Sex Tapes

Cameron Diaz is the latest celebrity to undergo a sex tape surfacing, though her sex tape is more of an S&M bondage sort of thing. Before she got famous, Cameron decided to star in some strange video featuring black leather, whips, and her naked breasts. A good combination if ever I’ve heard one.

Not to be forgotten, clips from the Abi Titmuss sex tape as well as Gena Lee Nolin sex tape have emerged. Though rumors of their sex tapes have been floating around for months, videos have been lacking. And uh…well…they’re still lacking. But I guess something is better than nothing. Unless that something happens to be herpes. In which case, nothing would probably be better.

Cameron Diaz Sort Of Sex Tape
Abi Titmuss Sex Tape
Gena Lee Nolin Sex Tape (pay)

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