Sharon Stone bathes in pee

September 6th, 2006 // 27 Comments

The screenwriter for Basic Instinct, Flashdance, and Showgirls has released a new book called The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood: The Screewriter as God and in it claims that Sharon Stone’s behavior “so annoyed the crew on one of her movies that they relieved themselves into a bathtub before Sharon got into it for her scene.”

I hope this is true for so many reasons. Actually only one reason and it’s the obvious one: I really want Sharon Stone to have accidentally bathed in other people’s pee. It’s funny and it’s hilarious. And according to National Geographic it’s the bath style of choice for ice cold bitches.

Thanks to the ridiculously named but obviously delicious Gargamel for the tip.


  1. YoMamma

    oooh yipee!! Now thats news!

  2. actually, on second thought… i think surieal cruise made a booboo in sharon’s bathtub.. see, she found out the stone lady does anti-depressant drugs and like a good alien baby, she had to stand up for her humanoid dad’s position..

  3. jrzmommy

    6–I think she’s more pissed ON, in this case.

  4. Populist

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hadn’t laughed out loud all day, until this. The only way the story could have been better is if one of the crew had taken a steaming dump into the tub, too.

  5. doihaveabooger

    dam, i usually have to pay for a golden shower…the rich get richer, somebody call the IRS.

  6. StanGable

    I hope CGI technology puts actors out of work permanently. F them all!

  7. doihaveabooger

    Can you imagine the shenanigans her domestic help pulls on her on a daily basis?
    Don’t eat dinner in that house.

  8. I hate to know what the karmic payback will be for doing that. Will someone crap in their bed?

  9. hav-a-tampa

    i’d still do her. and then i’d do her again just for fun

  10. Damn, Sharon Stone has gone downhill. I thought (errr hope) urine was good for your skin?

  11. bigponie

    the revenge would be complete if she gargled the water and massage her poosey in it.

  12. artmonkey3000

    If you can think of a better way to cure a full body athlete foot infection, I’d like to hear it. You peoples need to read more books on doctoring and sciencetisms. Edumacation is impotant.

  13. purplepuppy

    Does she have a reputation for being a cunt-bag? I just thought she was a flighty, spacey, screw-ball. Somebody dish out the dirt, and I want details!!! (please)

  14. Cruzadas

    Is it wrong if I’m masturbating hard with the thought of sharon swimming in piss?

  15. Italian Stallion

    Big deal, I shit in the bitches chocolate mouse…………

  16. Pearly

    I love this..I read another story somewhere about people messing w/celeb food. One guy said Margaret Thatcher had eaten his sperm more than once!!
    Now what movie was this bag in where she’s in a tub???

  17. jonesy

    the real story is much worse than this. apparently she thought some kind soul knew she loves Snickers bars, and was putting them in the bath.

  18. biatcho

    i’ve seen 2 sharon stone movies…Casino and Sliver and she masturbated in a bathtub in Sliver so that is totally pee she is masturbating in. if i was a raging dyke i’d cream myself right now.

  19. che1964

    Actually the movie where they pissed in her tub was,”Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold”.

  20. You think that “pissed” Sharon off when she read it? In the same scene they told her the bobbing balls of shit were Bavarian bath salts.

  21. biatcho

    I’m going to stick with “Sliver” simply because then at least I don’t look like a fag because I know the name of that movie.

  22. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    LMAO! That’s fuckin’ great man. This saggy tit broad starred in the biggest flop of the summer . An estimated 70 mil to produce and only bringing in 5 mil at the BO. Face it Stone. You blew up late to begin with, You can’t act worth a fuck, and I’m sure you’ve already had to have your uterus stuffed back up into ya. I’m sure if you go to Miss Stone is an honorary member. I’ only wish I could have been the one to pee on her. In her mouth would be better.

  23. I know for a fact that this report is bullshit. I was there. Sharon insisted that we all pee in the tub. And just for the record, I found it disgusting while I was doing it.

  24. A POS

    Well, she may as well bathe in piss seeing as her career is in the toilet.

  25. EazyE

    Re: #24 and 27

    She also bathes a lot in Basic Instinct 2, as well as having her clothes spontaneously fall off in almost every scene. The entire film is an homage to the plastic surgery she got before making it.

  26. ValeWolf

    I’m pretty sure that’s true. I heard it on some interview a really long time ago. First the director told everyone and then she confirmed it on a press conference. It’s no big secret.
    Apparently she had been a real bitch to all the crew so when the time came they all peed on her bathtub.
    She found out later on.
    I think that made her tone it down a little bit from now on.

  27. lol, that’s payback…it’s a bitch

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