Shanna Moakler feels no pity

May 29th, 2007 // 163 Comments

Shanna Moakler wrote a post on her MySpace yesterday taking a jab at Lindsay Lohan and then going into an attack on Paris Hilton. She writes:


When you making 8 million dollars a film…..HIRE A DRIVER!!

I’ve been getting a lot of letters asking my thoughts on recent events, so here it goes…. I know a lot of people think karma is going around and yeah I guess it might be, but to me..this is far from karma, if anything people like Paris love this shit, walking out of a court house to be met by a bevy of paparzzi like princess diana…carrying the bible around…loves it! Karma will be the day she’s married and has kids and her husband goes and fucks a 22 yr old and knocks her up. I don’t find happiness in others when they are down, but I sure in hell don’t feel bad for people who play the victim constantly and are far from it. People who feel it’s their job to make people feel beneath them or take opportunities others would die for an shit on them and frankly make a mockery of. So as the penis posse goes down one by one and enters jail or rehab…I don’t really think anything of it…they just show me what I always knew and thought they were _________. ( you can fill in the blank)

I hope you are all well and as always thanks for your letters,

And this is Lindsay Lohan’s reponse on her alleged MySpace, which I’m not actually convinced is hers:


im going to keep this simple and brief, like her career

for someone who “doesn’t really think anything of it” sure had a mouth load to say. don’t blame “young hollywood” for your FUCKED UP relationships you old haggard. maybe if you fixed yourself up a little bit, you wouldnt be so jealous of others. you know, a nice face/breast lift, lost a couple pounds (40), got rid of the paris haircut, and found yourself a decent looking boytoy you wouldn’t be so depressed and feel the need to comment on other peoples lifes that you dont know.

p.s. your kids are ugly.

Just in case you had any doubt that Hollywood is just slightly less mature than junior high. They might as well be accusing each other of having cooties here. And then one of them would be all, “Oh no you did not just brought it.” And then the other would be like, “Oh yes I did just broughted it.” And then they’d make a movie about it and it’d be awesome. Word.


  1. j-sale

    just got a bunch of “delete this number”.. made the dumbass believe i was site admin and that i would delete the number from here if she confirms it is her with a picture message.. figured a dumb blonde would fall for that

  2. Wicked Wendy

    LMOA #101……teeheehee……

  3. I still can’t believe this firecrotch made maxims top 100, unfuckinbelievable. Hey Wendy, slc?

  4. by the responses i would almost guess only the real ashley olsen would get that mad about ppl knowing her number.. i wouldnt really care if mine leaked.. not like anyone would call it though ahah. i guess we will never know?

  5. gina9876

    Yoooooo that def is that skrawny bitch ahahhahaha !!! i called her like 9 times the bitch picked up and flipped shit . . . i dont’ care how many times a random person called my phone i would never flip the way this bitch did so much for ashley’s quiet good girl image
    hahahahaah people keep this up its hysterical

  6. gina9876

    haha 570-574-5641 hahaha everyone call her dumb ass tell her to eat a wheat thin lol lets see how long it can take till we get her to disconnect her phone . . . god i love dumb celebrities

  7. hahah damn well keep that bitch busy.. what did she say? sounded like her?

  8. Kathleen

    Who the hell is this Shanna chick?

  9. tvisforme

    she just told me i don’t know what im getting myself into via text hehe rock on gina

  10. what is she goin to do prosecute us all haha? im postin this number on perez.. youtube.. ect.. sucks to be her

  11. gina9876

    she finally answered and was real calm and was like i dont know how you got this number but i am telling you once and only once you need to delete it now otherwise i will notify the authorities . . . . then i got my sassy style going she screamed curses about the cops and hung up hahahahahhaahah do it anyone that has a cell she def has verizon so bug the shit outta her im not going to be till she disconnects that shit – : )

  12. Wicked Wendy

    whoneeds….Yeah, as usual…..the weather can’t make up it’s mind & I ALWAYS manage to catch everybodys shit…..but feelin’ better than this weekend…

    gina…omg, you’re killin’ me….I wanna call, I wanna call, I wanna CALL !!!!

  13. You are kidding me right? She has record of you now……not very smart. BTW my dog sitting here in front of me is Gina, how did you get online??

  14. well you see she may be able to have phone records pulled and have authorities figure out the callers.. here’s the problem though.. she is texting back and soon their will be hundreds of different numbers calling her every hour.. let the prosecutions begin.. me first!

  15. Wicked Wendy

    Frist, if you happen to check back, I must be blind cuz I’m not seein’ the link….HELP!!!

    Salt…..bug the fuck outta her a few times for me would ya PLZZZZZZZ????

  16. why don’t these two just fight to the fucking death?

  17. Hey, my real friends actually called me back. Ok well one did…so I was gone. Um….does my link not work?

  18. Eh…it works fine. Ok I gotta watch House now. I want to go to bed kinda early. My new job is really hard…

  19. Wicked Wendy

    Try to catch ya again…..:)

  20. Wicked Wendy

    Well I am outtie here !! Night everyone!!


    WHERE’S GINA !!!!1

  22. Shanna Moakler feels no pity and neither do I. All these girls.. Lindsay, Paris… need reality checks.

  23. gina9876

    salt did u call her again or anyone else who’s reading give me updates lol

  24. gina9876

    *570*574*5641 get her to shut her phone off that is our mission people lolhahahahah

  25. frenchie

    Ha HA! She does look like she’s getting fingered by her friend…or open to some fellatio.

  26. curious65

    anybody call the olsen number ?

  27. “you wouldn’t be so depressed and feel the need to comment on other peoples lifes that you dont know.”

    …It’s ‘other people’s LIVES’ not ‘lifes.’ Shit. You’re illiterate!!!!Not that we didn’t know that, but goddammit. You claim to speak one language–just one–so do you THINK you could speak that ONE language properly? Fuck’s sake.

    What a fucking moron.

  28. EsteeFlwrPot

    I talked to her and she said to stop calling or there will be a lawsuit. Seriously stop it

  29. Sheva

    *67 is a great way to spread the love. And when you call they really don’t know who’s calling.

    So feel free to spread love in the world. Spreading love and shared disdain of Lowhore is absolutely free.

    Who is blondie anyway?

  30. Eva

    Come on everyone, don’t bother Ashley! I’m sure it might be thrilling, but there is nothing cool about harassing people.

  31. :)

    ps. your kids are ugly.
    that.. made my life.

  32. ummm

    soo who got ashley’s number in the first place?
    im confused

  33. onemadbitch

    @52 fuck you too you fat ass whore

  34. onemadbitch

    no one ever fuckin said i hate this damn site but its silly ass hoes like you that i cant stand on sites like these and you can talk all the shit you want because your dumbass is behind a computer screen. so fuck you bitch now go do sumthin more useful like suck a cock 52

  35. sonic

    Fuck Lohan, go drive drunk again ya slag.

  36. tom

    lol hilarious! I’ve got ten pics like that except you can see my man cooch

  37. Damnit, I don’t know who Shanna Moakler is but she has the exact same MySpace layout as me!

  38. Kamihi

    This is so juvenile but what really pisses me off about this is that DUI is illegal cos its dangerous and can kills innocent people who aren’t DUI, these azzholes deserve to go for doing that. Holy shit get a taxi or if you are stinking rich get a driver.
    Hohan makes me puke, there is no way guys voted for her hottest chick in the world, thats a total set up, there’s no way.

  39. lindsey's left nipple


  40. wedgeone

    Reminds me of the last party I went to when I drank too much. This is the picture right before all the semen. I’ve got to get new friends.

  41. tatianalensky

    who the fuck is Shanna Moakler?
    who the fuck is Lindsey Lohan?
    who the fuck is Paris Hilton?
    who the fuck is Britney Spears?
    who the fuck is Nicole Ritchie.

    Fuck me if I care.
    thought I’d get that out there.

  42. Trust me, that’s NOT Linds’ real MySpace account unless she has more than one.

  43. ms kel

    If that was really LaLohan’s response we wouldn’t be able to decipher what it said because of all the grammar errors. Doubt that was Lindsay’s.



  45. julyper

    I wouldn’t feel any pity either: she’s arrested one day and the next one does the same: getting drunk until she faints. Lohan had it coming.

  46. f**k them all:

    only one thing in thiz world right now,
    thatz important ( VOTE FOR HILLARY)!!!!!!!!!

    women can save thiz fucked up world
    and you know it……

    sorry Republicanz,,you took some of my
    rightz, I will never forgive U!!

  47. I still don’t know who Shanna Moakler is … but I have pictures of giant boobs on my blog!

  48. akire

    Take a look at you maxim’s #1 hottest!!! hahahaha i think shanna has alot more class then paris or lindsey or any of them

  49. SkipSmith

    “Oh yes I did just broughted it.”

    The Fish is finally getting back on track with funny comments.

  50. Hey don’t Lindsey and Paris hate each other too? So “if” this was her why would she reference her in her comment? Also she was too hung over to write anything! Yay maybe she will go to jail too!

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