The Sexual Harassment Inquisition Comes For Jason Momoa

As you read this, the crusaders of Rose McGowan’s sexual harassment army are sifting through police reports, interviews, and Yelp reviews in hopes to uncover the next Ben Affleck. A few hours ago a clip of Jason Momoa telling a rape joke in 2011 has started making the rounds and people are jumping ship on the dreamboat by the minute.  It’s a great thing that folks are turning up the heat on sexual harassment, but a bad joke from the guy who had to play Khal Drogo is a bit of a stretch to me.


That’s a pretty stupid joke and a real bad look to have trending on Twitter this week, but considering Momoa was publicly flamed and apologized for making the comment back in 2011, I don’t really see the point in unearthing this horse. Rape jokes aren’t cool. Especially when you are in a giant room of people, but he was talking about the most intense rapist in GoT

Time will tell if the people who are “writing off” Aquaman as a rape-fantasy-loving hog will stick to their guns the next time this guy tries to save a pipeline or something.