Sharon Osbourne attacks Charm School contestant (And other chicanery)

Nuggets of journalistic gold:

- Megan Hauserman (above) is pressing charges against Sharon Osbourne after being attacked during the Rock of Love: Charm School reunion last night. Somebody in VH1’s marketing department just got a raise. [TMZ]

- Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore tried to duck out of a cancer benefit early by slipping out the back door of Kitson. Only thing is there is no back door which ended in FAIL and everybody laughing at them. I love happy endings. [Page Six]

- Kate Winslet regrets not being at the deathbed of her former lover who she “relucantly” let end the relationship once he got bone cancer. She now wishes she stuck it out because “he was gone very quickly.” Hindsight’s always 20/20 – particularly when you’re the most horrible person in the world. [The Sun]

- Christina Hendricks, the insanely hot Joan from Mad Men, is engaged. First person to point out she was also on Firefly still lives with their mom – which technically was just me. Dammit. [People]

Photos: WENN