Shania Twain’s (soon to be ex-)husband hates his penis

Chances are you’ve heard the reports that Shania Twain’s 14 year marriage to producer Mutt Lange is in the crapper. Turns out ol’ Mutt has been seeing another woman, if that’s what you want to call the thing standing next to Shania. (I’m going with “Jabberwocky.”) If that’s not enough, the lady in question Marie-Anne Thiebaud was also a close friend/employee of Shania, according to People:

“Mutt and Marie-Anne left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship,” says one source, adding that the Swiss employee was a fixture in the household Twain, 42, and Lange, 59, shared with their son, 6-year-old Eja D’Angelo.
“Their two families would vacation and spend holidays together,” says the source. “Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends.”

Wait, that Marie-Anne chick is only 37 yet looks like 42-year-old Shania Twain’s mother? That God is one funny bastard. But, seriously, does draft beer and comic books shoot out of her ears during sex? Because, otherwise, I’m at a total loss here. Or, wait, is Mutt Lange blind? That’s it isn’t it? Dude’s blind. BAM! I should solve crimes.