Severina Vuckovic

severina_sextape.jpgA top Croatian pop star has appealed to the public to return or destroy private pictures of her enjoying a lusty sex romp which appeared on the Internet this week.

I have no idea who Severina Vuckovic is but that’s only because I’m not up to date on my Croation pop stars. Up to date? How about I never even knew Croatia had pop stars until this showed up. But I’m not one to complain. Any country that can bring us a sleazy sex tape is okay by me.

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Download Video (NSFW)

*edit: Here are some screen captures from the video (NSFW) if you don’t feel like downloading the 72 mb file.

**edit: The bandwidth for the site hosting the video got decimated so you’ll have to be patient and hope it comes up again, or wait for a mirror to surface.

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