Shallow Water: 1. J-Butt: 0.

July 26th, 2010 // 40 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Lopez in Mexico over the weekend where she once again found herself locked in the age-old battle of ass vs. buoyancy. It’s times like these she has to regret marrying Marc Anthony whose twig-like frame is virtually useless until someone either adds more water to the pool or dangles a bucket of fish in front of her and starts yelling motivational slogans. Other than that, there’s not much else you can do here except watch and pray to God Kim Kardashian isn’t taking notes. “Pool’s a little low today. Eh, what could it hurt?” *shipwreck*

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  1. Better than Kim’s!

  2. gil

    shes 14

  3. Irene Barcelo

    Her ass looks amazing. No cellulite whatsoever. You go girl!

  4. Jennifer Lopez
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  5. memem

    This site has done a fabulous job with delivering the juicy asses lately. Rock on fish,

  6. Jennifer Lopez
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  7. Anonymous

    I’d bang that ass

  8. Viv

    Hey!, there’s no evidence of that being J-Lo….there are a lot of big butts in Mexico and they look just like J.Lo’s. (or better)

    I mean don’t you find it a little suspicious? this butt doesn’t look like it’s 40 years old and didn’t we recenlty see celullite on her butt in a previous post?

  9. Jennifer Lopez
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    dear lord.

  10. Engineer/Moron

    I just thought of something. Why not let JLo swim in the Gulf and let her elephant ass suck up some of that oil?

  11. Jennifer Lopez
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    Damn, I would do things to this woman. That’s why you should always marry a latina. Look at how smoothly toned (in terms of pigmentation) that ass is

  12. Jennifer Lopez
    Hugh Gentry
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    I would bury my face in that every night.

  13. Are we sure that is not Kim Kardashians butt?

  14. Jennifer Lopez
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    I’d motorboat that.

  15. stinky mcpoop

    Clearly one cheek is heavier than the other. Is she also left-handed? That would explain everything.

    Swim for victory, chum guzzler.

  16. Jennifer Lopez
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  17. JRS22

    Lopez in a bikini with her massive ass and there’s only two pictures?

  18. Jennifer Lopez
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    amazing body, she has the best ass…only this picks are engineered , retouched and posted…

  19. Jennifer Lopez
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    Now THAT’S a nice ass!!

  20. Jennifer Lopez
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    Ass looks good from where I’m sitting.

  21. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Wow. Isn’t it amazing you can tell its JLo without having to look at her face?

  22. Jennifer Lopez
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    Fuck, ah wants to empty mah testes into/onto/nearby dat booty.

  23. egialbania

    omg i cant belive it she looks amaizing better than kim go jlo

  24. captain america

    ……………just a fat ASS.
    those are my favourites, folks!!

  25. Jennifer Lopez
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    That is a world class ass.

  26. lol is lol

    no face? Oh yeah it’s my mother

  27. jo

    Wow, I’d hit that.. She has the sexiest body ever.

  28. Jennifer Lopez
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    so what, world is full of gluteus maximus

  29. Dave

    Sh*t comes out of an ass, and to think that’s part of her fame.

  30. Dave

    I bet she drops massive shits.

  31. Mike

    DAMN! That’s a big fat ass!

  32. Rain Brown

    Jennifer Lopez is UGLY. I don’t know why the media calls her lovely, attractive etc. She has a UGLY shaped forehead, a bump on her hawk nose. Her forehead looks like she was about to develop horns, but never pierced through the skin. And she has skinny baseball bat legs. She has a forehead like Halle Berry, and legs like Vivica Fox.

  33. Jennifer Lopez
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    I would worship that ass!

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