Five A-List Tips on How to Get Back at an Ex


In a recent interview on the someplace Dish blog, someone shared five A-list tips on how to get back at an ex. Leave it to someone to have the inside scoop on one of life’s greatest mysteries. Here’s the skinny:

1. Get your butt to the gym and lose 10 pounds!

2. When they change their relationship status on Facebook to single, “Like” it.

3. Write about your relationship in a blog.

4. Friend your ex’s mother on Facebook.

5. “Accidentally” call them and leave a message for your new boyfriend/ girlfriend (regardless of whether you have one).

So try these five tips and tell us what you think. But what ever you do, stay off your ex’s Facebook page. There’s nothing worse than seeing what they’re up to in someplace without you! (Make your own!)