

  17. gogoboots

    I heard that BI2 was awful! I’m not sure why she decided to do it, maybe she wasn’t feeling sexy anymore or something. Maybe she should pay more attention to her children then to her sex appeal!

  18. jugsgirl

    i can’t stand sharon stone, i think i may hate her more than i hate madonna or gwyneth.

    why is she famous?

  19. PapaHotNuts

    I like to hit her vagina with a ping pong paddle for no other reason but to tell someone I hit Sharon Stone’s vagina with a ping pong paddle.

  20. trickybtch

    This is for #2 and #4

    The article clearly states the individual who BOUGHT Aniston-Pitt mansion sold HIS estate to Sharon Stone…not that he sold BOTH houses.

    Before making comments, maybe you should actually try reading the article. I know comprehension is a hard concept to grasp.

  21. Dr.Rokter

    Sharon Stone was on the cover of “Spy” magazine once. This offers anthropologists a reasonable timeline to work with.

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    19 – That just got me all kinds of horny. All kinds.

  23. RunningWithScissors

    The film cost $70 million and made just over $3 million… that’s a HUGE amount of money to lose! How can she afford a house at all, let alone a $10 million one?!

  24. biatcho

    She should get a muzzle to match the size of her sunglasses. This way it can cover just as many wrinkles around her mouth as the shades do around her eyes.

    I bet her vag smells of old cheese & crackers.

  25. A Nobody

    Stone: “Just another step closer to YOUNG fame!”

    Seriously, the mama needs to grow up.

  26. Jacq

    I’m glad that I got on today, I was about to leave and burn down the wrong house. Anyone got the new address and, preferrably, a time when she’ll be at home?

    #24 – Fromunda cheese.

    She knows her star is fading and she’s done a lot of little crap to get her name out lately. Just like Kevin Costner and his penis.

  27. Aurora_BoreMeAlice

    She has the same hairdresser as Avril Lavigne?

  28. I remember back in like 1994 some friends and I were in school and thought it would be cool to go to the Hard rock Cafe (Food Sucked by the way) They had a picture of Sharon Stone, it was just a regular picture taken candeidly as she was in one of the restaurants. Back then I remember saying “wow! She has a lot of Crowsfeet! All I can say is, she must be botoxed to the hilt and ladleing on the base make-up with a troul these days.

  29. HughJorganthethird

    Your mama’s so old she’s….Sharon Stone

  30. Iambananas

    #20 – You’re just putting people down to make yourself feel better – I don’t think that picking on people over the internet at their reading skills really makes you Einstein, now does it? Granted, you’re not claiming to be smart, but what you said proves your pompous.

  31. L~Money

    i hope MI3 bombs as bad as this sluts flick did

    and no.. biatcho.. it’s more of a musty “chicken of the sea” meets cabbage scent.. quite appealing of you’re a hermet crab.. which is where they live… IN HER SNATCH!

  32. ellipsis

    i didn’t even know that movie was out yet.

  33. Pez_D_Spencer

    #23 That 70 mil price tag included her pay. She doesn’t get paid out of the profits (or lack thereof).

  34. Pearly

    I can believe she has 10 mil for a house, she hawks Japanese products like the rest of em but DAMN I didn’t even know that crap movie had even opened yet, I’m surprised it made that much…

  35. Aurora_BoreMeAlice


    She recently sold one for nearly $15 million in Sea Cliff.

  36. Pearly

    See? Those ads pay!!!

  37. Congraulations to Sharon on a fire movie, it was the bomb, now she can buy her a $10.00 dildo and get off dreaming about hot brad. While Laird is on the other side of the manison shitting on himself.

    @13 I bet you 10 cents she kept the bed…

  38. HughJorganthethird

    Sharon’s so old she sat in front of Jesus in 1st grade

  39. lastangelman

    she can so like afford it, since she got paid $14 million, it’s the producers of the film who took the bath and the wank forests in raincoats who showe dup watched the horror in their local cines

  40. I tell you one thing. She is retarded. Oh, you already knew that? Yeah me too. That’s why I said it.

  41. joeqpublicus

    Let the no talent train roll on here we are yet again bombarded by the media’s attempt to hype the unhypable. Talk about being pass your prime this old gal didn’t jump the shark she fucked it.

  42. trickybtch


    I don’t need to put anyone down to make myself feel better; and I am no Einstein. Just annoys me when someone is correcting someone else when they don’t know what they are talking about! Gimme a break.

    P.S. I can be pompous because I know I am right.

  43. @13

    Since Sharon’s sunglasses cost more than your hatchback with spinners. May you can go get a job as a nanny and wipe Laird’s shitty ass. Oh, there is a America-Mexican protest Thursday in El Paso, TX. Fight for your right! you derseve you “Green Card”.

    p.s. “senora” My boy can hook you up with a fake Green Card $50.00 can’t beat that. holla!

  44. mamacita


    In the name of all that is holy, would you SHUT UP until you have finished taking your night classes in English? For the last fucking time, it’s not America-Mexican, it’s Mexican-American, you fucking idiot!!!! Wouldn’t it surprise you to know that I was born and raised in the good ole US of A? You, sadly and obviously, were not. And let’s be honest here. You have no friends. The “my boy” that you’re speaking of is your pet cat that you dress in little hats and clothes to make you feel like you have a single living being who gives a shit about what you have to say. Unfortunately, your cat hates you and will soon commit suicide by slitting its own throat with its razor sharp claws.

  45. She’s disgusting, I’ve always thought so. It looks like she gives bad head. Good head is something much better than what she does in her videos. Anna Nicole Smith, god rest her soul, was ten times better. Footage that can be found here…

    Shows what she’s capable of.

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