Shakira is ‘On a Break’

A surprising amount of you wrote in about this one, so here’s Shakira announcing to the world that she’s not so much single as “temporarily separated” which, let’s be realistic, means exactly the same thing. The only people who don’t bang anyone else while on a break are the dead, and even that’s debatable. Via

Dear Friends,
During our almost 11 years together we have loved each other deeply, taken care of each other and stood by one another. They have been the most wonderful years of our lives, and thanks to that love and the respect that we share for one another we have been an exceptional couple and partners.
However, since August 2010, we made a mutual decision to take time apart from our romantic relationship. Throughout this time we have continued to work together hand in hand, have remained close and have kept the details absolutely private until now.
We view this period of separation as temporary and as a time of individual growth as we continue to be partners in our business and professional lives.
Antonio continues to oversee and conduct my business and career interests as he has always done. We move forward as partners, developing projects together, working hand in hand and in close communication. Our friendship and understanding of one another is unwavering and indestructible.
We would like to advise that we will not be giving interviews or making more statements with respect to this matter and we appreciate in advance your understanding and respect during this sensitive time in our lives.
Shakira and Antonio

Wow. She’s still going to let this dude be her manager? That seems like a pretty large risk considering by most accounts Shakira kicked the poor bastard to the curb. Or is she that intimidating that he wouldn’t sign her to a 10-year contract making laxative commercials? Because that just seems like the logical payback to me, but then again, I’m a vindictive child who handles most break-ups with accusations of poopheadery and stupid faces. Ladies?

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