Sharon Osbourne’s boobs are heavy

December 19th, 2005 // 15 Comments

tn_sharon_osbourne1_cr.jpgWhen I think of babes with a big rack, Sharon Osbourne is pretty much last on the list. But now that I’ve stumbled across this unsavory piece of information, I will never be able to stare at a pair the same way again.

The sexy X Factor judge had a boob job in July to give her a 34DD chest. But she now plans another op to make them smaller – even though husband Ozzy loves them.

Anything that created Kelly Osbourne is about as sexy as my last bowel movement. And let me tell ya, I think my poop would have a better shot with Rivers Cuomo on his “freedom from celibacy” night than Kelly. We can only hope and pray that Sharon will be satisfied with her third boob job so that we’ll never have to speak of this again.


  1. MacMac

    Seriously, what’s a bowl movement? Some sort of dish revolt?

  2. naeco

    shutup mac mac, its bowel, now bowl

  3. SpiderMomma

    I still think her and the rest of that family are completely nuts. By banging Ozzy did she contract his drug induced brain damage or something and pass it on to the offspring?

  4. chino

    Have you looked at Kelly Osbourne’s website recently? I really have no clue how this happened, and how it’s been like that for a while and I still haven’t seen any mention of it on TV, but it appears that she lost a LOT of weight, and goddamnit.. she looks downright hot.

    Don’t ask me, just look at and tell me if that is some other famous Kelly Osbourne from some other crazy fantasy land or what.

    Check out this picture, for example:

    Loving it.


  6. cap077

    why can’t celebs (not that kelly is a celeb exactly) have real/natural hair and by that I mean no wigs, extensions, weaves, hair pieces, etc. i dont get it.

  7. AD

    Chino, that pic is a tad old, and probably airbrushed to high Heaven, judging on recent pics I’ve seen of her.

  8. sadietolstoy

    Sharon Osbourne is sexy? A more suitable adjective for her might be “disgusting”. The only time I find her amusing is when she’s vilifying Madonna. As far as her boob size goes, the less heard about that the better.

  9. SpiderMomma

    I don’t ever want to see Sharon Osbourne and ‘sexy’ in the same sentence again. Yuck!

  10. SMF121490

    I did just look at Kelly’s site. WOW!!!! Good for her. She looks outstanding. BRAVO!!!

  11. MacMac

    Bite me, naeco. It did say “bowl” originally.




    oh but her mother.

    yes thats a different story.

    she may be old and wrinkly.
    but she is muy sexy.
    way more than kelly.

  14. chibi-sensei

    ……..was she really bored one week? let’s play musical boobs…

  15. skippy

    OMG Chino YOU’RE RIGHT! Somehow that chubby little pig-fucker has gone from trailer-park-trash-bag to semi-hot horn-bag… now who wuulda thunk it?

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