UPDATE: Shannon Price doesn’t look suspicious at all

June 7th, 2010 // 27 Comments

Seen here appearing on today’s Good Morning America in a wheelchair (Video after the jump), Shannon Price continued to play the weeping innocent widow while raking in piles of cash for interviews. On that note, TMZ reports someone is attempting to sell photos of Gary Coleman’s actual death:

We’ve seen one of the photos and declined to even look at the rest. In the pic, Gary is in the hospital, his eyes are closed and he is hooked up to a ventilation machine. It is not a pleasant sight.
The person selling the photos claims to have four photos — the one we were shown was taken about an hour before he died. The final photo was taken after he was taken off life support.

Let’s just go ahead and assume/know with absolute certainty it’s Shannon because as we speak, she’s attempting to sell a video tour of the room Gary Coleman died. It’s like she’s following the Simon Monjack playbook to the gravy-covered T. Shit, his ghost is probably floating behind her giving her advice “First, you get the drugs. Then you get the penguins. Then you bang the mom.”

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed Shannon hired a production company to shoot the photos of Gary Coleman as he was dying and will receive a cut. Classy.

Photo/Video: ABC News

  1. joijo

    hello..im 1

  2. mensa

    I’m confused about the part involving penguins.

  3. Miatch

    She thinks it’s all about her.

  4. johnson

    Shut ur whore mouth, gummy McLipps. Nobody cares!!!

  5. Taz

    This is sad

  6. Laura

    Why is she in a wheelchair? Crippling sadness?

  7. As I’ve said before, anyone trying to make a buck off Gary, even after his death will bump into the worst karma sooner or later.

  8. “It’s like she’s following the Simon Monjack playbook ”

    we can only hope she follows it to the end and we see her dead in a month or two.

  9. Crackatowa

    Who is Gary Coleman? Make money off of death what? Where the vag pic?

  10. Seth

    Sometimes I have the TV on mute in the background and when they show a picture of Gary Coleman on the news I get all confused because I assume that it’s a story about those Pensacola beaches.

  11. Nicole

    @ 6… funny!!! Made me giggle! Exactly right? !

    They were not married anymore… now she is the greiving widow? Give me a break! Why the hell is she in a wheelchair? What a dumpy chick. She’s fugly to. Hopefully the media will stop having her on TV…. she married Gary Coleman.. She is trailer trash.. The End!!

    My uncle married a chick like that and ended up dead to.

  12. yo yo

    she was always kinda weird… like me! weird ppl FTW!

  13. tata

    Honestly, does anyone really care about this bitch or her dead midget husband. I don’t. She and he are/were worthless.

  14. jim eh

    She’s just a Succubus, bitches like that drain the life AND money out of people like Gary Coleman then move on to another target.

  15. I kind of feel sorry for this chick…She seems a little, um, “slow” (dumb, okay, she seems really really dumb)?

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  17. Jeff

    This ugly chick is the most pathetic scum of the earth I have every seen. How in the in the world can you sell pictures of someone you love on their death bed. She is a sick bitch. Let that be a lesson to you stupid black people that are all caught up in white people’s color. Coleman probably wanted this chick because she was white. Too bad poor dude couldn’t see she didn’t care about him at all.
    She must have decided he was worth more dead to her than alive.

  18. she was always kinda weird…

  19. That chubby Chick. It's ugly. We hope that the media will stop his TV show …. She married Gary Coleman .. She is trash

  20. captain america

    ………………because americans are raised with this DUMB & NAIVE feature.

  21. bmose

    @6-she threw her back out when she threw him down the stairs.

  22. V-4-Vendetta

    Can’t wait to see her in orange jump suit getting the death penalty. How many times did she assault him? (See her mugshot photos for domestic violence against him previously.) How is she not in jail?

    #4 hit the nail on the head. “Shut your whore mouth!!!”

  23. l

    OMG the bitch is EVIL. Just look at her during the interview and listen to the 911 tape. I’m convinced she’s a cold blooded killer. Why hasn’t she been arrested on suspicion of murder yet?
    Creepy stuff. Absolutely creepy. She’s a sociopath, that much is clear.

  24. l

    She’s just scary, she looks EXACTLY like an EVIL TROLL.
    I think I’m scared for life and going to have nighmares now. Creepy as hell.

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