UPDATE: Shar Jackson pregnant with Kevin Federline’s baby

June 13th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Shar Jackson is reportedly seven weeks pregnant with another of Kevin Federline’s children. She got a positive result from a home pregnancy test and then confirmed it with a visit to her gynecologist a few days later. A good friend of hers tells Star:

“Shar wants to tell Kevin, but she keeps getting cold feet! She’s really scared of what he’ll say – if he’ll be excited or furious. She said, ‘What if he doesn’t want another kid?’ After all with her two, and Brit’s two, he’s got his hands full already! It would be Shar’s dream for them to get married and have another baby. She’d love to be living the family life with Kevin.”

Wow. Really? I mean really? I can’t figure out who’s dumber, Kevin Federline for being Kevin Federline or Shar Jackson for letting him get her pregnant three times. After having two of his kids you’d think she would’ve already learned her lesson. And by learned her lesson I mean killed herself. How do you have K-Fed’s penis inside of you and go on living?

UPDATE: Shar Jackson is denying the story and tells Us, “It is not even remotely true.”


  1. PrettyBaby

    #43 Yeah- and you better quit it Superevil. My comb gets stuck in my hair every damn morning.

  2. iburl

    Why do I get the feeling that if I live to be 100 years old that 1/2 of the U.S. population will be decendents of this living prick? Has anyone seen the first 5 miunutes of “Idiocracy”?

  3. RichPort

    Great… more blonkey assed wiggers…

  4. hollywood_hillbilly

    Unless… getting with Britney and having 2 alimony insuring kids was all part of some genius plan by KFud and Shar. Kinda like winning the lottery for those two. Sadly, it is the rest of us who are saddled with sharing the planet with an ever increasing horde of federbabies.


    #40, that was stupid as hell to say! Matter of fact I thought that was very close minded of you to say! If, you ever venture out of that trailer park that you live in, you’ll know that it’s rednecks like yourself that lives every where, that have 5 kids, and they;re not even 21! Wake the fuck up NUTWIPER!

  6. Mufina

    Are Britney and Kevin divorced yet?

  7. DBoy


  8. veggi

    @52- Idiocracy- great flick.

  9. jrzmommy


  10. HoboChic

    This cannot be true.

  11. shanipie

    Hollard, don’t worry I got that joke. I think your funny ;)

  12. NipsyHustle


    hey coco, don’t feed racist trolls. they aren’t clever enough to say anything savvy or witty so they lean on the “racist crutch” to draw attention to themselves. they simply opt for the shock value of racist posts so that when you reply all outraged, they feel acknowledged for once in their lives.

    it’s kinda like the comment that Daniel Pearl’s wife made when her husband’s killer confessed to the brutal murder of her husband. “Because I understand his intentions I can also deny their effect on me.” understand that racist posters are really just crying out for attention and validation they are lacking in the real world. pity them and move on.

  13. Superevil

    53: Don’t complain or it’s going in your eye ;-O

  14. Superevil

    damn Keyboard! 51

  15. djthecat

    oh federbabies… almost as good as twatwaffle.

  16. Quinn

    Why am I not surprised?
    I don’t buy that they ever stopped screwing in the first place.

  17. plant life


  18. stephiphany

    Wow. That guy could get a shoe pregnant if he stuck his dick in it.

  19. sun613

    holocaust survivors have it easier? erm watch your language, okay? you’re getting a bit offensive and crossing the line of funniness. meaning you’re not being funny when you say shar stupid jackson has it harder than a holocaust survivor.

  20. This would be the funniest thing that ever happened.

    Especially if Britney was pregnant by him again, as well.

    I think my head might explode from laughing so hard.

  21. I get it, he’s trying to make a basketball team to dethrone the Spurs!

  22. I get it, he’s trying to make a basketball team to dethrone the Spurs!

  23. TheRage

    # 52 – that is exactly the movie i was thinking of when i read this article. “Idiocracy” all the way! that is what our world is turning into. good lord.

  24. judy


    She’s gotten herself knocked up on purpose to one-up Britney and to PROVE that Kevin is banging her.


  25. Does this bitch not know the meaning of Birth Control? If you didn’t want to get pregnant again then go on the pill you stupid cow. Shit, her 4th kid, her 3rd with him. Jesus, didn’t anybody have health class in high school?

  26. freakoid

    Kfed is no prize fersure and he’s evidently more stupid than I thought…

    fool me once shame on you
    fool me twice shame on me
    fool me three times shame on us

    This can’t be true, it’s just too stupid for even these two.

  27. Stoney

    Doesn’t she already have, like, ten kids? Fucking whore.

  28. drew

    “Holocaust survivors have it worse”..
    Are you people really this thick?.. Do you think anyone cares, or that it’s such a crime, that it should be compared to an event where 6-10 million people died?..
    Do you think it s OK to be flippant about such things, just because it happenned over 60 years ago?
    Or are you just too stupid to come with a decent joke?..
    Grow up..

  29. hero

    WHY would this woman continue to have sex with K-Fed when he left her ass pregnant to marry Britney?

    She don’t love herself.

  30. april

    If this is true, I officially diagnose her retarded. Although I don’t even think a retard would let herself get pregnant that many times.

  31. o_rly

    papa don’t preach! LOL

  32. Five? I thought there were only FOUR horsemen of the apocolypse…

  33. ya_rly

    [publicist]Shar, your ratings are slipping…we need news! we need publicity! I need better clients!

    [shar] ok, let me look into my personal repetoire of publicity skills and come up with something. I’ll get back to you.

    …time goes by…

    [shar] i gots news!

    [publicist]great! what have you got.

    [shar] i’m having k-fed’s baby!

    [publicist] uh…hmm…are you sure it’s his, and not Quentin Terantino’s?

    [shar] yes.

    [publicist] ok, we can work with that. Shar, this is the Star. Star, this is Shar.

    [star] hi shar. what have you got so far?

    [shar] well, i met up with k-fed at a bar. A few drinks later we were in his car, and next thing you know, things went a little too far…

    [star] great news! it’s a slow day without paris, so you’re going to make it up front with the celebs!

    [shar] woo! wait till i tell the kids!

    [THE END]

  34. Superevil

    Why do I have a feeling that reports of armed robberies are gonna sharply spike in 15 years?

  35. NICI


  36. Me

    she probably leaked the story to get her name back in the spotlight. I guess it’s true, it doesn’t matter how it’s in the spotlight, so long as it’s there.

  37. Kamiki

    @28 this phenomenon isn’t only happening in the US but the UK too. the more trashy you are the more kids you have, if you are a doctor or teacher you might possibly pop out one, but only possibly. So society is full of white and black trash cos this is not only black people doing this!

  38. ph7

    She’s definitely hotter than Britney.

  39. PrettyBaby

    #85 Superevil- hahahhaha!

    Well… folks… apparently it isn’t true. Whatever, I still think he throws one into her whenever she will let him.

  40. lindsay

    stupid bitch

  41. freakedoutreader

    He does have his brains in his pants…no doubt of that…and I agree with some of the previuos posts, both should be neutered…

  42. 1. This was released by Britneys camp
    2. It is supposed to promote anti-Kfed/pro-Britney feelings…
    3. It is not working…

  43. Big Mama

    She really must be desperate.

  44. redsonja1313

    Can’t PETA do something about the unwanted K-fed population ???

  45. Shar Jackson..is an IDIOT!

    Three words for SHAR!..

    {take your pick}

    What an…IDIOT!

  46. missoblivious

    If this is true then she is one dumb bitch. Or maybe she just wants to secure her kids future by getting more money for her kids, since she knows now that he’s getting monthly Brit pymts. Either way, there seems to be something really wrong w/ this girl,a serious lack of self respect; the way she lets Kevin walk all over her. She’s worried HE would be mad at her??? Hello, he should try practicing safe sex too once in awhile if he doesn’t want another kid.

  47. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  48. star69

    IDIOCRACY all the way!!
    The lowest of the low reproducing like crazy while the educated ones have less kids- if at all.
    This is absolutely disgusting.
    What a filthy pig she is. I bet her pussy is all worn out from all the birthing and she has nastyass stretchmarks all over her uglyass body and saggy cow tits.
    Why would Kevin even want to tap that shamu anyway?
    Not that he’s something special, but he can get a bunch of younger, hotter ghetto bitches than this worn out, stretched out walrus.
    How does she have time to make money to take care of her frickin litter? It’s not like K-F had money before he married Shitney. How did she manage back then?
    No, really. I want to know how this whore takes care of all these kids. Do they run around in the backyard in their dirty diapers all day? Do they even have some quality (nutritious) food in their stomachs? WTF?
    Shitney married the worst guy she could have married in the whole entire universe.
    OJ would have made a better husband or ex husband than this tard.
    Seriously. KFed has to be severely retarded if he fell for that shamu Shar’s tricks another time?
    “Oh honey I won’t get pregnant, I’m on the pill, teehee! Go ahead, do me, do meeee!! Teehee!”

    ***puke, vomit, puke***

  49. Kat

    “1. This was released by Britneys camp
    2. It is supposed to promote anti-Kfed/pro-Britney feelings…
    3. It is not working…”

    Dearest PunjabPete,

    Please tell me you’re joking. Do you personally FEEL something for any of these people? What alarms me most is that your statement implies that you sympathize with Kevin Federline (by the way, stop calling the guy K-Fed.) Oh and also, you didn’t need to construct that in the form of a list, a sentence or two would have been sufficient.

    I’m just so happy that his album failed. The people have spoken, and they don’t give a rats ass about him.

    I feel bad for his kids. Shar Jackson is a fucking moron.

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