Shanna Kress Doing Bikini Things and More News


The new IT trailer looks a lot like the first one, but with a lot more clown on kid action. [Variety]

Want to watch a video of paparazzi road warrior Justin Bieber talking about how Jesus picked out his shoes? Here ya go… [TMZ]

Someone made a video of Alex Jones’ rants into a Bon Iver-esque indie song. It’s the best thing on the internet this week, bar none. [OMGblog]

I hope Tia Mowry is finished dropping names in exchange for free pub for her shitty cookbook. [Dlisted]

The MTV Video Music Awards producers are just digging themselves deeper into the pit of irrelevance. Congratulations Katy Perry, can’t wait to see you present/accept your own award for ‘Most Cosmic Nipple Tassles’. [TooFab]

Bernie Sanders and Larry David being 3rd cousins is the most serendipitous celebrity relation since Donnie asked his kid brotha Marky to start that burgah joint. [PageSix]

Rolling Stone just gave Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an editorial blow job in their latest issue. I like the guy, but I don’t agree with rock star politics… I’m lookin’ at you Kid Rock… [CeleBitchy]

Willa Ford, one-hit-wonder that gave us the classically auto-tuned “I Wanna Be Bad”, is staging for a comeback because 9/11 ruined her album release (and thousands of lives, but it’s about her right now) [Billboard]