Shar Jackson suing Star

June 19th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Shar Jackson has hired a lawyer to sue Star Magazine for sticking to their story that she’s pregnant with Kevin Federline’s baby. Shar says through her rep:

“When my kids hear things at school and then ask me if they are getting a new brother or sister, I have to put my foot down.” Shar is willing to prove to the magazine that she is not pregnant, and tells Star’s editor-in-chief, Bonnie Fuller, “I stand by my truth by offering you an EPT test if you stand by yours and reveal your ‘source’ to me.”

This is Star magazine we’re talking about. She really doesn’t have to take a pregnancy test for them. Last week they reported that the world was flat and that babies come from storks. Quality journalism isn’t exactly their strong suit.



  1. cosmetologist

    Who’d have thunk. Someone in the world is really uglier that Britney.

  2. emiluy

    I guess she’s gota make money somehow??

  3. 12. No, if you were Perez Hilton, you’d probably be too ass deep in cock to worry about anything else.

    20 – 25. Could you post that again? I missed it the first 6 times, fucking moron.

    31. Sarcasm or idiocy, it’s hard to tell sometimes.

    36. And sometimes it’s too easy.

  4. miss oblivious

    xx #49…if you were serious abt not knowing who this chic is…she is the woman that was heavily preggers w/ Kevin Federfuck’s baby, when Britney suddenly came along and stole her skeevy man.

    GOEZ TO *mia*

    Dumb bitch, I zee your out
    of your dungeon again,learn
    to read!!

    Zhar Jackzon: zhe ran outta
    Brittneyz money, zhe haz to
    get it zomewhere!

  6. CountDrunkulaXxX

    53, I will fight you!!!!

    With Shar Jackson’s PENIS.

  7. ButtScratcher

    she sort of…almost…kinda if u squint and tilt your head to the side…lookslikethatkidfromdifferentstrokes…has no one else noticed that?? seriously i think the caption should be “what you talkin bout willis”

  8. It sounds to me that she didn’t create the madness. I ain’t mad at her and I think she is smart to ask for their source before she takes a pregnancy test. And DNA can be done in-vitro.

  9. thiz dumb bitch iz az
    stupid az MommieBrittneyDearezt,
    both of them have hiz kidz,
    but neither one have him.
    what hard=up lozerz.

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