Sharon Stone approached by Playboy

sharon_playboy.jpgAccording to a friend of Sharon Stone, Playboy has been approaching her to do another photoshoot before she turns fifty.

A friend of the actress said: “Sharon’s sizzling and Playboy noticed. And she has been asked to pose again before she hits the big 5-0.” The details have yet to be worked out, but if Stone accepts she will flaunt her curves in a tropical location.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody is interested in seeing Sharon Stone naked in Playboy. Not that she doesn’t look decent for a 47-year old, it’s just that I can’t imagine there’s a very big market for leather-skinned ice queens out there, although I’ve been wrong about this sort of thing before. Actually no, no I haven’t. I’ve never been wrong. About anything. Ever. And I’m awesomely good looking, so I guess everything really worked out for me. Except for this damn penis. It’s just too big.

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