Seth Rogen shot down by Megan Fox and other news

July 31st, 2009 // 47 Comments

- Robert Pattinson looks like “feminie,” according to Twilight co-star Nikki Reed. She’ll be dead within the hour. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl’s mouth is basically one more retarded comment away from sodomizing her career. [Celebslam]

- Kevin Federline doesn’t do tips. Unless it’s his penis and no condoms are involved. Back me up, Jayden. [The Blemish]

- Ashley Tisdale says kissing Zac Efron is weird. Hmm, yes. I could see how him constantly asking “Hey, where’s your penis?” could be a tad awkward. [PopEater]

- Jude Law’s knows how to treat a lady he had unprotected sex with for a week. [Just Jared]

- Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are back together? Did the herpes not stick? I don’t get it. [PopSugar]


  1. ryan

    first and i love megan fox

  2. Roberto

    Thats one of the funniest things i’ve seen this summer….I love it!!

  3. kinda getting tired of seth rogan..

  4. Harry

    Ashley Tisdale > Megan Fox

  5. Holly

    Well Nikki Reed looked RIDICULOUS as a blonde. Will no one ever learn that women with olive complexions and dark hair/eyes don’t look good in bleached-out hair? She was pretty when she looked like what she was – Jewish, Cherokee, and Italian. She just looks bleached-out bimbo in Twilight.

  6. Ananana

    Oh Seth, please robot tentacle take me now!

  7. cd

    getting tired of seth rogan also but that was damn funny

  8. It goes to show that making herself look foolish is no new thing. Has anyone ever told Megan that REAL men don’t like bisexuals?

  9. Bobby Corwen

    Poor Rogen.

  10. Intermino

    Hahaha, funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

  11. rickardo

    Hilarious! I feel for him on that one.

  12. Sounds like Megan did the only patriotic thing. Fuck Canada!!

  13. Cash

    Hey Judd, for the love of God and all that is holy, would you garnish a couple hundred bucks out of Rogen’s paycheck for Funny People, and take the silly fucker to Men’s Suit Warehouse? Please? Guys who are making millions a year talking in front of a camera should not be dressing down like they are still “just a normal guy.”

  14. ToRiMiLi

    awe, that sucks. I could never get sick of Seth Rogen, he keeps me laughing :) Megan Fox just lost another point in my book however, now she’s at -1 point

  15. libz


    You can fuck canada just as soon as you are able to find it on a map!

  16. Rachell

    lmao #15 haha :)

  17. Its all about success in Hollywood, Rogen was unknown then. You know how shallow thespians can be, im pretty sure if it was Woody Allen shed plant a wet one on that ben gay skin of his…

  18. Break out the lube, I found it.. Thanks google maps.

  19. Canuck

    Poor Seth Rogen… I wouldnt turn you away :)

    ok so you found Canada, next step: find your dick.
    Unfortunately google maps will be of no help here, I have a microscope you can borrow…

  20. Frank Castle

    That was painful

  21. anon

    Aaaww. Poor Seth Rogen. He seems a million times nicer than Megan Fox.

  22. CaptainMorgan

    Seth Rogan is an overrated (if that’s possible) douche bag. What’s he been in where HE was actually funny? (having the word ‘funny’ in the title of the film doesn’t count)

    Enjoy your 30 seconds of remaining fame Seth….

  23. Canadian libz and William Wonka.. you’re both awful. Do you both write for Letterman?

    @21 Your poor Seth Rogan gets $5 million per film, yet he never looks like he’s showered.

  24. pig

    Fuck Canada. I don’t need to know where it is on the map. I’ll just follow the stench. Oink oink

  25. Mantis

    Hey #13, Rogen makes a living being funny, not winning fashion contests. His motif just so happens to be the “normal guy.” That’s what he’s always been, and that’s pretty much what he’s always played in films, whether you like his work or not. It wouldn’t make much sense at all if he were to suddenly start walking around wearing three piece suits. He’s not a news anchor. And besides, guys who make millions of dollars a year doing anything can wear pretty much wear whatever the fuck they want.

  26. Jess

    damn he’s looking good

  27. He stole my laugh.

  28. That wasn’t too bad. She kissed Kimmel, so maybe it was just a misunderstanding.

    Katherine Heigl. Ugly woman, big boobs. Biker mags are full of those. Do some more Steven Segal movies KH.

    At least Jude hasn’t punched Samantha in the head yet.
    ZOIKS!!!! Like that is one homely broad man!

  29. Funny how everyone disses Canada, but then praises their healthcare, lower drinking age, laxed marijuana control, etc. Typical.

  30. kaylia

    HAHAHAHAH he’s such a cutie! i loved his embarrassment :P totally watching this over and over XD

  31. Darth

    Lol this is pretty funny! How about using a mouth spray next time?

  32. Gando

    I’ll guess smooth and fast talks won’t do this girl.Try it the next time with a fit body and good hygienics lol.

  33. Galtacticus

    She just doesn’t like to kiss a cactus.

  34. fetus_mcnuggets


    secondly theres no need to argue
    white people lack culture
    be it american or canadian

    i mean come on !!
    whats your culture ???

    HAMBUGERS AND HOTDOGS??????????????

  35. Kittykittypoopoo

    I’d fuck him. in a second.

  36. jess

    I wond if Hagl kissed Rogan? –

  37. uh

    He’s so damn cute. I just love him. And Katherine Heigl is a bitch. I just had to get that out there since when I think of him, I think of Knocked Up, then I think of her, and then I think BITCH.

  38. CCC

    SKIP TO 2:50 if you want the hilarity to commence and cut out all the boring /irrelevant shit.

    I have to say 2 things. One, that cringing by him was so genuine, I felt like he could be any one of us lol… he was dying up there, and also that Megan literally looked like a stripper when she came out. I thought I was watching a clip of the Jerry Springer show for a minute (not a good stripper either.. those a tranny strippers) Anyway so in conclusion…. why is he talking about this?
    I gather no-one would have noticed if he didn’t point it out. It is hilarious though when you know what happened and see him shaking his head. He should have put out his hand/arm if he was gonna kiss her though, she might have been totally unaware. .lol…I am picturing him with an invisible yellow rose… lol!

  39. aly

    Canada is awesome.. that is all.

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  42. He’s so damn cute. I just love him. And Katherine Heigl is a bitch. I just had to get that out there since when I think of him, I think of Knocked Up, then I think of her, and then I think BITCH.

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  45. Rogen makes a living being funny, is not winning the fashion contest. Motif that just “happens to be the common man.” That’s what always, is up and that’s pretty much what he always played in movies such as whether it worked or not, is. It absolutely does not mean too much if he were suddenly three-piece suit will start moving. He is not a news anchor. And besides, people who wear too much a year can wear anything to make millions of dollars for whatever crap they want.

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