Shar Jackson gets revenge

*shar_jackson_thumb1.jpgShar Jackson has struck back at Britney Spears by giving K-Fed gonorrhea sleeping with Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander. Jackson showed up at the 25th-birthday party for singer Ray J, Brandy’s younger brother, in L.A. Saturday night with Alexander. A spy says, “They made out all night before going upstairs to the off-limits bedroom area of the house.” The rumpled duo rejoined the party an hour later, we hear – much to the surprise of Brandy and her new beau, Nick Cannon. A rep for Jackson, when asked about Spears, was quoted as saying “You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.” On second thought, that quote might be from Bloodsport. Who the hell knows.

The point is that Shar has upped the stakes in the Hillbilly Skank wars. Britney can now respond by turfing Shar’s yard or setting a bag of flaming poop on her porch. Of course, these things generally end in a drunken girl-fight, which doesn’t sound nearly as sexy now as it did a few years ago. And there are no winners in the heavyweight division.