Shakira sells her bra for charity

February 8th, 2008 // 73 Comments

Shakira is unloading a bunch of her personal items on eBay including her bra. All the proceeds will go to a Colombian-based charity that helps kids escape poverty, according to FOX News:

The megastar already has sold off her custom-made Roberto Cavalli bra, the Carolina Herrera dress she donned at the Grammys, her entire wardrobe from the sold-out “Oral Fixation” world tour, outfits she posed in for her album covers and tickets to get up close and personal over dinner in Toronto.

Because I love charity so much, I’ve bid $1 million to have dinner with an apparently braless Shakira. Just don’t ask where I got the money. (Hint: Identity theft.) I’m not sure where we’ll have our romantic dinner in Toronto, but I guarantee it will involve me repeatedly saying “Do that ass-shaky thing.” But, don’t worry, I’ll be all suave and classy about it. Now where did I put my satchel full of crumpled-up dollar bills…

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  1. sicasso

    no way.

  2. sicasso

    frucking frist? sucks. i had nothing to say about this colombian sex mule.

  3. guy

    Any guy who bids on a chick’s bra is a sad, pathetic pervert.

    When are the undies on sale?


  4. Watch yer mouth, #2…

    Ok, so Fish is the one who stole all my money??

  5. DB

    She Wears a bra?! I would never have guessed

  6. gits

    The only thing I’d buy is her thong. Well, and earplugs.

  7. amma

    I am *so* over this chick. One funny thing though–she does the spanish lang. albums, is identified as Columbian, etc., but ya’ know? She’s half Lebonese…why no Lebonese album? It’s like “I am a proud Columbian”…all with the rolled r’s and stuff…But I feel like she’s shutting her peeps out. It’s sad. Anyway, she’s a midget and she seems like the type that would be prone to hysterics. ‘Nuff said.

  8. theShizaan

    She’s so cute…can’t sing for shit, but still cute :-)

  9. Auntie Kryst

    @2 Good one. I had nothing to say either, but wish I thought of Colombian sex mule. That’s fucking brilliant.

  10. She's annoying

    Shakira irritates me. I don’t really care for her voice, but still, she is someone that *could* be taken seriously as an artist. So what does she do, she goes the way of all of the talentless hacks we have in America and uses the sex card to make herself “famous”, gyrating around like a whore in her videos. What’s wrong with becoming famous for your voice and the music that you wrote? Shakira could have accomplished this but instead jumped on the self-degradation bandwagon. Shame on her.

  11. Jug Pirate

    What I am bid for the world’s most expensive training bra? And, if you act now, automatic listing in the FBI Known Child Molester database….

  12. I don’t sew… what the fuck am I gonna do with two thimbles?

  13. Dick Stiffman

    Watch out for nipple discharge stains.

  14. steve

    You are all making a classic American myopic mistake. Within her own culture, Shakira is considered to be extremely sophisticated, with a subtle sensuality that she never overstates. The guy in the bee costume is especially impressed with her.

  15. JJ

    Her bra is probably camo patterned and has secret pockets to smuggle weed and coke from Bogota.

  16. Oh man, I’d love to have her bra.
    I’d REALLY love to have her panties. I love the feeling of panties wrapped around my hard cock as I slowly stroke it to ejaculation. I wonder if Mother knows I do this with her sexy panties?

  17. D. Richards (Saint.)

    The money that the people responsible for Skakira raised, will go to a Columbian charity for runaway kids? Is this a joke? Why would anyone want to give money to help children anywhere, let alone third world Columbia? I mean, Columbian children aren’t even considered human.

    What a sick joke.

  18. Oprah

    It’d be ironic if the money went to buy mule outfits for those kids.

  19. Dick-Rick, come on, you can troll better than that! That one’s way too obvious, it’s not going to get a single bite. Are you tired? Do you have a bad case of the Fridays?

  20. G. Mon

    Self degradation bandwagon? Get off your high horse there. She’s a trained dancer, writes her own material, and loves to perform. God forbid she combines it all.

    And to anyone who thinks she can’t sing, good lord, get your ears checked. While her style may not be for you, she definitely can sing, and does well.

  21. Elliott from Legal

    Re: product copy points
    Legal has reviewed the new product claims. The attached word document, .rev 17 (attached) denotes changes. Denoted changes are denoted in red font, struck-through, and in parenthesis. All claims to “better than the real thing”, “real flesh like color and feel” and “Sweden” have been removed, as has “Your little secret” for preexisting trademark issues. Furthermore Legal added as a disclaimer that repeated excessive use of product may result in lead poisoning and scarring.

  22. Gspot Mons

    I can only assume that her “training” was at the Sir Mix-A-Lot Academy.

  23. ipanema_girl_is_schuyler

    #20: I bet she can sing, but why does she always do that awful stupid guttural thing?? sounds like a tortured goat.

    btw, who is this son-of-dick who appears each time Denise , sorry .. D. Richards makes a typo? And when did Dick appear for the first time? He came loooong time after papahotnuts and richport .. but i guess, he’s been a lurker for a fucking long time….

  24. Sauron

    Shakira and me can shake hands.I’m trying to sell my mirror on ebay.It’s practically new,i’ve only looked once in it.

  25. “self-degradation bandwagon”?

    Are we looking at the same spic?

  26. Angus

    I don’t think it’s a bandwagon…more like a fully pimped out Chevy Caprice.

  27. Lowlands

    Maybe i’ll buy her bra.Which size is it?

  28. i have it on good authority that FARC does NOT in fact have 501(c)(3) status.

    9/11 was an inside job. maybe Shakira was in on it? or was that SherKhan the Tiger. That Rudyard Kipling was definitely a double agent.

  29. Binky

    Now that I’ve processed that information in my own head, I’ve come to the conclusion that I might be the double agent and my memories have been supressed because I know the truth.

    Did I do it? Possibly. Or was it Manfred Mann? I can’t seem to get my memories back, but I also can’t get Do Wah Diddy Diddy out of my head.

  30. Auntie Kryst

    @28 Binky you’re odd one, but that first sentence was funny.

  31. PTSD

    Would it have been to much to ask for a link to her video with Beyonce instead? You know the one where they are dressed as nuns and Danny Devito plays a one legged mailman? And then they get arrested for public cunnilignus and sent to an all girls reformitory in Alabama run by a stern but fair Sybil Danning?

    Would that have been to much to ask fish? Would it?

  32. Victoria

    Yeah, when albums don’t sell – resort to selling your bra.

  33. Sweh T Plusweed

    I bet its all sweaty. And padded with weed.

  34. (@)

    Superfish is on today. Funny shit Fishy. So Fish do you taste like chiken?

  35. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    #23. Son-of D. Richards is Dick Richards.

    So is ‘Dick Dicks’, ‘Richard Richards’, ‘Erect D. Richards’, and ‘Richard Dicks’.

  36. moobs

    not really what i would consider a “mega star!” but… ok.


  37. laura

    OMG you guys are so stupid. ok it´s weird to sell your bra, but those jokes about colombian kids weren´t funny, that was so cruel. And by the way it is not columbia it´s ColOmbia. And who cares what se does with her money, she is helping poor kids. I am colombian, I live in Colombia, I am not a mule and the wirdest thing is that I am actually human.

  38. laura

    OMG you guys are so stupid. ok it´s weird to sell your bra, but those jokes about colombian kids weren´t funny, that was so cruel. And by the way it is not columbia it´s ColOmbia. And who cares what se does with her money, she is helping poor kids. I am colombian, I live in Colombia, I am not a mule and the wirdest thing is that I am actually human.

  39. Laura: “…and the wirdest thing is that i am actually human.”
    Binky: That is very wird, but it would be wirder if you were a mule, a talking mule, the kind of talking mules behind the 9/11 coverup.

  40. Elephant--err, Mule Woman

    I am not a mule! I am a human being! I…am…a woman!

  41. She Wears a Bra?

    Gosh I thought she did not wear a bra because she is tiny on top. She has more junk in the trunk than up top lol!

  42. crazy otto

    i here her panties smell like plantains

  43. crazy otto


  44. PostmortemG

    “I am not a mule! I am a human being! I…am…a woman!”

    I’ll never look at Shakira the same way again. From now on, she will forever be a ‘Colombian Sex Mule’.

  45. Dorito Man

    I’d fork her tamale..

  46. D. Richards Mother (grieving old whore)

    I did everything I could to induce fetal-alcohol syndrome. Cocaine, heroin, you name it. Please, it is not my little queer lad’s fault he is a goddamn idiot. The blame rests squarely on my wrinkled broad hairy ape-like big shoulders. Just read his little viperings and pity him. You should see what the poor boy looks like. You would be socially retarded as well if you had to live with his looks. But really deep down, very deep down there way the fuck down down down inside of him there is a good person dying. (takes out a kleenex and wipes the mung from her bushy long clitted cunt, sniffs it, gags and cries; all the while masturbating her anus with a fork. she pulls out a stool and merrily enjoys a peaceful snack)

  47. Mandi

    Does it come with the “boobs” still attached? Cause that’s a dude..

  48. All the Binky comments on this thread is a troll
    As Alex Jones would say – ” the NWO is on the run”

  49. Anal Fistula

    she has already sold her integrity for profit…why not sell the bra for charity? i’m waiting for her to auction off her eggs as well

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