Shanna Moakler feels no pity

May 29th, 2007 // 163 Comments

Shanna Moakler wrote a post on her MySpace yesterday taking a jab at Lindsay Lohan and then going into an attack on Paris Hilton. She writes:


When you making 8 million dollars a film…..HIRE A DRIVER!!

I’ve been getting a lot of letters asking my thoughts on recent events, so here it goes…. I know a lot of people think karma is going around and yeah I guess it might be, but to me..this is far from karma, if anything people like Paris love this shit, walking out of a court house to be met by a bevy of paparzzi like princess diana…carrying the bible around…loves it! Karma will be the day she’s married and has kids and her husband goes and fucks a 22 yr old and knocks her up. I don’t find happiness in others when they are down, but I sure in hell don’t feel bad for people who play the victim constantly and are far from it. People who feel it’s their job to make people feel beneath them or take opportunities others would die for an shit on them and frankly make a mockery of. So as the penis posse goes down one by one and enters jail or rehab…I don’t really think anything of it…they just show me what I always knew and thought they were _________. ( you can fill in the blank)

I hope you are all well and as always thanks for your letters,

And this is Lindsay Lohan’s reponse on her alleged MySpace, which I’m not actually convinced is hers:


im going to keep this simple and brief, like her career

for someone who “doesn’t really think anything of it” sure had a mouth load to say. don’t blame “young hollywood” for your FUCKED UP relationships you old haggard. maybe if you fixed yourself up a little bit, you wouldnt be so jealous of others. you know, a nice face/breast lift, lost a couple pounds (40), got rid of the paris haircut, and found yourself a decent looking boytoy you wouldn’t be so depressed and feel the need to comment on other peoples lifes that you dont know.

p.s. your kids are ugly.

Just in case you had any doubt that Hollywood is just slightly less mature than junior high. They might as well be accusing each other of having cooties here. And then one of them would be all, “Oh no you did not just brought it.” And then the other would be like, “Oh yes I did just broughted it.” And then they’d make a movie about it and it’d be awesome. Word.


  1. VB

    They are all the same

  2. Jimbo ?


    Can’t this girl just DIE!!!

  3. Jimbo ?


    Can’t this girl just DIE!!!

  4. VB


  5. cheatedhearts

    Stupid bitches

  6. Fuck this stupid fucktard cunt.
    Her “friend” in this picture should have done us all a favor & let her coke on her vomit. Worthless fucking ginger.

  7. Victor

    Everybody shouldn’t be so rude………SHE IS SO VERY FUCKABLE.

  8. Ah no way that’s really Lindsay’s writing…the spelling is too good.

  9. PS. Your kids are ugly

    HAHAHAH That’s feckin drama right there baby!!

  10. Tez

    Why do you post stuff from a myspace that clearly isn’t hers on your front page? It seems a little odd and for sure loses you guys some credibility. Oh well.. not like I give a shit about this kind of news anyways.

  11. just sayin

    “penis posse” isn’t bad

  12. imran karim

    haha awesome

    imran karim

  13. Maybe Lindsay needs to visit the new Creation Museum in Kentucky. That will save her soul. Not.–.aspx

  14. me

    i’d like to think lindsay wrote that, but there’s way too many correctly spelled words IN A ROW. it’s a dead giveaway that someone with an IQ in the triple digits had a hand in it.

  15. havoc


    “p.s. your kids are ugly”

  16. Hecubus

    Jesus Christ, did someone put a greasy blonde wig on Michael Keaton ? what an ugly ugly ugly thing this skank really is, she’s even worse than Britney or Paris. Don’t know who the bitch insulting her is but I’m all for it.

  17. punky poo

    i want to add linsey as my friend on myspace. whats her last name? haha

  18. JoanCrawford66

    Shana Moakler is right!

    There’s a sentence I never expected to string together. But that country trailer trash baby mama hit the nail on the head. She sure knows her Hollywood ho’s.

  19. don't make me blow you up

    oh jeez, don’t start with that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” crap. 2 fighting fucktards. the end.

  20. lambman

    She’s right about the needing to hire a driver! But everything else seems like psychotic anti-paris ranting that has nothing to do with Lindsay or her DUI.

    Also, I don’t think Lindsay plays the victim, I really appreciate that she unabashedly will admit she’s an attention addict…and since she’s one of the few with actual problems (like a dad in prison) I think she takes in on the chin most of the time.

  21. akgrrl

    Haha! You crack me up. You broughted it!

  22. Shanna Moakler is a special kind of a woman.

  23. LL

    K, I know that “Hollywood” funds a massive army of publicists, so it’s not like they need little ol’ me to defend any of them, but I’d just like to point out that Lohan seems to have moved from B list to D list Hollywood faster than, well, faster than things that go really, really fast. Faster than Paris Hilton rushes to get in front of a camera. And this Moakler chick is not even D list Hollywood, as far as I can tell. So let’s not judge all of the entertainment biz by the juvenile yapping of these two bitches. I’ve heard more mature 12-year-olds. I’m glad I’m not a grown woman with a MySpace page.

  24. leelee

    See? Here’s an example of some crazy privileged bitch that still has the ability to comprehend that DRINKING AND DOING DRUGS DOES NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS.
    Now can all the Lohan sympathizers shutup and stop bitching at people about “serious mental illness” crap.
    Not that it isn’t serious, but come on. This Lindsay Lohan thing has been like an incredibly slow train crash. Everyone saw it happening, including the people on board, but they just chose to ignore it.

  25. onemadbitch

    i wish the dumbass that writes this shit would shut the fuck up with all the dumb shit they always have to add on. and please damn can we all shut the fuck up with the Lindsay, Britney, Paris, and all the other skinny ass, crack addicted whores this site cant seem to get enough of

  26. Matt

    To be honest, I don’t know who the FUCK Shanna Moakler even is, which is surprising since I know every 3rd person on the planet.

    At least Linday’s screwing up in style. Getting arrested 9 times for driving when disqualified like Paris? Fuck that shit. Lindsay’s gonna crash and burn like a pro.

  27. sunsetstripper

    nobody should go around evaluating somebody elses karma.

  28. captain obvious

    Shanna Moakler? The one married to that nasty looking singer? Yeh, I don’t really care too much what her opinion is about anything. I’m sure most would agree? I mean, I might as well ask for my next door neighbors opinion. YAWN

  29. carlacalifornia

    To Lohan: referring to Shana as an old ‘haggard’ is hilarious coming from you of all people…… YOU LOOK OLDER THAN SHE DOES

  30. i wanna be lindsays friend! whats her last name! GIMME!

  31. i wanna be lindsays friend! whats her last name! GIMME!

  32. sunsetstripper

    and counting other people’s money is just low class. it just projects jealousy and immaturity.

  33. jb

    Are those 30 Day Chips hanging from the mirror?


  34. They give those 30 day chips to anyone apparently…

    Why can’t this bitch just die in a fiery crash already? She is such an underachiever… Only accomplishing the crash part…. Tisk..

  35. lickmybutt

    L O L.

    this is just getting ridiculous. i was gone for the weekend and didnt hear about any of this until this morning, and im already tired of it…

    can we move on already?

    p.s. i really hope she goes to jail. otherwise paris will be able to use that in her defense of the system targetting her and making her an example.
    fuck them both. (not literally, or at least with protection)

  36. The Superfish guy is on coke

    8 mil a film? How much you want to bet that by Hollywood standards this cunt is damn near broke. No one is gonna want to hire a 2-time-in-3-months rehab baby EVER again. Yes people, our time will be here before we know it when we will yes, believe it or not, actually feel sorry for this cunt. Yes, I know it seems unfathomable right now but soon! Oh so soon!

    Dana Plato part deux! Starring Lindsey Lohan! A new spin to reality television! She will ACTUALLY KILL HERSELF!!

  37. Kevin_FederSwine

    I’ll bet I’m not the ONLY person who looks at Lohan and thinks “grilled cheese sammich.” Seriously, if “nasty” had a picture next to it in the Webster’s Effin’ Collegiate Dictionary, there’d be a picture of Lohan. What a mess. You know, if this shithead were living in a trailer in the middle of the desert I might understand why she hasn’t made a serious commitment to turn her sorry ass around, but every day on the Web and on TV there’s some kind of story about how hopelessly fucked up she is. She can’t turn her head to the right or the left without seeing the sorry excuse for a human being she’s become. I hope her rehab turns out better than Britney’s.

  38. BabaBooey

    Put this chick on your death pool list for next year, because I think she’ll end up dead in a hotel room from an OD before Artie Lange.

  39. maggie

    Samantha Ronson slip her a rufie?

  40. JayPee

    I feel like she’s been wearing the same thing for the last two weeks. Why I noticed this, I don’t know….why I care, I know least.

  41. ron

    she looks like shes getting fingered…

  42. techclerk

    This is weird. This feels like the third time in my life I thought Shanna is really cool.

  43. joeybillip

    Haggard isn’t even a noun it is an adjective. I know that is asking too much for her to use words correctly. Hell I should give her points for almost using the word correctly.

  44. Esperanto

    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    (that’s what her expression looks like)

  45. neener

    Haggard is a noun (Merle)

  46. Yourfairytale

    She looks mentally handicapped.

    When will this ugly ginger die?

  47. supposably

    Well she is right, although she is just doing it to get attention by name dropping.
    Kind of like Avril Lavigne on Britney, except Shanna actually makes sense and doesn’t sound 12.

    It’s still a bit out of the blue but don’t really care but I just wanted to say the site is hopefully back on form.

    “oh yes I did just broughted it” lmao


  49. I loved her on pacific blue, and her big fake tits too.

  50. Pikachelsea

    They are both hypocritical morons and Lindsay looks like a dying retard in that picture. Love it.

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