Shakira sells her bra for charity

Shakira is unloading a bunch of her personal items on eBay including her bra. All the proceeds will go to a Colombian-based charity that helps kids escape poverty, according to FOX News:

The megastar already has sold off her custom-made Roberto Cavalli bra, the Carolina Herrera dress she donned at the Grammys, her entire wardrobe from the sold-out “Oral Fixation” world tour, outfits she posed in for her album covers and tickets to get up close and personal over dinner in Toronto.

Because I love charity so much, I’ve bid $1 million to have dinner with an apparently braless Shakira. Just don’t ask where I got the money. (Hint: Identity theft.) I’m not sure where we’ll have our romantic dinner in Toronto, but I guarantee it will involve me repeatedly saying “Do that ass-shaky thing.” But, don’t worry, I’ll be all suave and classy about it. Now where did I put my satchel full of crumpled-up dollar bills…

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