Seth Green mugging videos are a fake. Here’s why.

October 8th, 2009 // 33 Comments

Earlier in the week I received the above video of Seth Green captured on someone’s cell phone as he flipped out about being mugged on the set of a commercial. Because nobody gets mugged without dropping some F-bombs afterward – don’t argue with science – then blatantly waits for someone else to say their lines, I immediately dismissed it as fake.

Now a new video has popped online last night (after the jump) that’s supposedly security footage of Seth getting mugged which also looks staged as shit. So I went back and found the old e-mail of him freaking out and that’s when I noticed something odd. The link redirects me to YouTube via Threshold Interactive: A marketing firm. Whoops! And I hope Seth Green didn’t pay a lot for this.


  1. Crocoduck


    and who cares?

  2. A-COD

    I saw something like this a few weeks back of Jim Breuer freaking out while filming one of his Pizza Hut ads, I wonder if they are related?

  3. Will

    “Threshold Interactive: A marketing firm. Whoops! And I hope Seth Green didn’t pay a lot for this.”

    Uh, you put it on your site didn’t you? That’s the thing about marketing. It doesn’t have to be good to get the great unwashed to eat it up.

  4. Dude, is Seth Green like 5’2″ ?

  5. Dana Barrett

    Willow: The Mugging

    ***Fall 2010***

  6. name it for christ sake

    he forget to take his ritalin pills.

  7. dude_on

    Who would have thought that a marketing firm would stage a mugging to increase visibility for their client? This is why I visit the Fish. The posts of boobs and public masturbation are just a bonus. If the Fish had the classified JFK or UFO files the CIA has been sitting on for decades, then we could end those smoke and mirror cover-ups right now. Who said investigative journalism is dead? Someone is getting fired at 60 Minutes as we speak.

  8. lady jesus

    I guess the next step would be to figure out who gives a shit.

  9. havoc

    I think he’s more like 4 ft. tall….



  11. Durr Hurr

    How does one get mugged on the set of a commercial? That’s like getting raped at a eunuch convention.

  12. 38103 Guy

    That actually looks like his girlfriend, Clare Grant with her back to the video. The Superficial really needs to post some images of Clare for the masses to ogle. Seth Green is slumming around with a beauty like her should be a crime.

  13. mchole

    Yes, he really is around 5 foot 2 (ran into him on Sunset and I was taller than him… and I’m around 5 foot 4). Notice how the girl with her back to the screen blocks out the ENORMOUS man that Seth Green is yelling at. That kid has got a major Napoleon complex.

  14. GAD

    Yeah…I’m throwing the bull shit flag on this play!!!!!!

  15. I seems to me a new form of marketing
    More freak outs and melt downs!

  16. Dave

    The #1 way I know this is fake? The date on the “security footage” is October second, which was almost a week ago. If Seth Green had really been mugged a week ago there would have been police reports and some news program would have picked up the story by now.

    No police reports = no mugging.

  17. y3n0

    you are quite the detective, Superfish!
    Kudos! ;)

  18. EricLR

    He’s not small, he’s snack sized.

  19. Frank

    How does that make it fake? Wasn’t he mugged while shooting a commercial?? That could’ve been the company that was filming it.

  20. All I can hear when he shouts is Chris Griffin.

  21. Dave, you should participate in a murder mystery dinner party.

  22. I’m totally fucking Seth’s girlfriend.

  23. jaime

    he’s SO tiny!!

  24. Pete O'file

    For the record, those muggers were for real. They belong to the Screen Muggers Union 24″. They just renegotiated a contract with B listers to perform 63 muggings this production year, with a 3% residual for “New Media” airings.

  25. stu

    he’s pissed cause someone stole his pot of gold

  26. Karin

    IMDB claims in their trivia that his girlfriend is a “Known “geek” of all things Star Wars, video games & comics related.”
    They’re soulmates *barf*

  27. alex milstein

    Can’t say if Green’s mugging was real, but as someone who was mugged at knifepoint at night on a side street in his New York City neighborhood in 1973, let me tell you that when you are facing the possible end of your life, you are not dropping F-bombs.

    You are hoping they are happy with the fifty bucks you have on you. You are hoping the knife won’t hurt that much. And you are remembering the location of the nearest hospital and hope you get there before losing too much blood.

    Thankfully, after terrorizing me with what then appeared to be the biggest knives I’d ever seen, they left me alone and disappeared. But 36 years later I remember the moment vividly.

  28. Darth

    That’s a leprechaun who’s flipping out.

  29. Galtacticus

    Why do Irish always have red hair?!

  30. The Leech

    The way you know is fake? Both mugguing videos have been conveiently framed. They follow “the rule of the thirds”.

    Ridiculous. How a security camera can follow such a rule?

  31. Taam

    and seth green is… who exactly? has he done anything I should care about (since buffy, that is!)

  32. glenna rohrbacher

    38103 guy…look at the girl’s ass to the back of the camera and then look at Clare’s ass…Clares is a third of the size…and much more yummy! Lucky Seth!

  33. glenna rohrbacher

    38103 guy…look at the girl’s ass to the back of the camera and then look at Clare’s ass…Clares is a third of the size…and much more yummy! Lucky Seth!

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