Sharon Osbourne’s Charm School produces exceptional young ladies

January 12th, 2009 // 31 Comments

These are shots of Rock of Love Charm School winner Brandi Mahon (Brandi M.) completely shitfaced last night at the AVN Porn Convention in Vegas. I’m not saying these pics are the absolute epitome of poise and elegance, but for a minute there, I thought I was at Buckingham Palace. No, seriously, someone should introduce this chick to the Queen of England. They’d be girlfriends, y’all. I mean, girlfriends, you all. My bad.

Photos: Flynet

  1. first


  2. gpro


  3. p0nk

    because i’m always looking for poise and elegance at a porn convention.

  4. sicasso

    Just plain ugly.

  5. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    The lipstick marks on the fat girls face in pic #3 is priceless!

    “Welcome to Muffin-Top, were we have the fattest strippers for your viewing pleasure”

  6. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  7. Aerialgreen

    The desperation at that joint was so thick, that you could cut the daddy issues with a knife.

  8. Phuckingham Phalace.


  9. Sigmund

    #7: Great call. Daddy issues, for sure.

    I’m guessing that these “women” won’t make the same mistakes. They’ll marry for mature love, and raise stable families of their own.


  10. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is exactly like that time where that guy’s girlfriend actually thinks he’s gay so she lets him grab her chest and get all over her breasts. It’s all fun & games until she realizes he’s really not gay and then she decides to totally sue his ass for sexual harassment even though she was the one that put his hands on her boobs.

  11. Bill Clinton

    No comment.

  12. I love the guy slipping her his business card.

  13. havoc

    LMFAO @ #7…..


  14. sla

    When you have a huge tattoo of a topless witch on your arm, there is a glass barrier of charm that you are just not going to break.

    Considering that all of the contestants in ROL Charm School were skanky, slutty whores, winning really isn’t that much of an achievement.

    And judging from this season’s batch of sluts on the new Rock of Love, they have enough material to keep the charm school going for a long time. Sadly.

    btw, I am ashamed that I have the knowledge to comment on this.

  15. NY Ted

    I hear that the “black-sheep” Prince Harry can hardly wait to shove his royal penis into the girls bummy-holes….???? Atta boy Harry….give em’ hell….!!!

  16. feeble

    isn’t the one in black a dude. he defiantly looks like one

  17. bob

    isnt she the one that..WON? wtf… all that money, for what? a case full of dildos?
    and casting kits for her twat?

  18. iriate

    Hmm, I guess nobody else here has seen Brandi M’s porn from her pre-TV days…… it’s out there and it’s a lot more interesting than these shots.

  19. STFU

    #5 That chick is rough-looking but why are you calling her fat? 80% of the porn convention is bound to have huge boobies, real or not. And if they’re real, there’s a price to pay for that, maybe she’s not skin and bones but some of us like that. She definitely isn’t FAT and you know you’d still do her. Plus, “where” is spelled with an “h” (as in, “wHere we have the fattest strippers…”)

    #16 WTF are you talking about? Who “DEFIANTLY” looks like a black dude?

  20. Mal

    I’m so disappointed in Brandi M, for some reason I got caught up in Charm School and thought she had sincerely changed! I guess you really can’t turn a ho into a house wife.

  21. YEP INDEED, we can “PLAY”, folks!!

  22. gorgehu1

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  23. I love the super drunk crosseyed stare she is giving the guy pretending to be an agent…

  24. yuki

    she looks like victoria beckham on 5th pics

  25. Nikky Raney

    Well, Sharon must be slapping herself right now. Maybe Brandi thought if she dyed her hair no one would notice her.

  26. Kat

    Poor girl is so drunk.

    I love the train wreck in progress in pics 5 and 6.

  27. Good thing Sharon Osburne is educating our youth.

  28. Steve

    Because of course when you think of class the first person you think of is Sharon Osbourn.

    That dumb bitch having her own Charm School show had to be the stupidest concept that network has put out in a long time…wait, huh? … oh, really? … scratch that, I just realized that Brett Michaels is currently touring the country with various STD’s and will be deciding which one he likes best to infect him for the rest of his life.

    Score for reality TV!

  29. fritz

    The guy in the photos is rumored to be her new boyfriend, he owns an adult video company called Paradise Visuals and lives in Vegas.
    Here is a link

  30. LA

    1st- Although AVN weekend, that is at a lounge in the Hard Rock, not the convention.

    2nd- The “fat” girl is 5’5″ and a size 4….Ted Kennedy’s tumor probably weighs more than her.

  31. This is exactly the time where the guy thinks he really gives it her lesbian girlfriend grab her chest and her breasts get across. It is all fun and games, until he discovers she is not really gay and then he totally sue your ass for sexual harassment even if he put his hand on her breast had been decided.

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