Shar Jackson gets revenge

January 24th, 2006 // 23 Comments

*shar_jackson_thumb1.jpgShar Jackson has struck back at Britney Spears by giving K-Fed gonorrhea sleeping with Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander. Jackson showed up at the 25th-birthday party for singer Ray J, Brandy’s younger brother, in L.A. Saturday night with Alexander. A spy says, “They made out all night before going upstairs to the off-limits bedroom area of the house.” The rumpled duo rejoined the party an hour later, we hear – much to the surprise of Brandy and her new beau, Nick Cannon. A rep for Jackson, when asked about Spears, was quoted as saying “You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.” On second thought, that quote might be from Bloodsport. Who the hell knows.

The point is that Shar has upped the stakes in the Hillbilly Skank wars. Britney can now respond by turfing Shar’s yard or setting a bag of flaming poop on her porch. Of course, these things generally end in a drunken girl-fight, which doesn’t sound nearly as sexy now as it did a few years ago. And there are no winners in the heavyweight division.



  1. lowtalker

    Somehow, I don’t imagine Britney will give two craps about Shar sleeping with Jason. I mean, after all, Britney cared so much about Jason that she annulled their marriage in, like, 2.5 seconds or something. It was a good idea though, Shar.

  2. BEAM

    This is great. I love it.

    Go Shar!

  3. Lynette Carrington

    Now what Shar SHOULD have done is buy the Red Bull and Frito Lay companies (makers of Cheetos). Brit and K-Fed probably spend about $4,000 a week on that stuff. Yes, the ultimate revenge and she would be lining her pocket AND taking the revenge high road.

  4. I’m going to venture to say that the fact that Shar is still in the news is even more surprising to me than the fact that Kimberly Stewart is still in the news. At least Kimberly Stewart provides lots of material for the worst dressed pages. I don’t even want to look at Shar Jackson’s ugly outfits.

  5. What Britney should REALLY do to up the stakes in Hillbilly Skank wars is to get some guy she’s sleeping with “Not her husband because he doesn’t like to get off the couch unless it’s to hit an ATM” to climb up to a Watertower just outside of town and write “Shar is a Ho” That’ll show her.

  6. verigo

    say what? i thought shar jackson was bringing down quentin t’s stock. wasn’t nick cannon just leaving christina milian to date white girls? and brandy. . .what’s her deal? is she aiming to become the black angelina jolie? (non)marriages, broken engagements, heartbreak, a baby? and all before 30. jeez.

  7. boo

    this totally screams Publicity Stunt. i’m sure britney doesnt give a rat’s ass about her ex. but who the heck had ever heard of shar jackson before britney stole the illustrious k-fed away? she’s milking her 15 minutes and this was the only way she knew how.

  8. ESQ

    I guess Shar really stuck to Britney now. Who cares?

  9. HeeHaw

    Go home and take care of your babies, Shar!

    You too, Britney!

  10. Realistic

    This may be a little off topic….BUT, I’d pay to see them mudwrestle.

  11. LOL! hee Haw! Nice one! I’m still laughing. But how can Shar go take care of her babies? She needs to have another 3 or 4 with more losers.

  12. amma

    …*This* is why KFed {and Britney btw} is a skank. Yes, his music sucks too {and I tried to be objective, eyes closed and everything}.
    What kind of guy leaves his 5 mos. pregnant gf??? I mean, its not like he met Britney and could say he had previously accidently gotten some woman he had been seeing pregnant. He already had a kid with her…How could Britney get involved with him?
    Drugs? Aliens?
    Gross. No one cares or would even know who this woman was if not for…well, you know.

  13. Jayne

    I doubt Britney would really give two shits about this.
    Next I wanna hear Shar dry humping Timberlake and Diaz beating on Shar.

    ..Shar’s really ugly.
    I just wanted to add that.

  14. Jeremy1Esq

    Way to go Shar!. Let another trailer trash white dude stick his penis inside you as you dont have enough ugly bastard kids. That will show Britney!!

    Whats next, are you going to make Carmen Electra jealous by sleeping with Dennis Rodman. Oh wait, you dont sleep with black men.

  15. Evangelia

    Whatever. Shar adores Britney. If Britney didn’t “steal” K. Fed from her, no one would know who the f she was. The first time I saw a pic of her, it was posted in my orthodontist’s office as an example of why people should get braces. This whole drama is like retarded midgets trying to act out the story of Jen, Brad and Angelina.

  16. DannyJames

    is that how people get back at each other? by sleepin around? jesus christ what the hell is wrong with these scumbags. I bet Britney Spears is gunna drive that giant pink hummer from the “do sumthin” video up onto Shar’s lawn after its been raining for a while and skid out, flinging mud all over her house(which is probably a double wide trailer, k-fed pays his child support damnit)

  17. HughJorganthethird

    Hasn’t George Costanza suffered enough already? Poor kids gonna be fucked up for life.

  18. ihatecelebs

    The sad thing is that these freaks have children. Somebody call DHS.

  19. derekd

    This guy must be hardup tp sleep with this gutterslut. Could you imagine what her twat looks like.. OMG, I just caught a visual off that, excuse me while I…. RRAAALLLLPHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  20. ishtar

    why would she want to get revenge?? id send britney roses for taking that creep off my hands.

  21. Tania

    To Jayne (post # 13):

    I bet Shar was somewhat attractive before Kevin got to her. Just like Britney was.
    Kevin is like a hot chick wrecking ball.

    And to Jason Alexander:

    Come on dude! Get over her! You were married for like 24 hours. Doing Shar Jackson at some E-list celebrity’s relative’s party is hardly going to make her jealous. You’re just punishing yourself. Unless that’s what you’re into and if that’s the case…well you need to seek help either way you slice it buddy.

  22. LaydeeBug

    I’m a little late but can someone explain to me how that is revenge? She may as well have had sex with the lamp post for all Britney cared about this weak-chinned, pasty faced, ghoul. Now, Shar, who was on the higher road, is a triple-scoop skank like the rest of them.

  23. urgh, when it involves shar, kfed, spears, and jason alexander i don’t even want to know –

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